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  1. I agree with a lot of these, other than the EV ones. I always use enhanced decoy and dummies and bots. way more damage output. I also find the problem with these shards to be not only their usability, but how often they come up. Majority of these hero shards, you need one of. But youll recieve 12 of one shard when youre hunting for a shard that is versatile and all heros can use (and you need several of those!). Please strongly consider changes - like a trade in NPC.
  2. I like the idea of a merchant, since shards are not worth much gold anyways. Also gives a chance to use NPCs since the relic hunter and blacksmith are useless after early chaos tiers. I mentioned some other ideas that are similar to yours too in a previous suggestion thread. It's be nice if shards for multiple characters had a slightly higher drop rate, and maybe lower the drop rate of some that you need just one of. Hopefully trendy addresses this sooner rather than later. Running the same game with just a few maps for 200 runs while being able to AFK it because you have the next chaos level gear is not fun nor challanging. It's mind numbing. At least make it rewarding.
  3. Let me preface this by saying I love the game and have played many many hours. There are times however where the game is not fun, feels more like a chore really - such as when farming for specific shards. But as a whole, great job. But the devil is in the little details of the game. ---------- My first suggestions have to do with the randomly generated rarity of the chest upon completing a match. While the higher rarity chest has a higher chance to drop rarer gear - I think it would be fantastic if this extended to shards as well. Shards are really the most important items in the game.There are various shards in the game that people need multiple of (destruction,critical strike, fortification, deadly strikes, defense rate, power transfer, vampiric empowerment, etc.). Rather than having an equal chance every time you unwrap a shard to get any shard – why not make a more sophisticated system? Make it so that depending on the chest rarity, you have a slightly higher chance to get a shard that you will need more of. This would add to the excitement of a higher rarity chest dropping, and make it not so painful and frustrating having to do the same chaos trial run literally hundreds of times to get the shards you need. Chaos is supposed to be a challenge, and when you’re already able to clear a chaos trial almost AFK but you need to keep doing it for the shards but keep just getting duplicate shards that almost nobody needs more than one of – it just feels like a waste of time and can be frustrating or just draining. It would also be a pretty cool idea for shard packs since currently – it does not really seem worth it to spend that many defender medals on them when there are such low chances of getting shards you actually need. This rarity can also extend to win streaks – where shards from win streaks have a higher chance to give the shards you need multiple of – these are usually shards on relics and not restricted to one hero (universal shards). More Sophistication: Another way to make the game feel less like just a random number generator with some action tower defense on the side would be to perhaps lower duplicate rates in maps too.Maybe if you just got the same map twice in a row, make it so the chances of that map being the third one go down drastically or eliminate it all together. This could even perhaps be applied to shards, since I am pretty sure nobody needs 8 caustic oil shards when they really are just trying to find another power transfer or another defense rate etc. Why does the game need to have such blanket systems? All shards same chance of dropping, all maps same chance of being the next game (same chance to get the same map 5 times in a row vs getting a new map each time). Tweak it a little bit, balance it just slightly so that it doesn’t feel just thrown together. On that same note, I think it would be great to consider lowering the chance of a campaign shard dropping after you have passed chaos 2 or 3. At that point in the game,most people would likely have the shards from campaign they are looking for.Again, it is just a slight adjustment to the rates that can make the game feel just slightly better. Maybe even make it so there’s an even higher chance for the previous chaos difficulty to drop too if we want to get even fancier. If we could also consider changing how the win-streak works that would be amazing too. It is far too frustrating when you are disconnected(something out of your control entirely) and it ends your win streak. I could see how some people may abuse a system in which when they are about to lose they just disconnect their cord (if wired in) and therefore do not lose the streak – but people who abuse the system will be a very small minority vs the vast majority that love playing this game. Maybe even make it so that the win streak – if carrying over through disconnects, resets at midnight so that people cannot just keep a win streak going for days if that is a potential concern. I think it would be cool too to lower the wins streak reward by one, because many people may not have time to get a good win streak going(such as playing for an hour after work only). ---------- Again, I love the game. It is just the small details that can be serious quality of life improvements and make the game feel a lot better. Not asking for a whole overhaul from top to bottom, just some tweaks.Although while I have the thought, another consideration could be a chaos shard currency system – or better yet – an NPC. Have an NPC like the early access upgrading NPC where you can trade in x number of shards to get the shard you are looking for. Maybe this NPC only has so many shards available before their inventory resets too. It would be nice to see more regular NPCs to interact with since the relic hunter and blacksmith become useless after the first few chaos tiers. Apologies for the back and forth in this long post, but hopefully some of the ideas came across clear and are at least of some interest to consider. Keep up the great work and communication with the community.Squash those pesky little bugs and errors that are also impacting quality of life (such as UI fixes – like taking me to my tavern takes me to town instead etc.).Every update the game gets more polished, I am just trying to suggest some ways to polish other smaller systems and tweaks to make the game feel even better. Thanks for reading!
  4. Rather than having to unequip and re-equip shards to individual items, why not just have shard slots that are locked/unlocked. So for instance the max number of shards on a totem is 3, so I have shard slot 1/2/3 on it. Now if i equip a totem that only has 2 slots, it just deactivates the third slot but the shard remains equipped. Just saves a lot of inventory management time. This game already requires a lot. Also consider perhaps a cursor option for xbox - the UI navigation of the inventory is somewhat tricky to move quickly.
  5. At the end of each wave when auto-collect works it should say items collected and stored into bags. Currently on xbox, I am unsure if auto-pickup is working. When i go to turn it on and confirm, then go back to check to see if its still on - the boxes are unchecked.
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