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  1. Looked around. most thing seams to focus around. Quality of life changes. or thing that should already be in the game. with menus, settings, bags, better information, there is alot the more you look around, and the response or any like confrimation about what is comming, what you Trendy think about the suggestions or feedback. that just keeps flooding in. i myslef having alot of problems just finding something to look forward to! like is there new maps on the way, game modes? or is it C7 for a couple of mounths. i know the whole server overloading thing. was a huge problem and im happy to see it fixed. (still laggy and rubberbanding at times, but hey i can play the game. the amount of time i keept trying to just geting in so i could play the game when the servers was acting up. so many hours spent. (worth it tho, fun game) i could go on and on and on. soo whats next? and when? love the game, would be nice to know something. (fixes, anything really) /Mr.H (Side note even if you don't give a crap about the other stuff. after finding out that apparently using Gunwitch. (with is just a blast to use) might reduce the amount of Relics that drops. witch i kinda noticed when trying to gear up and spamming the same C+number. with few or even rare to find relics.) so after looking around witch one to buy Gunwitch or EV2, was basicly Gunwitch is more fun and mobile, EV2 is more pure DPS, so i bought Gunwitch and always a blast to use. tho being lvl 145 and basicly still stuck at C3 due to relic problems. i kinda wish i spent my money on EV2 :( so to the point. Witch other Hero would you recomend as a DPS hero. did get everyone else with the pack. Cheers
  2. Mr.H


    is it usally better to build, few, but upgrading them, rather then just try to fill the Build limit as fast as possible then upgrade?
  3. Would be neat, tho going to be honest, being so tierd. and using the TV as a screen. i did read Tittes insted of titles, did not relise untill the end. Any way ,neat idea! 
  4. The same happen to me, basicly when i copy the code (twitter) i added, a space or "hidden" character at the end. just delete from both ends, might help! // Someone Handom
  5. Hello, no cares about reason or backstory so to the point! Quality of life stuff 1. Alot of text, keeps going off screen, (looking at you pets), 2. The coloring is kinda confusing. or badly explained. Some icons of weapon or gear, is orange. but its maybe green, blue and so on. 3. When you can't equip something the text, explaining what "quality" the item is in red, basicly hiding the quailty. 4. Being able to move the bags around. 5. having like a checkbox in the bag with "im sure i want to sell everything" or it does not even try to sell gear with Shards in them. 6. insteed of having Shard slots in the gear. having them sepreat under, still the same consept. tho i maybe just say "gives 3 Shard slots" and if you equip a Gear pice with less, then the last one it just removes one of them. 7. A better explaination on some abilitys, (looking at you Abys lord Archers, is the dmg/dps, for each skeleton or split. (know it now after google, i think don't know if the info was up to date. 8. Being able to shrink down the UI, without chaning the "hotbar" with skills. Bugs/Not working as intended. (i think?) 1. Changing from Fullscreen to Window borderless mode, Makes 30% of the game outside the screen. 2. Doing the Wyvern den, after the cutscene the player here get stuck under the logs that fall down, (doing that one with friends the first time, bascly had one stuck under it not being able to help. and don't want to leave in fear or losing the loot. (witch happen) know now, there is a "kill" button CTRL + L, had no idea before. not the most fun thing to happen for the first Legendary + pet in the game. small thing i know. 3. The game basicly bugs out, when forced to change region. (due to heavy load on the server.) Tho trying to join friends resulted in, game crashing, or menu geting stuck, not being able to close the game. even when trying to Change servers. it locks up or just crashes. Thank you for taking the time reading or sharing your thoughts / tips. Otherwise love the game, played the first one alot aswell. keep up the good work! // Mr.H
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