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  1. That's a disappointment.. They're extremely good when they work properly. Is Trendy ever going to fix them?
  2. Anyone else having an issue where the Dryad's Slime Pit Slimes stop attacking? I usually see it occurring on bosses where they'll attack for a bit and then as the slimes respawn they suddenly lose aggro and just sit there?
  3. I'm also a bit confused when it comes to the loot system.. So in Geo's post he states to go with the item that has a higher sell value usually... But then I get stumped at this part. I have a blue C4 totem that has higher max stats than my legendary C4 totem but the Legendary C4 totem has a higher sell value. Which am I suppose to be equipping?
  4. A few projectiles could have been deflected and hit the core and damage or destroy it. Anything from cannon balls and poison darts to the squires sword beam thing and apprentice primary attacks, well you get the idea. Basically any projectiles the Geodes deflect can damage your defense's or the core. That's the thing, there was literally nothing that could of been doing it. No Malthius, no enemies with projectiles, no tnt, just a Slekeleon, a few Goblins, Lady orcs, and Vanguards. We took everything into account and were unable to determine how it was happening.
  5. Me and a group of friends were doing Assault on the Throne Room - C4 and were on round 4 of 5, next thing we know we have the "Your crystal is being attacked." notification. We run to the crystal (the one near the king's throne) to find out nothing is attacking. We just stood and watched as its health was slowly going down. We looked all over to find a solution (flyers, aoe damage, ect) we even tried spamming AoE abilities on the crystal as I heard rumors of mobs sometimes spawning inside it, but nothing prevented it.. Has anyone experienced this before?
  6. Does anybody know why these maps appear to be locked in both the C4, C6 & C7 playlists? http://imgur.com/jNqb32x
  7. Do PS4 and PC servers have plenty of open C7 games then? I'm playing on the PC version and it's completely dead. You'll find 1 open game if you're lucky and getting into a c7 incursion is like a gift from the gods. Then u play on really starnge times ... i get in about 80%+ an open c7 game I play in a EST time zones.. today I was on for about 13 hours, so I don't think it's a time issue.
  8. Do PS4 and PC servers have plenty of open C7 games then? I'm playing on the PC version and it's completely dead. You'll find 1 open game if you're lucky and getting into a c7 incursion is like a gift from the gods.
  9. Exactly my point... There should be a ton of people doing C7 as a lot of people have hit end game by now. It just doesn't make any sense as to how matchmaking is so empty.
  10. Am I doing something wrong or are the servers just dead?.. Every time I go to join a Pub match no matter if it's C1-C7 there's usually 0-2 parties that appear. And incursions? A ghost town.. Even if you start your own match, the chances of getting someone that joins who's actually geared for it are rare. I come across this issue on both the US Servers and EU Server.
  11. Figured it out.. Had to update my Killer Network
  12. I disabled my Windows Firewall, and deleted Malware Bytes before doing a fresh install. The only things running at start-up were Spotify and Overwolf which i've since disabled their run on start-up options.
  13. Tried doing this and it's freezing up at the Dungeon Defenders 2 Logo after clicking play in the launcher.
  14. My game kept freezing at launch and I couldn't find a solution to correct it. I decided a fresh install might fix it, so I uninstalled the game and deleted its folder in steam. Now I keep getting the following error at launch after a fresh install. GetStackOwnerClass() Address = 0x140fff0 (filename not found) [in E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Dungeon Defenders 2\DunDef2\Binaries\Win32\DunDefGame.exe] Address = 0xffffffff (filename not found) Address = 0xcd5d900 (filename not found) Address = 0x7690166 (filename not found) Address = 0x78cdb40 (filename not found) Address = 0x78d547 (filename n
  15. Is it just me or is anyone else struggling to find matches?.. It seems like no matter when I decide to do CT 2-3, there's never any parties to join. If i'm lucky there might be 1, but for the most part the lobbies are always deserted. This also goes for incursions as well. Obviously there's a ton of people playing this game, so why is it so difficult to find a party?
  16. Thanks for the quick response. All set for now.
  17. Everything was fine last night, now every time I attempt to continue my campaign or join a private server I keep timing out and getting an error message "Matchmaking Error - Sorry, your request has timed out." Is anyone else having this issue?
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