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  1. I stopped playing shortly before the release of the adept. I downloaded the game again when protean shift update drop. When I went to check out my shards after watching a recent video, a lot of my shards were missing, particularly deadly strikes. I looked in the new player vault and even check scavenger and nothing. I play on Xbox and was wondering if something glitches on my account? I'm missing a good 10-15 shards. If someone can tell me how to put a ticket in or report this, I'd appreciate it. Thank you.
  2. Is this shard still in the game? Some sites say yes while others say no. I'm on the XB1.
  3. Whenever you put down a tree, the game glitches out. It happens pretty frequently making her almost unplayable. I just got this hero yesterday and can barely play with her due to this glitch. It just happened 3x in a row on chaos 3 but I've experienced it on the previous ones as well. I'm on Xbox One btw.
  4. I didn't know so I asked. Quit being an a**hole elitist. Have a good day.
  5. I'm not sure whether to equip rogue, berserker, warrior, ranger, wizard or warlock. Which type benefit which heroes the most? Seems like all the gear can be set to any hero but I'm certain they each benefit from a particular type depending on the play style. Thanks.
  6. Thank you. They don't tell you that buying stuff goes to your mailbox, smh.
  7. Ok so it's one thing having crappy servers but it's another take money from players and not give them what they purchased. Not sure if this is some glitch but I bought the standard edition on Xbox One which was supposed to give me 2000 gems, 2 extra bags, 5 campaign shard packs and a Dragolich pet. I've received NONE of this. I've reset the game even hard reset my console several times. It says that I own it in the Xbox store and money was taken out of my account for the purchase. How and when can this issue be resolved? Thank you.
  8. Thank you for such a detail answer!
  9. I looted 2 small chests at the end of a match but it says I need a key to open it. How can I obtain one? This item wasn't in the first game. Thanks.
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