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  1. I understand where you come from, as this map is the hardest for me as well. On higher floors, I barely ever pass it on my first try. But: Since there is the restart from wave option, this limits the frustration involved with this. I don't have to start from scratch after failing wave 5, but can just evaluate where my build failed and quickly restart that wave. Plus: People were complaining that DD2 is too easy. Now the devs make a map that is challenging, others (or the same?) are complaining that it is too hard. Just my 2 cents.
  2. For me, that always seemed obvious. But it sure would be a nice feature, if the gilding process went through both your inventory and your vault.
  3. @urfyness quote: Back on topic: How do I attach a file to a forum post? Or do you mean just to add the link to some online location?
  4. Just another idea to ease the use of the hero deck if you have lots of heros: Can we at least have the option to rearrange our hero list? Right now, I have to scroll through my whole list of around 20 heros, just to get to those few, I actually need for building. And maybe add two new shortcuts to switch to previous/next hero in the list. Those two ideas combined would make building so much faster for me.
  5. I would reset whenever you feel ready to do so. Don't bother about some update coming, it might or might not change that much for you. The only difference I can think of is that the pet levels will not reset. But then again, who cares about pets anyway, since they are mostly useless.
  6. Some better hero management would be awesome. Sometimes I find it really tedious switching through several different builders. It feels like it nearly takes more time switching heros than actually building.
  7. Thanks. This makes sense from the game mechanics point of view. Still a bummer the mod doesn't work on the reflected projectiles, because geods in combination with hexthrowers still spell disaster for me.
  8. I guess I sort of figuered out how the new system is supposed to work. When you press "Alt" you can see how perfect the rolls for the item at its current level are. The closer they are to the current max, the closer they will be to the absolute max, once the item is fully upgraded and evolved.
  9. I thought it would be cool the have the projectiles shot back from the reflect beam to be able to pierce a geode shild. But that doesn't work. The mod is marked as "incompatible" with the reflect beam. Anyone knows if this is by design or is it a bug?
  10. I want to compare two items to see which one is better, but they have different upgrade levels, so I don't know which item is better once maxed out. E.g. I want to figure out if a totem with DP 10.000 at upgrade level 6 will be better or worse than a totem with DP 8.000 at upgrade level 1. If I remember right, in an older version the compare dialog also showed the stats at max item level. I can't find that in the latest release.
  11. Maybe I'm misunderstanding this, maybe it is just a poor example. I totally agree, there were (and will be) tons of changes that some people complain about, while others like them (e.g. shards, ascension, prestige ...). In the end, it boils down to a personal taste of how we want to play DD2. The devs will never be able to make it right for everyone. IMO, the three-maps-no-save problem is a different issue. It is not about some personal gaming preference, but if a certain group of players is able to play DD2 at all. If someone only has max one hour to play per day, it is pretty pointless to start an onslaught three map run. As not everyone shares the issue of very limited gaming time, some don't have a problem with being forced to do three maps on a row (since they would anyway). As for me personally: I don't play DD2 anymore. Not because I don't like it (acutally I love, having more than 600 hours gaming time). But because I just don't have the time to do three maps per day. I really hope one day, there will be a place of a dad with a familiy and a job in DD2 again.
  12. That wouldn't solve the problem for me. I usually only have around one hour to play per day. If I can't finish a floor within one hour, I would have to leave the game running for 23 hours for the next retry or lose my map progression. If I can't play the following day (for work or family reason), the game idle uptime would be 47 hours.
  13. Sure that would solve the problem. One issue that might have to be considered is that there might be a balance problem. With the system you suggested, players will gain much faster onslaught levels, which will effect the current prestige system.
  14. I basically stopped playing because of the missing save option in onslaught. I just don't have to time to play three maps in a row.
  15. I have really hard feelings about having to win two or three maps in a row. I used to play this game on a (nearly) daily basis, but only have an hour each day between work and family. It is just absolutly frustrating to lose all my night's progress due to a failure on round 5 of map 3. Sure, if I could play for hours I would just restart. But me, I won't have a chance for a replay the next day. Please, let me save the little progress I made beating one map.
  16. I just noticed on the bug tracker the devs figured out the reason for this and are working on a fix: Turns out this happens when your system language is set to something other than English.
  17. Here is the bug report about this. Vote for it if you have the same problem.
  18. I'm from Germany as well. But no matter if I played on the Europe or one of the US servers, this bug happened every time.
  19. Thanks for the update. As I'm one of the people who can reproduce this bug 100 % (I have never seen the goals or a timer), is there a way we can help you? Like run the game in a debugger or have some extensive logs about font rendering or something like that?
  20. But that way you still don't get the timer. That's the thing I miss the most. Memorizing the goals is not too hard, but not being able to max out a 30 secs build phase is annoying.
  21. I like your theory, but I think there are two thing you are not consindering: 1. Bosses. You will have to leave your lane to deal with them, while your other lanes have to hold the mob off on their own. 2. Flexibily. If you don't distribute your DU more or less equally among all lanes, your dps will be locked in its lane. You can't anymore move around with some emergency help (to repair, take down a flyer, ...).
  22. This bug happens to me every single time. On my pc, only steam and dd2 are running. No streaming. No downloads. No other stuff that is using up bandwidth or resources. EDIT: Just did a speed test. My average download is 46,9 Mbit/s, average upload is 8,6 Mbit/s, average latency is 32,0 ms.
  23. I'm on the default server as well, which should be EU. But I also tested if this bug occurs when I am on one of the other servers (US-East or West). And it does, it doesn't seem to make a difference to which server I connect. My internet connection is 50mbit, the pc connects to the router via 5ghz wifi. I'm not a programmer, but IMO a race condition seems unlikely since for me (and everyone else, as far as I know) this bug occurs every single time without exception. I have *never* seen the in-game goals or the in-game timer. Wouldn't a race condition result in this behaviour just once in a while (depending on the result of the "race")?
  24. I can also reproduce this bug here with a 100% chance. My screen resolution is 1920x1080, but changing it didn't change anything about this bug. Are there any logs we can provide? Or any other info?
  25. I just reported that bug, now it is under review. If anybody is curious how this bug looks to me, here is a screenshot.
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