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  1. I hate it.. cause I fear to get banned or something and I also believe that this bug can kill ur items (overwriting them with the duped ones) Besides that... I want to get my own stuff xD (and guys, pls don't post public how this glitch/bug works, u need to be "lucky" anyway but I'm getting this often enough)
  2. I've got the same "problem" btw... and I may know how to reproduce this bug/glitch (but won't post it here) I've also send a PM to JDanford 3 days ago, but didn't got an answer yet.
  3. My jaw dropped a bit when I saw this. I was just talking to my roommate a few days ago about implementing almost exactly this! I think this is a brilliant change! Go go trendy~!I wounder that they implemented it, but I thought this way once I heard about DD. Since pets r pets and not just other equipment^^ They r alive normally.. Also Trendy, can we have the same thing for armor? Even if its 5-10% I think it would be amazing and allow beginning/intermediate players to flourish. it's maybe a nice addition, but with what logic behind? Armor isn't alive, nor become it more intelligent throug
  4. hmm... that upgrading makes sense now is a good change, but it's somewhat op because it worked without it before^^ all of the last upgrades seems kind of op to me but yeah... I trust u ;) Anyway, what I really want to see is: - autobank/share mana which got looted over the mana cap. Eg when u've got full mana and start repairing, u start looting mana once u've lost even one (so u grab 10 or even 50 mana and get only 1 out off of it) - when u upgrade eg. Tower Health, all ur towers get damage / needs to be healed because only their max health rises. (this behavior sucks, it should give the
  5. hmm...I've got some games today where to connection to the host got lost once we finished the map and wanted to go to tavern^^ At least one of them said that the game crashed but dunno about the others. Besides that, DD freezes my PC from time to time^^ Not that sure if it is DD or not (it only happens with DD, driver's r up to date except Windoze)
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