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  1. Getting back my diamond on League of Legends, Trying to get Legendary on Hearthstone (New expansion next week ZOMG!) Also Trying to get rank 1 on Heroes of the storm, I'm a busy guy, I have 12 hours of playtime every day ;D Trying to conquer the world as a king in mount & blade Resetting my game for 7th time in DD1 and starting fresh, already at 4k stats after 1 week. (Gawsh each reset is faster i'm telling you) I also try and squeeze in DD2 Dailies and Trying to gear up for the new incursion that's coming up.
  2. You sound like the guy with the balls to charge premium dollar for a product in alpha (ie sux) and then say it's to feed your families because you never secured investors to fund the project while it was being developed (like is normally done) because you're a maverick jobs be damned, we need more people like you in leadership positions as it seems you have a really good idea of what it takes to be super successful :^) And you sound like the guy that I dont want to talk to, Good day.
  3. League of legends and Hearthstone both successful games have this setup, Either you grind it out for a long time and dont pay a penny, or you pay some cash upfront and you can spend all the other currencies on something else. Are you saying that this model doesnt work? haha get out, you know where the door is. This business model has been proven successful and is one of the biggest at this current time, Most good F2P Games work likes this, But I guess there is always someone that is going to complain. Those of you that think this is a scam, You probably just dont like the game anyway, Then piss off, we dont want you here and you probably dont want to be here anyway. They are trying to make money to pay their employees, They have families to feed, house to pay for, rents, Car gas, You name it. And then you sitting there like a spoiled brat "BUT I WANT IT FOR FREE INSTANTLY BUUU!!" Ugh you guys make me sick. Get a job.
  4. Why not fix the daily quests? They dont reward boosters/Salves anymore, its atrocious!
  5. Actually i found DD1 nightmare to be sort of a cakewalk once you got the right setup. Since the day the releasd E.V and summoner together, it was just over. But on the other hand i have over 4000 hours soon into that game, so i guess i'm abit over qualified to talk about nightmare difficulty being hard (Which it isnt for me) Knowledge is power, as someone put it, the more you know, the better its going to be, the best farming spots, the best setups, the best type of pets/DPS combinations, controller emulators, all that stuff. Also the fact that i can have 20+ builders/DPS if i wanted to in that game, and 4 of them out at the same time. For example, akatiti NMHC, i have 1 dps monk, 3 afk dps summoners with 2 pets each (1 cat), its just a cakewalk. But yes DD2 is going in the wrong direction when it comes to difficulty, but i guess its because casuals complain so much (Just like in WoW) I like vanilla wow, and TBC, but once they nerfed raids, and casuals took over the game, it was just over.
  6. I dont know about you, but i got 2000 medals in a single day, they are also reducing the price to 10000 medals in a weeks time or so. So i had to grind for 5 days "OHH NOES" But i bought it with gems, so every single medal i'm getting is going into spheres/items/new heroes down the road.
  7. This bug only seems to happen if you switch with the current played character, if i switch with a non played character at the time, it works just fine.So if you want to switch out stuff, dont switch it with the character you are currently playing.Switch with another deckslot that isnt active.
  8. Another kid with no money that feels entitled to all the free things. Get a job you hobo.
  9. For example, I play with 4 characters, apprentice, squire, monk, huntress. I build walls with my squire, i build frostbites with my apprentice, traps with my huntress and serenity with my monk. I swap out the apprentice,monk for abyssal lord and another monk that has electric auras. The serenity sphere range is lost, and the frostbite sphere range is lost, about 60% its really noticeable. This happends when you take them out of the deck, not just swapping. Apparently characters outside of the deck dont keep sphere bonuses, which really limits the hero space. The 25% frostbite medium sphere X2 for total of 50% and 25% range for 25% less health serenity large sphere for this example. Aswell as any other passive, Huntress double exploding traps stop, Freeze effect on frostbite stop, Range on serenity aura stops, blockade no longer stuns. All passives on the entire thing is removed from towers when they are outside the current deck.
  10. ZirzoR

    Pool Mana

    I'm sorry but this just sounds like something that would ONLY work in a private game. If everyone could sell all defenses and such, it would just be endless troll, or unwanted towers everywhere. And everyone is racing around the map selling useless towers and they keep building useless towers. It just doesnt get anywhere.
  11. I solo it just fine with my flameburst apprentice, boost monk, barricade squire.
  12. This reminds me so much of borderlands, haha would love this.
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