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  1. Don't know how to put it any other way than the title. I'll be playing survival, running toward a green or trans (in some cases a trans green) and that item and all the items around it vanish at the same time, leaving none to five~ items on the map total when I press shift. By the end of the wave they are usually back up to a decent amount of items on the map, but it just ate my freaking green trans so those don't matter :(
  2. White = Godly or worse Blue = Mythical Purple = Transcendant All of these also show up as greens, when it deems them better. I have also had it tell me that there was a green yet when I get to that location on the map its just a regular item.
  3. Lies. All Lies. The loot on this map is absolutely ***. At the end of wave 22 I've found 1 trans and it was awful. That was on 20, and I haven't see any since. Also, there are tons more mobs(5.1k solo on wave 22), and overall the map is harder for no good reason. Just do moraggo. Practically guaranteed trans every wave 18 and up.. I guess it could be chalked up to luck, though. On the subject of your guide - Works great, it's what I used. Edit: Well, I died. Not sure if it was just luck with the drops or what but I definitely wish I'd spent time doing that on Moraggo.. Also.. Karathiki h
  4. It takes like 80k mana to max 40 defenses out, I doubt they will give that much meaning you can't just 'start on 20'.. You'd get trashed.
  5. There is no way it will give you enough mana to let you five star everything - you'd need close to 100k mana(Most likely more than this I'm just guessing!). With that said, there is also no way you can start on wave 20 and survive, and most definitely not anything beyond that.
  6. Do you have nightmare? If you do, it's relatively easy to just make it through the first wave on a nightmare'd map and get instantly better gear, and progress from there. Here is a guide on how to do that. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?49908-Guide-Nightmare-Endless-Spires-HC-Wave-1-Squire-Solo-%28Almost%29-Naked-v7.21 You can level up other characters which as a soloist, is going to be almost 100% necessary for you. If you have her, I'd recommend going with EV first. Her buff beams make everything a lot easier. Her walls are nice as well, but don't worry too much about gearing
  7. Just having a simple check for any of the notorious hacking programs used atm would end 90% of it.. You could even have DD scan for the damn name of the window if you wanted to go that simple with it.. But no, they just keep lying to us that we have vac.
  8. They don't test at all, though. Not even one guy opening up the game in the new client it doesn't seem like. [QUOTE]7.26 * Added Penny Arcade Characters DLC * Added Squire Bunny & Easter Egg Hunt Meta-Mission * Increased Maximum Number of Heroes allowed on a profile from 16 to 24 * Raised Soft Mana Cap & Shop Item Sell Limit to 400,000,000 * EV Shock (3min/7max to 2min/6max) and Proto Beam (3min/6max to 2min/5max) DU costs decreased, EV Shock Beam Resets 33% faster, shock time ramp increased 33%, and has a 33% area increase * "Portal Gun Mk 2" is given to owners of Portal Gun D
  9. They don't document everything they do. How else would Harpoon stop piercing if they just change the multiplier. So yeah, they probably made a huge change like increasing wyvern hp or reducing harpoon damage more in B or C.
  10. They could let the community do it. We work for free, haha.. I don't think that would look good for them as a company though
  11. Gah.. mix mode is just stupid. Not enough DU to effectively cover everything without leaving a gap somewhere. **** wyverns. How much worse is the gear without mix mode on at the higher waves?
  12. Just pick up everything at the end of a wave. It's much easier to look at it all in your bank, and it's probably faster too than mousing over each one.
  13. I think it will still be workable. From 260% damage to 200%, which isn't so awful. Certainly will be more difficult, of course.
  14. It looked to me like he hugged the top of the roof and snuck around behind them but then just beelined for the crystal. That new build will probably fix it, if none of them decide to rush up the stairs to the SW crystal. Ill definitely try it later though.
  15. It's actually pretty good Anti-DEW since it has no element, just stand on one and when they jump you instastunned.
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