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  1. What do you value War Bonnet and Queen Georgia? Do you also accept diamonds?
  2. Bump. Updated OP and Title. EDIT: And if anyone is interested, I could do a 1:1 trade (or maybe add a few more cv), Glaciers for Aladdin's Wish. EDIT 2: Bought a Vamp's.
  3. 3 cv on 319^ leather mitts 3 cv on 324^ leather handguards
  4. This took longer than I expected. Nice giveaway Steam https://imgur.com/a/grwDB
  5. As the title says, I am looking for an Vamp's Delight and Aladdin's Wish. We can negotiate on a fair price. The event must be traced. If you're interested in selling a Vamp's Delight or Aladdin's Wish, add me on steam.
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