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  1. Ok thanks for your informations.
  2. Hi everybody, a guys ask me this morning to help him versus gold. For me it's a power leveling request and i don't know if it's allowed in DD2. Thank HF&GL
  3. Hi i want to up this post beacause i've lots of ready bug today. My friend can't press ready each 2/3 maps in mastery. We losing many star bonus with this bug. Ps : i'm on computer like my friend
  4. Thanks for ur answers ! Have fun & good drop
  5. Hi evrybody. A friend of me just start to play. I've 3 bags wheareas he have only one. I've not spend any real money in this game. Why i've 2 more bags than my friend ? Question about creation account date ? Thx
  6. Thx for u answer. i've learn something today. Kudo ;)
  7. Hi Leave price plz prefer package if possible Thanks
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