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  1. lol, that's the best video I've ever seen! Happy Birthday!
  2. Bahahaha. You would post this. ^_^ That's the best thing ever and now I must retreat to the kitchen to make some excessively sprinkled cookies. Well deserved, Selah :) Congratulations! Thanks, Tito! I notice your living like larry... how is that? It's a bit like... this... [video=youtube_share;mbZbfqggkRA]http://youtu.be/mbZbfqggkRA[/video]
  3. I doubt the guy sees it that way Pfft! Nooo. It's LOVE! [video=youtube_share;bicIwwQhNtc]http://youtu.be/bicIwwQhNtc[/video] Congrats Selah on becoming Community member of the week :) Thanks, Dredd! ^_^
  4. SELAAAAAHHHH well done you :) not spoke in a while! hope your well :) Eeeeeeeeeeeee! Sean! It has been awhile! All is well! Hope things are going good for you too. :)
  5. LOL. This gif made my day. lol Yay! It's the best, I always look at if I am feeling down!
  6. Took you that long to decide? /dissapoint :D lol sorry I eating bacon which means my hands were full with more bacon I couldn't type!
  7. This thread is ridiculous.. because I've come to this thread so many times and I can't even think of the best thin I've eaten.. I just love food everything is amazing.. I can't decideeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!.. wait.. yes I can... BACONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN
  8. *craps pants* LOL. So much lion-ly love though
  9. *hugs* dont forget the *hugs* Lol! Never forget!!
  10. congrats twin :) Thanks Capt!! My second most favorite time was my first event with you and King of nothing! xD
  11. Selah


    Hey! It sneweded here too.....for a split second.
  12. Haha, glad to see you again twin. :D ^_^ Good to see you as well
  13. And my favourite: Wow. There were too many cute things happening.
  14. Welcome back! Have a flaming cow in your honor
  15. I like my hair Lookin' good Capt, looking good.
  16. Merrry christmassssssssssssss! : D
  17. Mine cycles through pictures of nebula! :D
  18. Maybe we all died and this is actually the afterlife. Lol, yeah. Maybe it's like in Beetlejuice when they didn't know they were dead. lololol.
  19. Congrats on being stickied! AWWW!!!
  20. hey can you send it to [email]agalvan96@live.com[/email] turns out my other email no longer works! :( Sureeee, I will make a video tomorrowww!
  21. And this awesome thing. ( Didn't build this though) But this is Fred with Stone Mountain
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