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  1. lol, that's the best video I've ever seen! Happy Birthday!
  2. Bahahaha. You would post this. ^_^ That's the best thing ever and now I must retreat to the kitchen to make some excessively sprinkled cookies. Well deserved, Selah :) Congratulations! Thanks, Tito! I notice your living like larry... how is that? It's a bit like... this... [video=youtube_share;mbZbfqggkRA]http://youtu.be/mbZbfqggkRA[/video]
  3. I doubt the guy sees it that way Pfft! Nooo. It's LOVE! [video=youtube_share;bicIwwQhNtc]http://youtu.be/bicIwwQhNtc[/video] Congrats Selah on becoming Community member of the week :) Thanks, Dredd! ^_^
  4. SELAAAAAHHHH well done you :) not spoke in a while! hope your well :) Eeeeeeeeeeeee! Sean! It has been awhile! All is well! Hope things are going good for you too. :)
  5. LOL. This gif made my day. lol Yay! It's the best, I always look at if I am feeling down!
  6. Took you that long to decide? /dissapoint :D lol sorry I eating bacon which means my hands were full with more bacon I couldn't type!
  7. This thread is ridiculous.. because I've come to this thread so many times and I can't even think of the best thin I've eaten.. I just love food everything is amazing.. I can't decideeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!.. wait.. yes I can... BACONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN
  8. *craps pants* LOL. So much lion-ly love though
  9. *hugs* dont forget the *hugs* Lol! Never forget!!
  10. congrats twin :) Thanks Capt!! My second most favorite time was my first event with you and King of nothing! xD
  11. Selah


    Hey! It sneweded here too.....for a split second.
  12. Haha, glad to see you again twin. :D ^_^ Good to see you as well
  13. And my favourite: Wow. There were too many cute things happening.
  14. Welcome back! Have a flaming cow in your honor
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