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  1. Is there any way I can get a run through the event this coming weekend? This past weekend I tried to make it on Friday but logged in at 10pm EST and the runs were over. I've been working 70+ hours a week for the past couple months so I have limited time to play. I could hop on early in the morning depending. I tried to run the event map by myself and I cant even last 4 seconds ><
  2. Why would you want to stop xp or lvling up?
  3. Already have the Djin as an event reward
  4. Well I finally got it to work and it took awhile to get to the end but I made it finally, with 4 chars. Got one nice Moon out of it, 600hp/700dmg/700range no rate :*(. I had to start on wave 12 instead of 14 because like I said before the crystal just kept exploding for no reason, freaking stupid.
  5. Even with the macro I have on my mouse with 0 delay between pressing LT + Space Bar it sometimes doesn't work. Ant I have to quickly press it till I get 5 LT's in a stack or it will not place them in a stack.
  6. I'm so glad you said this cause I bought my first ever mouse with macro keys on it for this PC I built like 6 months ago and never used the macro program till now. I can stack LT's like a boss now!! HAX. Time to test it in game.
  7. He said he would trade BOTH of the event items for it
  8. K. I was trying to give my niece some gear for later on so she could play the game. Maybe I'll buy the base DD game for her
  9. I tried to find a way to swap gear between family accounts. I have no clue how to do it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I put them in there to try to stop my crystal from dying but there is nothing hitting the crystal. Its just dying for no reason.
  11. Ok tried it on NMHCMM and all I have to say is I'm #$%^ing done with that build. FOR NO REASON the crystal keeps dying on the very first wave when I start the map. Sat 3 summoners with DPS pets AND heals near crystal to keep things away as I DPSed everything around with main char and crystal just dies. Nothing goes ANYWHERE NEAR the crystal, it just shatters. Tried it about 20 times. Done with this build on MM. Freaking joke.
  12. Never played in MM. Might be the problem LOL. I haven't played in so long I forget there was even an MM :0
  13. Summoner 4133/5050/2783/2996 Monk 3627/4700/2908/2435 App 2079/4842/2321/3028 EV 3691/5029/1644/3174 At wave 25 the amount of djinns that show up is crazy. I had a Summoner with 2 DPS pets sitting on top of the LT's and it still couldn't keep up with the amount of them. LT's were being buffed by 2 summoners and they were right around 600k dmg showing per LT. Think I might try a gas trap right near the LTs instead of the reflect beams I stuck around them.
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