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  1. So I just completed a map and when I came back to the tavern I lost 2 rows of consumables. I'm not sure which consumables but I know for a fact I lost a lot of mats like 300+ worth total. Obviously there is no way to get them back but that's pretty irritating. I lost a days worth of farming. I'm on PS4.
  2. Yes they did get you more gems but that was for the release of early access I'm talking about official release we should get something for paying for the game. I guess what we got was keeping everything which is always a good thing (I'm still recovering from the fact that I farmed full nm4 gear and then they became obsolete for trials) I am hoping for some event which I wouldn't mind as mentioned earlier about the double medals but that was during the nightmare 4 days which was quite awhile ago.
  3. Which is exactly why we should get something even if it's like 2 free bags it's just to say thanks for the support even though they verbally said it already it would be nice to just get a gift from the support. Also I think the game has been free on PC but not on console I could be wrong though.
  4. Yeah you keep everything but what I wanna know is I spent $20 for a game that has been development for I swear 2 years and now the game is free? What do we get the people who essentially bought the game? A free hero? Free gems? Most likely nothing?
  5. Forgot to mention I play on console I wasn't really thinking much of PC since you know PC is more open source so you will have more hackers/cheaters nothing you can really do but beef up in-game security. You don't have to split progress the game just needs to check your characters to see if they are "clean" before going online. There's no competitive feature in this game anyways it's meant to be fun so if trendy did care for cheating then they would enforce bans but I don't think they do so cheat away I guess.
  6. Sorry if there is a thread about this already or Trendy said something about it but DD2's release date is a week away and am I the only one wanting an offline mode? In my honest opinion that was one of the greatest things about DD1 not having to think about the greatest enemy ever, LAG. There is a part of me that thinks since the game has been in development maybe the online mode only was for monitoring the game, I hope that is what it is and pray that on release the game will have an offline mode.
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