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  1. The powder is one dryad skills right ? I look for one way to make my orc from abyss lord better, heal source or something the shield leaf shard on tree look Nice.
  2. Bonjour si il y a des joueurs français qui ce cherchent des teammate on a un team speak a disposition ! :)
  3. Hello Dryad tree's can heal wall (tank) or no ?
  4. You look like that ! When i see your avatar. XD
  5. Add hypnotic skin for every in game character i will buy it just for $#@% the brain of my tram because i am builder ! 😂😂😂😂
  6. Your are lucky because i try and try again and nothing ... I want the alpha version back, the new one are very ***ty.
  7. Seriously i have 3 days off and i get 3 days of hight traffic, come on change your server ... The game work perfectly before the realese ....
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