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  1. When spamming different stances you can get a result where a stance that isnt being used appears as a visual glitch
  2. Make sure that they cant drop it without letting it be picked up in tavern, since they can lag people that way
  3. Add a "Go back to menu" button here please so that we dont need to click on one then click menu to continue :)
  4. Both of these heroes seem to lack damage, allowing the jester to overtake them in damage with a staff. Personally I think that they should do more damage than a jester with their own weapon, so it would be nice to have a buff so they can be used late game as a dps more easily.
  5. You can already do that. Press alt I meant with controller :P so that means having an actual button on the character select screen possibly
  6. That sounds like more of a dd2 thing than dd1. Within dd1 people have literally grinded done something 1k times for 1 item at times. It wouldnt really be fair to destroy that item. Also i dont think the CDT can implement this either (in a reliable fashion). Oh also, it would kill event items. This game just... isnt WoW So i think its a bad idea
  7. Please make it so you can move characters around in the character selection screen :3 it would be greatly appreciated
  8. To add on to knowledge of a glitch above, It is performed by becoming a summoner (I have only tested this with my DPS Summoner which has 2 mega chickens of nearly equal damage) and then switching before entering a match to another character. I reproduced the glitch here:
  9. Sometimes the amount of items of a certain type will be miscounted. In this case you can clearly see the amount of Ultimate+, Ultimate(93), Supreme, Mythical, and lower quality items are miscounted Sometimes your mana values will just dissapear. Literally. There mana values for hotkeys are just gone without explanation. The glitch ended by killing everyone (Despite having gear that would make it so we have no chance of death...)
  10. Slice and dice from my experience do attack ogres. As for bouncers they would be too powerful if they could hit ogres imo
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