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  1. I am currently at floor 57 and i cannot build up to 65 till i get the right shards i have farmed for 3 weeks and nothing. I am on PS4 message me if you can help my account name is mikenick304. Its so hard to find people!I just need people to build the last floors for Me and the new update is dropping Soon so rock on and defend Etheria!
  2. What kind of weps u need like blasters or stats sticks
  3. I feel the same and i do deserve people to not like me on the forums but i do hope people have the chance to win this and i deeply apolagize to everyone here.
  4. Any runs you are wanting quote me or message me on steam and i will tell you if i can do the map you are wanting. I can do many maps so whatever you would like can offer what you want to give for how many runs. i hope you all are enjoying these runs i am also gonna start selling items so wait for that forum post it should be later today :). Happy Defending
  5. ok no dip it s an auction all i did was ask a questieon because some people in auctions say what they vaule u them so calm urself
  6. how much for gladius and crescent like what do u vaule them
  7. Selling lab runs make an offer add me on steam or quote me how many runs you would like and how much you will offer
  8. sorry man click click asked like 10 min before u did dont worry i will do these more
  9. Might have some of this stuff in my tavern
  10. Im selling TD runs for weps,pets,armor and events,or mana i will gladly do pure strat or survival or just NMHC add me on steam or quote me and tell me how many runs you need and i will give more information for you.
  11. i might have ab2 chain boots
  12. and u want traced or untraced reason i ask is some people dont care lol
  13. Still want if so what events u willing to trade ?
  14. im so excited for this event hope they start doing them more often like every month or every other month and one for each main holiday it would be a big expansion and would make dd community even bigger :)
  15. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwDyP3SpaTf-NnhLczRzamxFbktVLWtaSjJWcFFsNXRqcGNR/view?usp=sharing
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