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  1. C6 is really easy if you have ev2 as many ppl have already mentioned You place the fire aura like you normally do, but never try to spawn camp unless you are really overgeared for this, since having a longer lane will give time for your flame aura to do damage before they reach your blockades, also so the hex throwers get out of the spawn safe zone. Now you place reflection beam infront of the blockades and made sure that it cover the sides that hex throwers will throw from. Now you need a single target tower and i do recommend using monk lightning tower, since its op cheap 20Du and can crit like a madman. I placed two max lvl of them in one lane to test their damage vs bosses, and they critter for over 8million, killing the boss in 2 sec. And since only lady orcs and bosses are able yo reach your blockades, lightning aura are very good near blockades.. Now for the anti air, i dont think i need to say this but, monk AA works just fine, and if u dont have range shard or power transfer shard on your AA, i recommend using health on them so they can wistand those kobolts attacks, since they cant 1shot them without proper shards.
  2. If im not mistaken C4 is the lady orks You just use whatever you was using but you need to add some high single damage to damage those who are attacking your blockade, like pdt or the newly buffed monk electric aura. I do recommend on using the monk electric aura since its really cheap and do really high damage.
  3. I already know about the stairs thing and maybe i got confused about it and the angled blockade, Gonna try to use a revesred blockade and see if it get 1shotted or no.
  4. I used windows even viewer and noticed that at the time of the game minimize happen, an error regarding an app called "akami net session" I uninstalled it and so far there is no game minimizing, but since the minimizing is random, i cant say for sure, i'll give it some days on test and see if it works or no.
  5. Be carefull from doing this trick as sometimes rollers can 1hit ur blockade since it will register hitting the shield from the sides rather than front. A siege roller 1hit any building in the game except face to face blockades. Even if u put the blockade at the end of a staires and the roller hit the top side, it will 1hit it.
  6. Was only able to get one lol
  7. i added fast guide about pets thank you for reminding me, but i dont think elemental combos is new player friendly and tbh i dont know all the combination as well except water + electric.
  8. -i will post the guide uncompleted and will come back later to add more to it until its complete, expect some typos since English is my 2nd language and will fix them later. In this post im gonna try to do a full game guide and if i miss anything please inform me so i edit my post, and if you think you can explain something in easier way than i did, just quote it and write what you think works better. I will separate the game into sections 1- Training 2- Campaign 3- Relics and shards 4- Pets 5- Getting ready for chaos 6- Chaos trials 7- Incursions Here we go 1- Training So you just started the game and you was able to finish the 1st map they gave u. Now when you go to the town or tavern, look for the guy wearing an armor and talk to him so he unlock for you extra two heroes. Make sure you have full deck of heroes and they are active as your main deck since the game allow you to lvl up all of them at the same time. Choose one of the heroes you Dont like to use to be your mole, i recommend either use huntress or apprentice for the next step. This hero wont be a dps or a builder, infact you wont use this hero in the actual game, this hero will only carry blue items, any blue item u got, u equip it to that hero and you only change that blue gear or relic with another blue one that have higher price. reason for this is because the game treat items with hidden lvl u cant see clearly between legendary and blue, but can easily see the price difference between two similar gear colors, and you get more blue items than any other colors, so you can keep on switching your gear to better gear more often. 2- Campaign In campaign, its better for you to experiment between towers and see what you love to use at what style, but to make things easy and simple , just use monk fire aura and squire blockades along with monk anti air on air units spawn location, and sometimes you need a single target tower to kill the bosses, huntress poison dart tower is one of the best for that. I wont be writing on how to beat every stage in campaign, but in besty and last harbinger, poison dart towers is a good option for them. 3- Relics and shards A) Relics In the game there is four kind of relics Totem , mark , medallion and speed -For blockades you always use totem -If didnt reach lvl 50, or your ancention is less than 40, medallion is a must for your dps towers or you can use speed if you dont have a good medallion -if you reached ancention 60+ make sure you have x20 points in buildings crit chance, so your buildings can crit at 30% chance and by then you can use mark so you can inflict insane damage. B) shards There are many shards in the game, shards are really important and they can give you good boost for your main hero, you can lvl them up and equip and unequip them from your gear anytime you want. Make sure to always use and upgrade the shards you are sure they will make your life easier. For example:- There is a shard that increase building health by 2% at lvl 1And 34% when you max it upThat shard is a must for any blockade and 34% isnt little -so always equip shards and upgrade the good shards. 4- Pets Pet eggs will start to drop after you defeated the 1st campaign boss Besty and so, you will have eggs more than you do in your fridge as the game will drop like 2-3 eggs each game and your bags will get spammed with eggs. there is three kind of eggs: 1- gato 2- Creeper 3- dragon to hatch the egg, you have to go to the hatchery guy, located sharp left of the castle gate once you exit, or in the middle of the tavern. you just have to click to pick up the egg and place it in the left side of the screen inside the easy to go unnoticed dotted circle, then click hatch and wait for some seconds, DONT EXIT THE HATCHERY WHILE THE EGG TIME IS RUNNING, SOME PLAYERS REPORTED THAT THE EGG GOT LOST, AND JUST WAIT FOR IT TO HATCH. next to the hatchery guy there is another one beside it, it will show you the pet info, right now you need to focus on the thunder and heart bars under the pet picture. i dont recommend hatching all the eggs, see what ability you want that come from what pet. for example: Sparkle party "Stuns and damage enemies around you for 1000% hero damage" and can only get from Gato egg, if the gato you hatched dont have that ability, you can do pet ability re-roll until you get it. as a new player you will see that getting pet stuff like food or vials are hard to get, but playing the game the RIGHT WAY will make everything overstock in your inventory that you will start selling them. after each boss you kill may drop and egg or a milk canteen like box that correspond to the pet type, just open these to get vials,food,and pets ability re-roll. pets have really low damage and give you minor stat boost "but every little help". but most importantly you want the pet ability that unlocks once you evolve your pet, and here the steps on how to get your pet to evolve. 1- fill up the thunder meter by giving him food, from the same page that show you your pet status. 2- fill up the heart meter by equipping the pet and finishing waves with the pet active, for every 6 waves the number will increase by 1. 3- make sure you have enough vials to evolve your pet as you can see how much you have under the evolve button. 4- click evolve. 5- Getting ready for chaos Right now you just cleared the campaign normal mode and you reached lvl 50. You will notice a new lvl started counting for you and it says 1 at the moment. That lvl is called ancention, the more ancention the easier your life gets BUT dont focus on it, dont go and do old easy maps just because it give you some exp. Instead see what map u need to play so you can cap your gear for that level. You can use this spreadsheet to see your gear price and what map or difficulty you need to play next https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PNFslftU37q0KKEY-2EaxasXFpg2wkGr2kcu8UJ1XqQ/htmlview Special thanks to the guys who made this sheet. - so now let say that your gear is still campaign gear, you can start off by farming the last boss on normal mode until you are capped, then start to hard mode until you are capped. Some ppl prefere to play the throne room since it have more bosses to kill and faster drops, the choice is yours. For me personally i enjoyed fighting the last boss until i capped my gear. 6- chaos trials Introduction Those chaos trials offer a differed experiance than campaign, as each chaos offer new enemy to fight and to counter it, i will explain each threat on each trial and the easiest way to counter him and win the chaos. Some tips before starting the chaos guide 1- its wise to build your defences away from spawn point since some enemies can stay inside the spawn and attack your defences 2- if there is two lanes that gonna be combined into one lane, its better to put your defences at that point and use some area damage towers like apprintace flame thrower or monk aura. 3- between waves, always check if there is new blue gear for your mole character, as this speed up your progression. 4- dont forget to equip a pet and evolve it as soon as it cap. 5- keeping your blockade alive is your No.1 objective, losing a blockade will require you to replace it midwave and that is something hard to do sometimes specially in harder chaos lvls, and sometimes you will be overrun by the goblin army and lose before you even think on building another one, so repair repair repair. 6- never build blockades too close to objectives, some ranged enemies have bad aim and can sometimes miss your blockade and hit the objective behind it. 7- always see and build for each lane, if it have flying units or it is a flying spawn location, add anti air, if its ground unit build on this guide will tell you, take each lane at a time and close them one by one 8- while its wise to make a tower cover two lanes at the same time, i prefere to make each tower cover its own lane, because sometimes that tower fail to kill the enemies on its lane because that tower is hitting another enemy in other lane. 9- its really normal to lose chaos trials even when following this guide, sometimes its because of placment of your towers, sometimes its your gear, sometimes its the way you acted like aggoring a boss to your towers making him cleave his attack to hit you and your nerby towers thus destroying your main damage towers. 10- never aggro a boss to nerby towers specially skeleton boss, because his attack cleave thru everything infront of him making him 1-2 hits your towers. 11- always attack goblin siege rollers from the back in the engine spot location, its a small circle in the back, and those rollers only take damage from behind and below, as they have insane def in the front and sides 12- never give up if you lose, because when you lose, you learn somthing new to why you lost, making you peform better next time. 13- finishing wave 2 and killing a boss is a good thing, since the boss will drop gear that will make you stronger next time. 14- towers dont aggro enemies like blockades, so if you build your tower on the side of the road, the enemies will ignore them and go for your blockade, but they will attack the tower if an enemy physically touch your tower. 15- never build with your mole character unless you really really really want that tower, then throw your best price legendary relic to that tower and use it. 16- comming soon "will take some opinion from the comment. 1- chaos I in chaos 1 your 1st enemy is the shielded goblins, they take almost zero damage from the front and full damage from the back. Depend on your choice here but a -huntress poison dart tower "Pdt" - monk flame aura + anti air - and ofc a blockade of your choice Are the best towers to use in this chaos lvl. 1- you start off by building pdt facing backward to your shield, so it can hit enemies from the back, try to cover up as much area as possible, and use monk flame aura near the blockade as well. "Very good" 2- you can use flame aura only without the use of pdt, just try to stack the auras circle in the blockade so when the enemy is attacking the blockade, there will be more than 2 fire auras hitting him, with this tactic i do recommend using one pdt per lane facing backward just to increase the damage output on that same spot. "Good" - these two methods seems identical but the 1st one use more pdt and the 2nd use more flame aura, you can use the method you want depending on the lane itself, as some lanes make it hard to build many pdt on it and some hard to build stacking flame aura. As for a hero, a monk is good to damage those shielded goblins, just jump from lane to lane attacking with your 1st spell, it can almost 1hit them, dont take long just throw your spell and see if the blocade near repair and hope into the other lane doing the same until wave it finished. 2- chaos II Remember everything you learned from chaos 1? Forget everything you just learned specially for the auras and traps. In this chaos lvl your new enemy is the cyporks, they are exacly an armored orc with a special ability, is to stun your traps and auras for good amount of time, and they can spamm it too. So in this chaos, you only place normal towers like pdt or flame tower, since these two towers can hit multiple enemies at once, making them perfect replacment for flame aura.
  9. I have this weird problem happening in my pc where any game suddenly minimize to taskbar with no indication of any software running and i have to click on the game icon in the taskbar again to maximize. This happen to any full screen game i run not only DD2, i tried to google it but couldnt find an answer that is related to my problem. This problem happen to three of my pc's 1- desktop 2- laptop 3- mini pc All of them share this issue, i know for sure that there is a program that i installed is causing the problem but im failing on having a method to track it down. I even uninstalled any programs that i dont need and made a full AV scan just to be sure. Hope someone have a clue
  10. What u will read now can be considered a nightmare for everyone, so be ready. Imagin after you had capped c7 and got everything u need, suddenly a friend or urs or sibling go ahead and... sell all your characters gear and make you gearless. With the game system as for now u will be like a fresh new lvl 50 "except for ancention" and u need to start farming campaign again. Just for fun everyone give a score of how scary that was and what would u do after? -for me i say its 6/10 and i will quit the game on pc and start it on ps4 with a friend lol
  11. I dont know if this is true or faulse but i noticed when playing with other players specially when its full party, i see many legendarys drops than solo. Like i finish two runs solo with one legendary drop, and when playing with others it happen that almost every boss dropped a legendary or two. I hope someone can confirm this.
  12. In public games its either carry or be carried. I dont hate the way the game works really but being able to solo build everything along with gear progression makes other players who still in much less gear progression sits doing nothing. And dont forget afk's or those who dont press G , or worse , they press G before the defences are set. All what i said is annoying but is not enof for me atleast to start a thread about it. So today i decided to host a public game on c6 and see what happens. Three players with acention 50 and less joined me having one of them to be less than 10. I said oh well might lose this game but let have fun, and i decided to carry them since im the only one who is actually geared. After the 1st wave i told everyone just to stun the bosses to make my lifer easier since they do 0 damage, atleast a 5 sec stun is much better for me. And suddenly one of them got angry because he thinks that im treating them like retards, and he commented on how im not treating the other players well. Tbh im not that type who fight and start insults and flaming over a game, i either mute the annoying guy or i leave, but this kind of specialy ppl really push my buttons, im carrying u thru c6 and he was afk even after the wave is finished. So i started i kick vote for this guy and guess what? Everyone is new and no one knew or even noticed the vote kick, and that other guy kept on blaming me for delaying the game and how im wasting his time, so i ended up leaving the game and never going back to that black door again. Sorry for long post and plz ignore any mispells since english isnt my 1st language Want to hear ur opinion about this.
  13. For me i have one good tactic for assasins I build one geyser trap and have monk anti air near it, and if possible two anti air I place one anti air per flying lane and if there is a place where those flying lanes get close together atleat i try to put the air defences so they both reach the geyser trap. And by that whenever u see smoke around u go to the trap and it will stun the assasin off u right away and the anti airs will do its work "better if u max the anti air early" and i use sparkle party after the geyser stun is done so the assasins stay stunned and take more damage. and for towers i use one pdt per lane and two fire tower per lane "depend on the DU available" The flame tower will kill and ranged unit or any unit attacking the blockade in aoe damage The pdt for the lady orks or boss And for the barricade i use double layer and i focus my upgrades on the 1st one only. Some ppl use Abysslord ramster instead or the fire tower, and they work really well.
  14. For me i always build double layer of shields and focus on upgrading the 1st shield since the 2nd shield is backup And i use one pdt per lane and x2 flame tower per lane " if possible i try to make the flame tower cover two lanes at the same time And the most important thing is to put a geyser trap near one of my monk anti air and away from lanes so cyporks dont disable it when i need it , and try to max that anti air asap , while leaving the trap at lvl 1. Then after that i mostly try to help lanes and keep the blockades at full hp and whenether assasins smoke appear i go to the geyser and let it stun them, then i use sparkle party to keep the stun on them as long as possible while the anti air nuke them
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