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  1. C6 is really easy if you have ev2 as many ppl have already mentioned You place the fire aura like you normally do, but never try to spawn camp unless you are really overgeared for this, since having a longer lane will give time for your flame aura to do damage before they reach your blockades, also so the hex throwers get out of the spawn safe zone. Now you place reflection beam infront of the blockades and made sure that it cover the sides that hex throwers will throw from. Now you need a single target tower and i do recommend using monk lightning tower, since its op cheap 20Du and can cri
  2. If im not mistaken C4 is the lady orks You just use whatever you was using but you need to add some high single damage to damage those who are attacking your blockade, like pdt or the newly buffed monk electric aura. I do recommend on using the monk electric aura since its really cheap and do really high damage.
  3. I already know about the stairs thing and maybe i got confused about it and the angled blockade, Gonna try to use a revesred blockade and see if it get 1shotted or no.
  4. I used windows even viewer and noticed that at the time of the game minimize happen, an error regarding an app called "akami net session" I uninstalled it and so far there is no game minimizing, but since the minimizing is random, i cant say for sure, i'll give it some days on test and see if it works or no.
  5. Be carefull from doing this trick as sometimes rollers can 1hit ur blockade since it will register hitting the shield from the sides rather than front. A siege roller 1hit any building in the game except face to face blockades. Even if u put the blockade at the end of a staires and the roller hit the top side, it will 1hit it.
  6. Was only able to get one lol
  7. i added fast guide about pets thank you for reminding me, but i dont think elemental combos is new player friendly and tbh i dont know all the combination as well except water + electric.
  8. -i will post the guide uncompleted and will come back later to add more to it until its complete, expect some typos since English is my 2nd language and will fix them later. In this post im gonna try to do a full game guide and if i miss anything please inform me so i edit my post, and if you think you can explain something in easier way than i did, just quote it and write what you think works better. I will separate the game into sections 1- Training 2- Campaign 3- Relics and shards 4- Pets 5- Getting ready for chaos 6- Chaos trials 7- Incursions Here we go 1- Training So you just started
  9. I have this weird problem happening in my pc where any game suddenly minimize to taskbar with no indication of any software running and i have to click on the game icon in the taskbar again to maximize. This happen to any full screen game i run not only DD2, i tried to google it but couldnt find an answer that is related to my problem. This problem happen to three of my pc's 1- desktop 2- laptop 3- mini pc All of them share this issue, i know for sure that there is a program that i installed is causing the problem but im failing on having a method to track it down. I even uninstalled any prog
  10. What u will read now can be considered a nightmare for everyone, so be ready. Imagin after you had capped c7 and got everything u need, suddenly a friend or urs or sibling go ahead and... sell all your characters gear and make you gearless. With the game system as for now u will be like a fresh new lvl 50 "except for ancention" and u need to start farming campaign again. Just for fun everyone give a score of how scary that was and what would u do after? -for me i say its 6/10 and i will quit the game on pc and start it on ps4 with a friend lol
  11. I dont know if this is true or faulse but i noticed when playing with other players specially when its full party, i see many legendarys drops than solo. Like i finish two runs solo with one legendary drop, and when playing with others it happen that almost every boss dropped a legendary or two. I hope someone can confirm this.
  12. In public games its either carry or be carried. I dont hate the way the game works really but being able to solo build everything along with gear progression makes other players who still in much less gear progression sits doing nothing. And dont forget afk's or those who dont press G , or worse , they press G before the defences are set. All what i said is annoying but is not enof for me atleast to start a thread about it. So today i decided to host a public game on c6 and see what happens. Three players with acention 50 and less joined me having one of them to be less than 10. I said oh well
  13. For me i have one good tactic for assasins I build one geyser trap and have monk anti air near it, and if possible two anti air I place one anti air per flying lane and if there is a place where those flying lanes get close together atleat i try to put the air defences so they both reach the geyser trap. And by that whenever u see smoke around u go to the trap and it will stun the assasin off u right away and the anti airs will do its work "better if u max the anti air early" and i use sparkle party after the geyser stun is done so the assasins stay stunned and take more damage. and for towers
  14. For me i always build double layer of shields and focus on upgrading the 1st shield since the 2nd shield is backup And i use one pdt per lane and x2 flame tower per lane " if possible i try to make the flame tower cover two lanes at the same time And the most important thing is to put a geyser trap near one of my monk anti air and away from lanes so cyporks dont disable it when i need it , and try to max that anti air asap , while leaving the trap at lvl 1. Then after that i mostly try to help lanes and keep the blockades at full hp and whenether assasins smoke appear i go to the geyser and le
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