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  1. My biggest wonder is will the loot boxes be removed in favour of purchasing cosmetics outright, now that the game is (presumably) in better hands?
  2. As a returning player and someone who played the original Dungeon Defenders, the massive amount of difficulties spread across these different game modes makes very little sense with how small the playerbase is, especially when the newest update added a new game mode to play them on. I like the idea of the Diablo-style difficulty levels, each adding new enemies to face with new tactics, but having 3 different game modes feels very pointless. Sure, Incursions can be fun but they are kind of pointless for farming compared to the regular Trials, and the new Mastery mode seems to be just a campaign-style Trials mode. The idea of the different modes is nice, but it severely limits the available game sessions with the already very small community of players. Personally I would just keep the single Mastery mode and get rid of the other two modes. It would simplify the modes and difficulty and allow players to more consistently find matches, probably.
  3. I was waiting for a sale on gems to buy the Huntress Onyx pack and it's no longer on the store to buy. Why?
  4. The way Chaos gear scales is somewhat confusing if you don't look it up through external sources or have someone else explain it to you, which is never good game design. An Item/Gear Level system like some MMOs and RPGs have in place would do wonders to help simplify the loot system for newcomers and likely veterans as well. It would also allow a recommended level for each Chaos tier instead of blindly hoping for the best when increasing in Chaos tiers.
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