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  1. Seriously, If I think I'm too powerful, I would want a better challenge to use my power on. Why on earth would I want to handicap myself by removing those powers instead? What would be the point of obtaining those powers then? What you just said hardly made any sense. And with this much power already, is there even a point of getting more power like hyper shards? When ALL TEN Mass Destruction and Vicious Strikes could potentially raise the power creep bar ridiculously high should one choose not to gild them.
  2. I have to agree to with this in some aspects as I would certainly love to see some diversity in builds someday that include walls. For Prime Incursions, my biggest gripe with that is the inability to use towers (more so than walls this time) as the schedule is exactly like C7 which only promotes aura-like builds and restricts build diversity. And that actually gets quite boring.
  3. That's very odd? In terms of story mode, I assumed you aren't supposed to encounter the Drakenlord until Chaos 1 after Adventures as the Drakenlord hasn't been awakened yet. And yeah, I also agree that encountering the Drakenlord this early is going to be nuts for new players indeed. I would suggest having a two part-er for the Sacrificial Warden adventures as in fighting in Drakenfrost Keep twice - One in normal mode like always and one actually facing the Drakenlord "Incursion". To get the new players introduced to the Drakenlord. Then the Drakenlord could start appearing as a mini
  4. Hey there, just wanted to note something that I've noticed about the Kunai Striker bow - So here's what the Kunai Striker looks currently - However, it's underneath actually looks pretty epic! Plus with even the icon showing this side, I'll have to go to the conclusion of this bow is being set in the wrong way aka being flipped. Kinda hoping there would eventually be a fix to this and also this being unintentional. Just letting ya'll know anyway! Thanks for reading and cheers!
  5. And...you're positive based on what? By saying "It's just is" or "It's just how things work"? You've provided nothing substantial to counter the points I or Exglint have brought. Like he said, PvP was brought is an joke and the community that believed it was true hated it. Even DD2 started as a MOBA (PvP arena) and that did not get positive responses either. Why do you think this game was back to PvE? Heck even playertt thinks DD1 PvP was terrible. And I'm going to make this point once again - is there even a "tough" hero builds when there's just nuke monk dominating everything by d
  6. Not exactly though. It's actually getting a hyper shard for completing Prime VI AND the final hyper shard for completing ALL the primes. Here's the quote from the patch notes - Hope this helps!
  7. I don't really know which PvP you're referring to so I'll state my case on both - - Tower PvP (PVE-esque PvP) - How is it fun when there's a clear OP meta that keeps winning fights effectively crushing other variety of defenses that you want to use creatively? DD2 isn't like PVZ2's Arena mode or Hearthstone's Standard Rotations where the meta are constantly refreshed. - Hero PvP - This would require a massive balancing check as currently the heroes are geared to destroy several hundred mill HP bosses and we heroes only have a fraction of that amount on HP. Take Nuke Monk for exampl
  8. Same here. I did nothing on combat phase too. Once I got crucial lanes upgraded when needed, it's all smooth. In fact, some lanes I leave totally un-upgraded. No idea why return of maldonis is *not* afk-able.
  9. I feel that the true endgame mode would take more priority than pvp (that is, if that's even being considered.) as it's more of a side gamemode which the gearing/stat system isn't designed for. The only "pvp" thing that I see that makes sense is the Leaderboards. I did remember a while ago I had an idea of a version of "pvp" involving an arena with the mechanics of seeing which team fought the enemies better. But that obviously is more of a psuedo PVP-esque PVE like the leaderboards are. And personally, between the choice of a final endgame mode to give DD2 a great conclusion or a just pv
  10. I'm surprised a bug like this could exist if it does. I've played all the way back in NM4 and I definitely remember seeing those Altar Assassins. I even remember vividly back when I got trapped by both the DAs and bigger Altar Assassins in Chaos 5 during launch. I wonder how did you manage to beat that C5 incursion since clearing the wave depended on the Altar Assassins being killed after they become vulnerable as the wave are infinite. Though it's possible you might indeed just be in the standard Expedition map. However, if those three times you've played were before Protean Shift in 201
  11. Yeah, I definitely managed it too. It's very annoying with the assassins without the stun factor though. other than that, I actually enjoyed the incursion with how engaging it was. Though, as usual, prime incursion could use more rewards on the tier of expeditions or more since it's kinda disheartening to went through all that and getting nothing.
  12. Ah, no wonder why back in the days, there's always two types of armor visuals for each rarity.
  13. I would say that since the different armor visual are already there, why not expand it into some bigger like having set combos or whatnot rather than removing them? And although currently there is no difference, I would rather keep them than removing them as even tiny aesthetics make the game look nicer. I remember searching to see how weapons are in the DD1 wiki, and although some looked pretty dope, I was quite un-appealed with how for some weapons, the same weapon could have multiple different names. Although I wish for weapons in DD2 to have more uniqueness rather than
  14. Yeah, I will definitely agree that there should be some cosmetic rewards (Tower Skins and Flairs is awesome enough!) as a more compelling carrot for completing the gamemode. Personally, while second hyper shards are nice, I don't really felt that compelled to get them as I've already experienced them in Mastery.
  15. Hey there! By 4 years I'd assume you would still be in the Nightmare difficulty days in Early Access 2015 or 2016. The game have tremendously changed from that period. Though I saw you saying that you won't be returning anything soon, still, let me take you on a walkthrough on the differences since I would guess your knowledge would only be from the Nightmare days. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gearing - - You would no longer have to deal with needing
  16. At this point, I'm not really sure if CG is going to do anything about it so I'm probably just going to let it be. I still have no love for that map in Onslaught though. So, if CG actually did remove that map from Onslaught and Expeditions and replaced with it's standard version, that will be great for me! But if nothing is being done, nothing I can do about it I guess unfortunately.
  17. Hopefully indeed. It's pretty odd that happened.
  18. Glad to hear a confirmation from a dev. Much Appreciated! :) I really look forward to the day when DD2 is out of the backburner. :D
  19. I do find another aspect of this is that I'm not really that motivated to grind due to the fact that Prime Incursion doesn't even drop loot like expeditions. With that, I wouldn't mind the Prime Weapon's drop rate. I could have a chance to get them while I'm farming.
  20. You can't just make assumption on what people is thinking just because of some "exclamation".
  21. And even if there's heroes planned, we got three in the pipes - Countess Ranger Man & Machine. We'd be extremely-freakin'-friggin' lucky if we do get them at this point.
  22. Not to mention, there's probably going to be kobolts/zappers too since the previous primes is having them.
  23. Best of luck making it through the hurricane that's heading toward Florida, CG. Stay safe and sheltered!
  24. It definitely would be nice to add regular loot drops for Prime Incursions so we can farm like how we do in expeditions while hunting for the C8 ampoules/Prime Weapons. This mode does have the potential to expand into something greater.
  25. And....just in case anyone is curious, I found an image showing the old version so here's a comparison between pre-update and post-update Ascended Initiate - (Pre-version is on the left while Post-version is right.)
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