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  1. Oh Yeeeaaaaah! The waiting has finally paid off! Really and absolutely looking toward these new stuffs! New heroes, maps, shard, mods and even tower skins, something that I've waiting for years! Damn! Also, a normal hub!? I can finally screenshot those costumes in normal lighting! While I wasn't around during his time, it's good to see Ol' Peepers being back! Could this be a slight hint on Dragonfall Carnival returning? Man, I really appreciate this, CG! I've been digging around DD2 concept in google images - And I've found a certain blue shark pet that probably seems to
  2. I remember being mentioned on stream that CG has a Lego UCS Millennium Falcon (that has to be moved due to the flooding). That is actually pretty cool, so out of some weird curiosity, my question would be - What's the story of the Falcon's road to being a studio buddy?
  3. Hey there, You can get it from Drakenfrost Keep man in Expeditions or Onslaught on it's third weekly loot rotation. To gauge on which weekly loot rotation you are in, here's the schedule - 1st Week - Torch Bearer Mod in a Drakenfrost Sword or Bow. 2nd Week - Frozen Path Mod in a Drakenfrost Magic Staff, Polearm or Canister. 3rd Week - Frostfire Remnants in a Drakenfrost Tome, Gun or Lava Arm. 4th Week - Drakenlord's Soul in a Drakenfrost Sword, Dagger or Axe. And the cycle repeats. Each rotation occurs roughly every Monday (if you live the west side of the globe
  4. Greetings and welcome to the community and the forums. I'd certainly hope this could mark the return of the forums being a very fun place to be like in 2018 (with Lawlta's tenure as the CM back then) And I'd definitely second Jaws on having any energy spent on DD2's aspects of the forums with fun activities too. With the possibility of CG looking into all aspects of the franchise this year (hopefully), it would be nice to see it being celebrated in the forums too, and not just in Discord. As for the community, yeah, I think both Jaws and Batophobia sums it up very nicely. Couldn't ha
  5. Hey there, if you've lost your Vicious Strikes, you can try filing a ticket for the lost hyper shard at Chromatic Games' customer support site and have a dev check your account on it - https://chromatic.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Service might be slow as they don't have a lot of manpower at the moment and it's also possible that they are still on their Holidays/New Year's break.
  6. Here you go - http://www.discord.gg/dd2 No worries and happy to help!
  7. Definitely true indeed. I suppose most likely, the list just serves as a basis for the market discussion section (where players would list what they have or want) and DMs in Discord and one of those reason is to set the bar on what's "scamming" or not through observation of the economy. And there's also the factor of not all new players are community members in Discord (like OP here for example), so without a doubt, there's no way all players would follow the price list.
  8. Hey there, here's a google doc of DD2's market prices made by the community members in Discord. There are three different list of prices for each plaform (PC, PS4 & Xbox One) as it seems they each have a different economy. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Y4Ibp1pgFDpkgh9bDmH-XvYnfDhg5DE_K9OgruQ8LaM/edit#gid=2075882721
  9. Unfortunately, CG is no longer working with the company that distributes the codes for following their social media so the Cap'n Monk and Academy Apprentice are no longer up for grabs. Currently, it's just remains to be seen on whether CG would bring these costumes back and how they would do it.
  10. Hey there, it's now live an hour or two ago as of this posting. You can now go ahead and enjoy those double medals!
  11. If you're referring to DD2, they are in the gamemode Mastery, being a criteria challenge only in specific maps. But once you've done those, it's a one and done thing. The other build timers would be before a boss fight like Betsy or Drakenfrost Keep's 6th wave and in-between waves for specific incursions like Dawn of the Blood Moon or Power Surge. The rest of your gameplay around endgame will not have build timers. If you're referring to DDA, to quote John Wick : "Yeah..." Just like DD1. But that's all I'm going around that as this is a DD2-specific thread.
  12. Looks like CG cooked up a holiday event for DD2 - Source : This is definitely a nice start, looking forward to seeing how things hopefully goes in the future. I'm always broke so this is really cool haha!
  13. Really glad and appreciated for DD2 to have those events there! It's definitely a start, and hopefully more things will turn up next year!
  14. These seems to be great features arriving soon! The Transmog system is practically nullifying a major issue I was having with DDA and DD1 - weapons with random colors. Unlike DD2 where those is only rare instances, DDA and DD1 just have too many to the point where I just don't have the motivation to collect any weapons. As what's the point with collecting all the same weapons but with jarring and random colors. It's not fun for me. With the weapons being reverted to their default state while the colors will just a customizations option instead, the possibility of collecting weapons in DDA (at
  15. Sadly indeed, welp...as recent as the good news is, I'll have to apologize for the bad news... In a most recent CG stream (which happened to have Augi in it), a question regarding the potentially upcoming DD2 dev team in 2021 was asked and the response was : "We're looking into it but no concrete plans" - Basically just looking into the possibility on forming one. Now of course, there's still a chance (albeit it has now shrunk down considerably) CG would still form that team (which is something at the very least). But with that response it feels like that CG never had that plan
  16. As we all currently know, DD2 is in a limbo state. Neither dead nor having upcoming content. Pretty much on ice (literally - with an all year winter). And we have no idea how long it'll last, it could even be years. All we had are pretty much glimmer of hopes. But holy smokes, the glimmer has gone brighter! Recently on the last Dev Juice (A second Chromatic Games stream other than the current Friday Funday), Chromatic CEO Augi reveals a very cool surprise - Possibly by around next year (2021), CG plans on forming a separate team to focus continuing on developing DD2 alongside DDA. M
  17. I'd definitely agree the Gold Costumes for DDA is no doubt a great improvement over DD2's ver as they really nailed the gold textures. The Shadow costumes, at first I thought they were kinda lazy (to put it bluntly) but the more I look at them, they are actually not too bad as actual shadows does seems to be a pretty cool concept to tackle on. As for the Rifted Costumes, I find DD2's Galaxy costumes still to be much more superior and cooler with the cosmic particles and being able to see the cosmos when seen at an angle. Though I welcome the Rifted Monk's face as the new addition to the
  18. So yeah, I've kinda been messing around the new update on DDA and decided to check the costumes out. And well, after checking them out, some interesting realization hit me - Currently all costumes of DDA are its versions of certain DD2 texture variant themes. Though there are signs early on already (with Rifted, Shadow and the mentioned Crystalline costumes), I just chalked it up to coincidence. But with the new additions of the Gold Garbs (and as well as Crystalline), it seems that it's more likely there's possibly a pattern there. So after all that, I decided to cook this thread
  19. Gotta say, love the new card art! So much better than what it was previously.
  20. I recalled Dani mentioning a few friday streams earlier that we're actually having Christmas early. So yeah, we can easily guess what that means. Also, I do find this to be slightly poetic. At this point, DD2 is currently in a state of limbo and it's (maybe coincidentally) expressed by being cryogenically frozen in suspended animation with eternal winter. On another note, if DD2 ever exits limbo state, would be cool to have the town be different when the holiday season returns. Like, say, have the town celebrate the season at night, for example. Because let's be honest, aside from th
  21. Yeah, I will definitely say the town is a huge factor that set up the "magic of DD2" for me back when I first played the game. The liveliness felt really good. When I later started playing DD1 and eventually DDA, I've noticed there's a stark difference between the two types on a certain aspect. Whereas DD2 felt pretty lively, DD1/DDA just feels... lonely. While DD2 has the occasional NPCs in hubs and in maps too, in DD1/DDA, it does seems like (aside from like two or so NPCs) nobody populated the castle (or heck, probably even abandoned the place), leaving the four heroes as the sole inha
  22. I definitely agree with all the points (of the original post) here. Especially with giving EV new weapons. The canisters that was introduced in DD2 was a great upgrade and concept as it adds more uniqueness to her. It would've been a good opportunity to explore more cool arm cannons concepts as this incarnation does includes an actual hand on her cannon arm. This version of EV (visually) does seem like an upgrade, so it's quite peculiar that she retains all of the old tech.
  23. Holy mother of pearl! What on Etheria is CAP'N DREADBONES doing there?! This is something I totally hadn't expected. An very interesting surprise to be sure!
  24. Hey there, yes, as far as I know, the glaive still does drop from the Revenant Monk minibosses in Dawn of the Blood Moon. I've farmed there months ago and so far there isn't any update on that, so it should be unchanged.
  25. I'm also going to add that HSB left this forums before Protean Shift so I don't think he'll get the part with the mods and the elemental combos if he also actually left the game since then. Other than that, cool discussion. I'm kinda in favor of having more variety of niche shards if possible. Not shock-rev level of broken but works more like Uber Spheres or Unholy Fire.
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