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  1. Oh man! This map looks good! So much better than what the first teaser teased which is a nice surprise! 

    Definitely dig the fusion between Egyptian and Mesopotamian styles of architecture. About map layout, someone on Twitter mentioned that this is a DD1 Palantir remake, and yeah, I'm starting to recognize the layout there. The Friday Funday Stream will be the judge of that!

    Also spotted Hammel in the outer right side of the map facing the pyramid haha.

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  2. Gotta say, love the carpets and bazaars! It really spruces up the Tornado Valley aesthetic. And there's also an NPC with Hammel the Camel! Would definitely love to see more for DDA in the future!

    Also, I happy to say that I did manage to recognize the map layout, and I definitely didn't expect this map to be a DD2 Forest Crossroad remakes! Very Interesting!

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  3. Thank you for being our community manager, Britt! Things definitely has gotten so much more fun and livelier with you around here (You know, at Twitter, Discord, Friday Funday streams etc) You definitely rock!

    I wish you well and all the best with your future endeavors in the classroom! Stay awesome!

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  4. Awesome changes! Most happy about the change where you now don't need to stay as a builder hero for your defenses to deal more damage. As someone who likes a balance of both DPS-ing and Tower Defense-combination playstyles, this is definitely a welcome change. Now I think I'm going to have some good fun with the Squire and Rogue when that time comes! Looking forward to hearing more on Episode 1!

    (Also yeah, as always, ecstatic to hear this too haha! - "There’s even a new update for Dungeon Defenders II being worked on.")

    And I definitely agree with not rushing these too, we're good with having it when the time is ready :classic_happy:

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  5. Loving the design there! I've always wanted the DD2 Moba dryad design to somehow reach the light of day like a DD2 costume for example. But I'm also equally happy that this design finally did reach the light of day in this form too.

    And this is the throwback hero! To be honest, back when "throwback hero" was mentioned, I was kinda worried that this group of heroes would just be a complete copy of old heroes except looking like they were kids. The Warden, in a pleasant surprise, proved that this wasn't the case! I do recognize some of the Dryad's iconic mechanics but she's also been given a nice DDA twist and some new defenses too. Definitely dig the idea of spiritual successors!

    Looking forward to playing with this hero when EP. 1 releases and the reveal of the next hero too! And whoa, The Andrew was hint all along? Damn, that's good.

    Also there's Shroomy. So yeah, mushrooms - called it haha!

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  6. Whoa, a DD2 map remake and it's also the first! Definitely dig the map there! And I'm really liking the theme on season change for the Act 4 maps, looking forward to seeing more of that in the coming weeks.

     The woodland weapons is indeed friggin' awesome! Love the designs, these literally screams the Treetop Sniper becoming a full fledged weapon set with a garnish of autumn.

    Treetop Sniper (Legendary).jpg

    Also....to my knowledge, when it comes to a weapon set, there's usually four. I'm seeing five... Could this fifth weapon be related to a very certain hero? Hmm.....I wonder. :barbarian:

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  7. On 4/7/2021 at 1:23 PM, Jaws_420 said:

    I don't mind meta shifts too much, but there is one aspect of DD2 that needs to evolve - make moving MODs no longer destroy the item it came from. Having to overwrite a 10 mod because of a meta shift will make for very unhappy players. 

    I've been thinking about this and yeah, I do have to agree with this. Would certainly be great to have a relic solely for the purpose of MODs storage. We would need a new function in Prof. Proteus so either items (Storage Relics and Defense Relics) doesn't get destroyed when using those. It's also a great way to repurpose Orbs or Marks to have actual functions too.

    That way, it would help that whenever CG does constant rebalancing, players won't feel that burned if they have been focusing or overinvested in certain builds.

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  8. I genuinely have to say that I really like this map! It's very vibrant which is a great refresher from the old maps which are slightly single-toned (in colors). I'm getting Alice in Wonderland vibes and I dig it!

    Also am I hallucinating or am I'm seeing mushroom people...

    Also, also, dope humor with this post too!

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  9. 17 hours ago, Jaws_420 said:

    Not sure i understand how persistent tower works. Upgrading, building, and selling are fairly easy commands, so will have to see how this improves that. 

    So it's like instead of selling, placing or repairing towers once and you'll have press the command again to repeat the action. You now just press the command button once and you'll always be in that mode until you turn it off by pressing the command again.  

    17 hours ago, Jaws_420 said:

    I'm not clear about Drakkenlord. Is he just not spawning as a miniboss anymore, or is his stage no longer every "4" map?

    I've heard from Discord that it means that whenever you enter DFK in Onslaught, you won't have to face that freezing dragon that the Drakenlord rides. I've yet to enter onslaught I'm not sure on the specifics beyond that.

    The me in 2019 would've been very happy about this haha! Right now, I kinda wish for more maps with this kind of challenge as a DD2 drought has left me willing to take a DFK 2.0.  Still, a small part of me is actually happy that I won't have to face that accursed dragon in Onslaught haha!


    Overall I'm pretty happy with this update. The marketplace being normal is something that I've been wanting for ages! So far I've haven't dive deeply into messing around with the meta shift, but I'm liking the shake-up. Definitely looking forward to using pets now too!

    Now with the Hypno Towers out of the way, I'm really looking forward to more cool tower skins CG's going to cook up!

    And most certainly looking forward to future heroes that the new all-heroes bundle's hinting! Oh yeah!


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  10. Quote

    At one point, i asked them to make the Orca (ship from Jaws) with the yellow floating things. I thought that would pair well with the shark theme LOL

    Hahaha! That's fun and wacky choice for a pet! I don't think I would've thought of that! 

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  11. 21 hours ago, Jaws_420 said:

    Yeah, but it's an Xbox exclusive pet, so they can't use it on other consoles. 😥  That's why i got to beg for a redesign... 

    Great find though! Man i wish i could get that one. 

    Interesting, I thought what made the Megadon exclusive was its green color as that signifies the Xbox branding. Though yeah, since I have no idea what actually transpired on the exclusivity deal between TE and Microsoft at that time, I guess it's possible that the pet model in its entirety could have been handed as part of the deal. If this is so, yeah, maybe we do need a redesign.

    The road to a complete shark set continues!

    EDIT - I've asked on the stream for more clarity on this and turns out CG doesn't want to try blur/skirt the lines of the exclusivity with recolors or a slight model change and end up being rude to their partners which is absolutely understandable. Lawlta said he mentioned this back then and I guess I failed to fully understand what that means.

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  12. Oh Yeeeaaaaah! The waiting has finally paid off!

    Really and absolutely looking toward these new stuffs! New heroes, maps, shard, mods and even tower skins, something that I've waiting for years! Damn! Also, a normal hub!? I can finally screenshot those costumes in normal lighting!

    While I wasn't around during his time, it's good to see Ol' Peepers being back! Could this be a slight hint on Dragonfall Carnival returning?

    Man, I really appreciate this, CG!

    22 hours ago, Jaws_420 said:

    And just because i got to- shark pet! Just saying. Redesign it so no exclusive issue. SHARK PET!!!

    I've been digging around DD2 concept in google images - And I've found a certain blue shark pet that probably seems to be done, rigging and all. All CG now needs to to is to implement them in-game! :Sharkman_insane:

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  13. Greetings and welcome to the community and the forums. I'd certainly hope this could mark the return of the forums being a very fun place to be like in 2018 (with Lawlta's tenure as the CM back then)

    And I'd definitely second Jaws on having any energy spent on DD2's aspects of the forums with fun activities too. With the possibility of CG looking into all aspects of the franchise this year (hopefully), it would be nice to see it being celebrated in the forums too, and not just in Discord.

    As for the community, yeah, I think both Jaws and Batophobia sums it up very nicely. Couldn't have said it any better. 

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  14. These seems to be great features arriving soon! The Transmog system is practically nullifying a major issue I was having with DDA and DD1 - weapons with random colors. Unlike DD2 where those is only rare instances, DDA and DD1 just have too many to the point where I just don't have the motivation to collect any weapons. As what's the point with collecting all the same weapons but with jarring and random colors. It's not fun for me. With the weapons being reverted to their default state while the colors will just a customizations option instead, the possibility of collecting weapons in DDA (at least for me) is opened.

    Also, really glad the color customizations for costumes is being improved on. The current iteration felt really clunky to the point where in some cases it better to stick with default or roll with the shadow costume (looking at you, Monk...). 

    And looking forward to seeing the new fusion weapons and the 20 new accessories! (Wowzers)

    With all this new features that I want coming soon to the game, guess I'll actually return to playing some DDA.


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  15. Wow! I am impressed with some of the weapons, especially the shields. I'm kinda itching now to see the cosmetic customization potentials after seeing this. :)

    Totally dig the mustached rock pet too! And it never occurred to me that the carrot-nibbling ramster could be made into a pet too haha!

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  16. 6 hours ago, Kittuysaurus__Rex said:

    Does anyone know how we get the new Crystalline weapons? 
    New canister and claw? Do they just drop from random chests in Primes?

    Hey there! 

    Like the other C8 weapons in Prime Incursion, and as far as I know, the Crystalline Claw and Canister have a chance to drop from a legendary victory chest in Prime 6. (The Wyvern's Den or Dawn of the Blood Moon.)

    Hope this helps! :)

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