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  1. I'm surprised a bug like this could exist if it does. I've played all the way back in NM4 and I definitely remember seeing those Altar Assassins. I even remember vividly back when I got trapped by both the DAs and bigger Altar Assassins in Chaos 5 during launch. I wonder how did you manage to beat that C5 incursion since clearing the wave depended on the Altar Assassins being killed after they become vulnerable as the wave are infinite. Though it's possible you might indeed just be in the standard Expedition map. However, if those three times you've played were before Protean Shift in 2018, that's kinda impossible as Expeditions did not exist and Trials' Chaos 5 did not have Crumbled Bulwark in it's map pool back then. Just my observation there.
  2. Yeah, I definitely managed it too. It's very annoying with the assassins without the stun factor though. other than that, I actually enjoyed the incursion with how engaging it was. Though, as usual, prime incursion could use more rewards on the tier of expeditions or more since it's kinda disheartening to went through all that and getting nothing.
  3. Ah, no wonder why back in the days, there's always two types of armor visuals for each rarity.
  4. I would say that since the different armor visual are already there, why not expand it into some bigger like having set combos or whatnot rather than removing them? And although currently there is no difference, I would rather keep them than removing them as even tiny aesthetics make the game look nicer. I remember searching to see how weapons are in the DD1 wiki, and although some looked pretty dope, I was quite un-appealed with how for some weapons, the same weapon could have multiple different names. Although I wish for weapons in DD2 to have more uniqueness rather than just skins, I'm glad DD2 weapons did not went the route of DD1 weapons for this naming case.
  5. Yeah, I will definitely agree that there should be some cosmetic rewards (Tower Skins and Flairs is awesome enough!) as a more compelling carrot for completing the gamemode. Personally, while second hyper shards are nice, I don't really felt that compelled to get them as I've already experienced them in Mastery.
  6. Hey there! By 4 years I'd assume you would still be in the Nightmare difficulty days in Early Access 2015 or 2016. The game have tremendously changed from that period. Though I saw you saying that you won't be returning anything soon, still, let me take you on a walkthrough on the differences since I would guess your knowledge would only be from the Nightmare days. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gearing - - You would no longer have to deal with needing the right passives in gear as you now have then ability to swap and interchange passives (there are two types of passive now - shards and M.O.D.S.) to your liking for a piece of gear. However skill spheres do not exist anymore as most of them has been turned into shards. - There is also a material system to give gear upgrading and tinkering a tad bit depth. - Gear is able to be leveled to the next difficulty with the right materials if you want to climb into the next difficulty but couldn't find one with a higher stat. - Your hero is able to be a hybrid hero now as in being able to DPS and build defenses with the same hero rather than duplicates. Armor and Weapons having hero stats while relics are now having defense stats. - Item Pwr is now revamped into Gear Score since the stat progression has increased quite a bit since the transition into Chaos. Difficulty - The Nightmare difficulty has being replaced by Chaos which has 7 tiers rather than 4. Instead of each difficulty being just being a stat increase like Nightmare, Each new difficulty adds a new enemy that makes you use a different strategy to counter them. Difficulties past Chaos 7 are only in Chaos 8 Onslaught and Prime Incursions. Gamemodes - As you probably remembered the gamemode in the Nightmare days are Campaign, Defense, Incursions and Onslaught. There are major changes in those. The roster now is Campaign, Adventures, Onslaught, Expeditions, Incursions and Mastery. - Campaign is broken into two gamemodes, hence Adventures. - Defense has been revamped into Expeditions which is where you farm materials to tinker with your gear. It's also where the Chaos Difficulty starts. And It is still the classic way of progressing. - There is another way of progressing and that is Onslaught. It is no longer a survival gamemode. Instead, it is a alternate progression gamemode option if you don't want to climb Expeditions however it becomes your main progression gamemode once you get past Chaos 7. To go into how you progress, it has a level by level (floor by floor) "endless"progression with each level getting incrementally harder the more you clear them rather than jumping into the next difficulty and every certain level there is a unique milestone map that is only exclusive to this mode.. It also has chaos difficulty tiers to compare with expeditions progression however rather than having a fixed enemy schedule for each map, each lane would have a different enemy schedule with unique twist applied to it instead and that's where you'll see more different new enemies & more twist pops up in some lanes as your progress higher in levels/floors. Levels/ Floors that's in Chaos 8 difficulty onwards will only be incremental in stats though. - Incursions Chaos 1 to 7 is just a one and done thing now to unlock weapons to buy from the wayfarer. Because of that each difficulty only has two/three different incursions as it's just something for you to do if you want to take a break from Expeditions or Onslaught. You might remember most of the incursion weapons in the wayfarer and loot pool however you're not going to see all of them from NM days in there since some of them get their passive turned into shards which results in them just being weapons for looks so they now just drop somewhere else. Prime Incursions are the next difficulty (mostly harder than Chaos 7 and certain incursions having a little twist) as an option for the higher tiered players if they don't want play expeditions and onslaught and they just want some new weapons for the looks and hyper shards which are more powerful version of some shards. - Mastery is also another one and done gamemode that you can do for golden pets, certain cosmetics and a second copies of Hyper Shards to help you in your climb of Onslaught. It's similar to expeditions but you have to complete each map with certain criterias met to earn stars to progress in the gamemode to earn the rewards. Leveling Progressions - Ascension levels After you hit level 50, you enter Ascension. Each Ascension levels gives you an Ascension point. They are an expanded version of SAS points and the talents are even more personalized to each type of hero. Instead of a very fixed limited points to juggle around, you can gain enough points to fill some talent caps and more as Ascension level has no cap like lvl 50 because the leveling is infinite. Also Ascension lvl is tied to your account so if you deleted your hero and start another, after releveling to lvl 50, you still have access to all the asc points. Ancient Power This is a leveling that's tied to Onslaught. It is an interesting leveling that needs to be properly done and not taken lightly. When you invoke Ancient Power you'll lose your progression of the gamemodes (except Mastery) and gear will be devolved to campaign level and shard being un-upgraded (aka a reset) so doing it during early endgame period is never recommended. And keep in mind that each reset only gains an Ancient Power level. However, If you prepped enough (as in saving materials to relevel gear when you're done invoking Ancient Pwr, Gilding shards and Climbing as high as you can in Onslaught), the benefit of invoking Ancient Power might be appealing though you must invoke it multiple times to actually benefit so it still have to depend on you. (It's still not appealing to some and you still can enjoy the game without it.) -Here's the benefits for information's sake 1. The higher you climb Onslaught, the higher your minimum ascension level is. Min asc lvl means that subsequent resets will leave you with that fixed amount of asc lvl unless it's altered by climbing even higher in Onslaught. Invoking Ancient Pwr in higher lvl/floor Onslaught results in you getting a major boost in your ascension lvl while invoking at a very low level for the first time will just result you in losing those lvls. So it is heavily recommended that if you want to invoke Ancient Power, you'll have to climb as high as you can to accumulate the numbers before invoking to maximize the benefits.) 2. Each time you invoke Ancients Pwr, adds 5% increase in XP and gold. So if you keep invoking AP, it'll keep adding another 5% and the accumulation will help a lot with Asc leveling and going broke on gold. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TLDR - The game has massively changed since Nightmare Gear system has massively changed from the days of Nightmare. Nightmare difficulty has been replaced with Chaos Difficulty which adds a new enemy per tier. The gamemodes has changed so progression more linear than the days of Nightmare. The leveling system has gotten beyond lvl 50 and it's tied to your account. It's a very different game from 4 years ago so I'd recommend giving it a try. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope this wall of text is helpful and bearable too but that shows how tremendous the change is this game has gone through. Though regardless of this, I'd still recommend you to give this game one more try to see what you yourself actually thinks. :) Cheers!
  7. At this point, I'm not really sure if CG is going to do anything about it so I'm probably just going to let it be. I still have no love for that map in Onslaught though. So, if CG actually did remove that map from Onslaught and Expeditions and replaced with it's standard version, that will be great for me! But if nothing is being done, nothing I can do about it I guess unfortunately.
  8. Hopefully indeed. It's pretty odd that happened.
  9. Glad to hear a confirmation from a dev. Much Appreciated! :) I really look forward to the day when DD2 is out of the backburner. :D
  10. I do find another aspect of this is that I'm not really that motivated to grind due to the fact that Prime Incursion doesn't even drop loot like expeditions. With that, I wouldn't mind the Prime Weapon's drop rate. I could have a chance to get them while I'm farming.
  11. You can't just make assumption on what people is thinking just because of some "exclamation".
  12. And even if there's heroes planned, we got three in the pipes - Countess Ranger Man & Machine. We'd be extremely-freakin'-friggin' lucky if we do get them at this point.
  13. Not to mention, there's probably going to be kobolts/zappers too since the previous primes is having them.
  14. Best of luck making it through the hurricane that's heading toward Florida, CG. Stay safe and sheltered!
  15. It definitely would be nice to add regular loot drops for Prime Incursions so we can farm like how we do in expeditions while hunting for the C8 ampoules/Prime Weapons. This mode does have the potential to expand into something greater.
  16. And....just in case anyone is curious, I found an image showing the old version so here's a comparison between pre-update and post-update Ascended Initiate - (Pre-version is on the left while Post-version is right.)
  17. Cool update! The update banner/ wallpaper and Prime Icon sold me, they look really amazing!!! Glad that incursion is returning to relevance. And the weapons looked pretty dope! Looking forward to experiencing more stuffs in the subsequent weeks! Will post my full feedback on this soon.
  18. That's unfortunate. Hopefully in the subsequent patch. It definitely would be nice if they get resolved! Yeah, I just checked her, looks like the initiate costume prior to this patch was unfinished. Her costume now looks way better (and finished) now!
  19. Hey there! Welcome back too and good to see you! :) Yeah, like Jaws said, not much has changed, There is only one content update in April prior to this recent content update for this year which introduced material conversion that allows you to convert higher tier mats to lower tier mats and we also now have a shard vendor (Gran'Master) that allows you to buy individual shards for def medals or gems without having to put up with RNG for gilding.
  20. I'm just going to add that I'm might not be exactly sure about the content schedule - It could either be: Every week a new incursion gets released from it's respective prime pool. or Every week a Prime Incursion Pool get released. We'll see which schedule will be used when the patch notes hits.
  21. Whoops my bad, I forgot to clarify that. Yeah, what Dadogy said, a second copy of Mastery's Hyper Shards. I've edited my original post to add this point.
  22. In-case anyone's curious, the content for DD2's next update has been revealed from last devstream! Here's the recap - Prime Incursions! Beefed up Incursion that scales from Chaos 8 and Beyond! The rewards are awesome swanky brand new weapon models with C8 stats and.....also the chance to have C8 ampoules dropping! There will be 6 groups of incursion with 3 or less incursion per group and each group completed will award a......Hyper Shard! You can now have two of the same hyper shard now, No longer exclusive to Mastery. First two groups will be unlocked when the update hits. Subsequent weeks will unlock only ONE Incursion per week to stretch content till DDA beta. After completing the groups, at the very end there will be a surprise....and also the final hypershard..... And don't worry, there isn't any kind of race of any sort! Also, Chaos 8 shards will be purchasable from the Gran'Master! AND.....It's releasing this coming WEDNESDAY! Also a fun stuff to know! Mark finally have a handle - Markarita! Because he's salty on the edges but he's very sweet. So for the question from me to CG now would be since I heard that there would be dope artwork with "pop-ups and panels and stuff"s, will there be a Brand-New logo for DD2 too for this next post drakenfrost era? Have a good one, and cheers! :)
  23. I actually liked this version better and I'm quite glad it happened. One of the reason I wasn't hyped for DDA was due to the kickstarter poster depicting the heroes exactly how DD1 gameplay looks and I really disliked that as they just looked terrible to me. I remember looking at the DDE poster and DD1 cutscenes and I question why the heck the heroes looked quite different in gameplay. StilI, totally wouldn't mind and it would be dope too, if several costumes of the heroes were in the grown-up size as I started in DD2 so I don't really have any nostalgia for the small bobby-headed heroes.
  24. Same here too. I really hope DD2 still has some good plans post the upcoming update.
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