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  1. Radiant Rate is not really a Hyper Shard, its just a regular C10 shard. Details on C10 Mastery and Prime Incursions hasn't been revealed yet. As for raising onslaught floors, doing that isn't that simple or easy as there's technical limitations due to DD2's 32-bit integer. But there is a new gamemode in the works for future updates after Mines of Etheria, so maybe that might scratch your itch. I may be off here as I wasn't around when DD1 updates and DLCs was active but I'm guessing DD1 did not undergo massive system changes or additions like what happened with DD2 and DDA
  2. Yes C10 will have new materials. They will be known as "Exquisite" Source: [CG] IDHC from Discord. Also on your last paragraph, I'm sure its the former, otherwise I don't think [CG] Paimon would've done what he has been doing. And there is no one person calling all the shots on the direction of all three games (DD2/DDA/DDGR) anymore. Each game now has its own lead developer with IDHC being DD2's leader. The Prime Incursions update back in 2019 is pretty much a good example of "delaying the end" compared to the recent updates we're having which are extremely meaty.
  3. The warboar miniboss Tuskar already does have the ability to regenerate heath over time.
  4. Hope you can still see this, usually if this happens, you might want to sent in a ticket here - https://chromatic.zendesk.com/hc/en-us If it takes too long, I suppose you can DM [CG] Paimon (Not CM) (that's how his tag looks like in the Dungeon Defenders Discord) about it with your ticket number on Discord too.
  5. Probably something has changed down the line but here's the new link (that should be working) straight from discord - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GXtKq58mLDBWbhTlUhOj4GbMmJ37MZf2D8rnDHHl_R8/edit#gid=99790011 *thumbs up*
  6. It's fully out now for those who are still waiting.
  7. Apologies again for the late replies. If you're looking for magic staffs from Prime Incursion that has 4/s x5 (Penta III), unfortunately, you're not going to find any. All prime magic staffs rolls in Burst Shot III. No idea why CG didn't add the Penta shot type to pool (despite it being needed for long-ranged mass marking) back in 2019. Generally, any magic staffs that is able rolls Penta III should be sufficient. Though I've heard that Ember Scepter from Embermount Volcano is really good for Adepts due to its AoE properties so maybe by that logic, that magic staff might help the Ap
  8. Apologies for the late reply, - Jackpot does not stack between multiple heroes. How it works is mainly focused on the single hero that's equipped with the shard picking up gold dropped on the ground which of course the amount is kinda abysmal. The meat and potatoes of gaining gold is from completing the match. So yeah, you're definitely much better off using other shards.
  9. Nah, Run and Gun does not count as a buff for Buff Chips. You need actual hero buff abilities such as Squire's Provoke, Countess' Call to Arms, Mercenary's Combat Preparation or Barbarian's Stances for examples to proc those.
  10. Same here on PC, like chronozx it's mainly the waves don't save for me in survival or mix mode for the Bazaar. I have not tried doing The Lost Metropolis yet though. Seems to be a known issue among some players in Discord so hopefully this can get fixed in the next hotfix. Also I don't think you'll get any responses that soon as Phil is currently on Thanksgiving vacation but he'll be back after that.
  11. Heard that you want to hear some more beans, so yeah, thought I'd gather and jolt them down here for you, @ColobelSpike82 *thumbs_up* (And also @MrPeterPFL too, thought I'd ping you up since you lurk on Discord here and there, which could mean that you may not have gotten the news and just in-case you'd like to know about this too) The beans comes from what IDHC has spilled on discord or CG on Twitter if any of you are curious where they came from. What I'm jolting down may not reflect all the beans as I may not have seen them all. Coming soon - December There will be an update
  12. Haha! For some reason these gave me a combo vibes of Torchlight, Orcs Must Die 3 with a garnish of mobile game :P
  13. While I couldn't make it to the majority of streams live, I still watch the vods and they were a blast to watch and listen with your coolness. The streams are definitely going to feel different without you now... I wish you all the best with your future endeavors, and yeah, thanks for the Ancient Wyvern! Take care, Andrew!
  14. The Burning Phoenix mod has a chance to roll on an Embermount weapon that potentially drops from Victory Chest in the Embermount Volcano map. Keep in mind that the weapon has a chance to drop only in C8 or C9 difficulty. You won't find them in lower difficulties (unless you find them in player shops)
  15. Totally did not expect DDGR's ancient mines to enter DDA this soon! That's pretty cool and something that actually surprised me! (Though despite wanting this. In a weird way, I'm going to miss the old ancient mines due to some sense of nostalgia haha) But hey, the new one is definitely much better visually!
  16. Loving the theme of this update! I don't think I would be able to experience the new stuffs in one night so I'm really looking forward to messing with this for days to come!
  17. So yeah, a wild DD2 update preview stream has appeared and since there's no preview news post in the forums, I'll put out a pseudo recap. 1. Initiate hero changes When you think the Water Aura is crazy enough, this update gives the Initiate tower kit even more! Fireworks Tower - Replaces the Boost Aura slot but it's more of a replacement of the Skyguard Tower. This tower will fire multiple rockets at once which detonates at target in a spectacular fashion. Chi Spirit Tower - Replaces the SGT slot. A spectral version of the Initiate that fires piercing chi waves that cri
  18. Glad to hear that you've found all the ones that's currently in-game.
  19. Happy to help there! And yeah, it's the same for the Skeleton mask - it can be found on lower rifted difficulties. I forgot to add that, my bad about that haha! Also, I gotta say that is pretty cool, both on the mask and you designing it!
  20. Late reply but hey - The Goblin, Dark Elf Archer and Warrior mask can be obtained on lower difficulties rift modes. But I think the Sharken Mask and Copter Goggles are only in Massacre Survival Chests. As for the mask in the second picture, I don't believe that's in-game yet as the bag icon is the only known appearance of it. The Mask itself will most likely appear in future Episodic updates.
  21. Unfortunately, I haven't been using Viper's Fangs lately. But the general blockade rule of thumb for mods would be Fortitude Servo, Hardened Servo and Protective Downgrade Servo. You can replace Protective Downgrade Servo or Fortitude Servo with Accumulator Servo if you don't upgrade your blockades but want to dish out some extra damage though the former two are the better choices for survivability. Also, in the future if you're in deep with C8 Mastery or Prime Incursions, you'll get the Juggernaut Hyper Shard which is a must have for Blockades. It's like an extra Fortification shard and
  22. Hey there, I would say go for Viper's Fang since they has more utility than Maw such as bubbling enemies and assassins up. Blockades in general aren't much different from each other in their current state, so the deciding factors are more in utility, DU costs, how wide can they block and how much you like them etc. Hope this helps!
  23. Oh yeah! Been looking forward to those DDGR Costumes and Session browser!
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