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  1. While I couldn't make it to the majority of streams live, I still watch the vods and they were a blast to watch and listen with your coolness. The streams are definitely going to feel different without you now... I wish you all the best with your future endeavors, and yeah, thanks for the Ancient Wyvern! Take care, Andrew!
  2. The Burning Phoenix mod has a chance to roll on an Embermount weapon that potentially drops from Victory Chest in the Embermount Volcano map. Keep in mind that the weapon has a chance to drop only in C8 or C9 difficulty. You won't find them in lower difficulties (unless you find them in player shops)
  3. Totally did not expect DDGR's ancient mines to enter DDA this soon! That's pretty cool and something that actually surprised me! (Though despite wanting this. In a weird way, I'm going to miss the old ancient mines due to some sense of nostalgia haha) But hey, the new one is definitely much better visually!
  4. Loving the theme of this update! I don't think I would be able to experience the new stuffs in one night so I'm really looking forward to messing with this for days to come!
  5. So yeah, a wild DD2 update preview stream has appeared and since there's no preview news post in the forums, I'll put out a pseudo recap. 1. Initiate hero changes When you think the Water Aura is crazy enough, this update gives the Initiate tower kit even more! Fireworks Tower - Replaces the Boost Aura slot but it's more of a replacement of the Skyguard Tower. This tower will fire multiple rockets at once which detonates at target in a spectacular fashion. Chi Spirit Tower - Replaces the SGT slot. A spectral version of the Initiate that fires piercing chi waves that cri
  6. Glad to hear that you've found all the ones that's currently in-game.
  7. Happy to help there! And yeah, it's the same for the Skeleton mask - it can be found on lower rifted difficulties. I forgot to add that, my bad about that haha! Also, I gotta say that is pretty cool, both on the mask and you designing it!
  8. Late reply but hey - The Goblin, Dark Elf Archer and Warrior mask can be obtained on lower difficulties rift modes. But I think the Sharken Mask and Copter Goggles are only in Massacre Survival Chests. As for the mask in the second picture, I don't believe that's in-game yet as the bag icon is the only known appearance of it. The Mask itself will most likely appear in future Episodic updates.
  9. Unfortunately, I haven't been using Viper's Fangs lately. But the general blockade rule of thumb for mods would be Fortitude Servo, Hardened Servo and Protective Downgrade Servo. You can replace Protective Downgrade Servo or Fortitude Servo with Accumulator Servo if you don't upgrade your blockades but want to dish out some extra damage though the former two are the better choices for survivability. Also, in the future if you're in deep with C8 Mastery or Prime Incursions, you'll get the Juggernaut Hyper Shard which is a must have for Blockades. It's like an extra Fortification shard and
  10. Hey there, I would say go for Viper's Fang since they has more utility than Maw such as bubbling enemies and assassins up. Blockades in general aren't much different from each other in their current state, so the deciding factors are more in utility, DU costs, how wide can they block and how much you like them etc. Hope this helps!
  11. Oh yeah! Been looking forward to those DDGR Costumes and Session browser!
  12. I'm actually pretty fine with the Siren but it would be interesting to see the changes that's would be going in. I'm good with it either way. (Seriously though, can we have the OG Siren in DD2 then? :P) Most of it sounds good, I'm definitely looking forward to those. Though yeah, while I still prefer having pre-episode 1 gear system back but with post ep-1 QOLs (which is what I eventually leaned towards more after playing enough of episode 1), hopefully future changes can make the current loot system worth it. Another things is that I hope Survival Endless would be engaging for endga
  13. Happy to give an idea on how it is! And yeah, I second Hover Tower too, hopefully you'll get to experience Going Rogue in a better state whenever it's ready (also hopefully sooner rather than later)
  14. Would be interesting to see Assault in DDGR as an additional gamemode if one wants to take a break from the tower defense aspect. Or maybe combine Assault and Monsterfest for a double insanity where you need to fight and destroy dark defenses guarding the Dark Eternia Crystals while at the same time survive enemy onslaughts chasing you haha! Yeah, while I understand the need to nerf jump and range for balance purposes, they do feel a slightly annoying especially the jump for me. Would be nice of these were loosened a teensy bit.
  15. I like that idea! I also saw your feedback expanding the idea into having multiple unlockables for unique defenses/abilities which could enable multiple playstyles and that sounds really cool. It's nice to be able setup the build you want to use before going in so when runes drops you know what to pick to make your builds stronger. Would give the aspect of making choices a bit more depth.
  16. Looks like the saying "one bad apple spoils the barrel" does holds water there. I guess while it's best to look at things issue by issue and not generalize, it's still helps to be a little wary. Also, sounds like your father had the time of his life!
  17. That would be a really cool buff! I remember the Techwitch costume would have two floating guns firing when Two at Twice the Price is being used. Maybe something like that could be implemented...
  18. So yeah, I've finally played Going Rogue, tried and completed on "medium" difficulty solo. Gonna put my thoughts on my experience with this. I'll be breaking this into sections. Overall Currently It fun, It do be pretty fun there. I do like it that its a little more fast-paced than your average DD game where you mostly rely on your towers and DPS-ing is just to keep things in check sometimes. This time DPS-ing feels integral to the gameplay which makes you feel like you're actually playing, so yeah I'm beginning to get why Going Rogue might be better as a slightly separate genre.
  19. It most likely could be one of the moderators removing the post. They do that from time to time.
  20. I don't think the bug reporting site works anymore, most likely it is no longer supported. Currently the way to communicate bugs directly is on the official Dungeon Defenders Discord in #bug-report-dd2 under "Feedback & Bugs" room. But posting here in the Forums also works too. Also yeah I agree with Jaws that some of her abilities could really use some tweaking. Especially Two at Twice the Price. (assuming that's what 2for1 is referring to)
  21. Ooh, DDA is finally going to be on all platforms!
  22. Yeah, I guess we all have the right to feel the shame so that the feeling could teach us the lessons we needed. We're human after all.
  23. Super late reply, but yeah, this is a weird thing with certain accessories that you get through free login events/stream exclusive items such as the Mushroom Hat, Santa Hat, Corgi Masks or Lucky Hat. Unfortunately, it seems that this anomaly can only be resolved on CG's part when or if the time comes for them to get to that. As for pets, you might be holding some of the stream/Kickstarter exclusive pets such as the Fighting Corgis, Golden Douglas, Phoenix, Riftraffe or the Juicy Fruit Pet which is probably why you couldn't sell them (which then it wouldn't be recommended to try to sell th
  24. No worries, happy to bring the awareness! No need to feel the shame, now that you're armed with the info and awareness, you should be able to detect more of these. :) Also this case here is one of those bots that tries to blend in. Not perfect but they are trying which could possibly fool any of those who are unaware. That's a pretty stark contrast to those who blatantly spams more than 20 of the same thread of incoherent texts.
  25. Quinn, I don't think that's a real fellow defender. But rather a bot account trying post links to whatever they're trying to advertise (at best) or something very malicious - malware, ransomware etc (at worst). Best not to click on the link. Then again, you might be already aware of this and you're just trolling them for fun. But I thought to let you know anyway just to be safe and bring some awareness just in-case.
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