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  1. Yep! I definitely hope for something fresh too as it's been a while since a new hero entered the fray.
  2. This piece of news is for those who don't use twitter - It's something we haven't had for nearly 3 years! We've got a new HERO coming up this month!
  3. Thank you for being our community manager, Britt! Things definitely has gotten so much more fun and livelier with you around here (You know, at Twitter, Discord, Friday Funday streams etc) You definitely rock! I wish you well and all the best with your future endeavors in the classroom! Stay awesome!
  4. I see. I'm not sure if this would work but you can check if you have the "auto-reject hackers" enabled. Then you and your friend can try unchecking that box in options. Again, I'm not sure if that works and if it doesn't, I apologize as I don't have any more answers to give.
  5. When you have been flagged as a hacker, the anti-cheat system will not allow to you hang around players with clean accounts. The regular mass population will be rendered invisible to the hacked profiles. I absolutely would not recommend your friend to agree on accepting the hacker flag prompt (if they still want to play public games) because when they do that, their account will end up being flagged too. However, since he has already agreed to accept the flag and nothing happens, I'm not too sure on what's going to happen but chances of his account getting flagged are very high.
  6. Hey there, the Act 4 maps are currently only available to play in the PTR (Public Test Realm), not the Live version. Fortunately....The Lycan Keep update is landing on August 4th, meaning you will be able to play those maps in about 4 days.
  7. And.....after nearly a year and a half we're back at it again with the Going Wild West update! These weapons are the ones that can be found in The Wild West region and contains the new mods mentioned at the patch notes. Lets get right to it! 1. The Wild West Region Outlaws Sniper - The main weapon of this region. This rifle is a chanced drop from victory chest from both The Wildest West or Wild Westival maps. It rolls with two unique shot types - Armor-piercing rounds and Explosive Rounds. 2. The Wildest West The weapons below only drops from victory ches
  8. Whoahohoho...damn, this update brought in a lot more than I expected! A new difficulty for Mastery?! That's something I'd never expected to see at this point but holy hell, it did. Currently updating right now, can't wait to sink my teeth into this meaty update!
  9. Thought I'd post here letting those who aren't on Twitter or Discord know that this update may be delayed to sometime next week due to unexpected major issues popping up resulting in CG needing to work on those a little longer.
  10. Unfortunately, CG encountered some hurdles which results in the update being delayed to sometime next week.
  11. So yeah, with the most recent Friday Funday Stream by CG unexpectedly unveiling a new DD2 update this soon, I thought I'd do a pseudo recap on what's revealed now since CG has yet to do an official forums announcement. Huge credit goes to @Mea Culpa for compiling the gist of it! I'll also be adding some other tidbit of info for some other things I've noticed. A new region currently known as The Wild West which includes two new maps - the returning Dragonfall Carnival (Now known as The Wild Westival) and a western themed map (The Wildest West) that's a DD1 map remake of DD1's Throne Room!
  12. You're going to be in for a treat then! DD2 actually is going to have an update next week and the Carnival map is going to be in it permanently along with an additional map! Here's a CG Friday Funday stream for proof -
  13. Greetings, devs and defenders! This technically isn't my first suggestion for DDA as I had suggested one in Discord. But it is my first over here in the forums since I would like to go more in detail with this and it's also a suggestion that I would have preferred to be implemented over the last one (in Discord) if I were to pick one. So yeah, without further ado, let's get to it - The idea surrounding this topic started cooking in my mind while I was looking for enemies in their Original colors (as their Icons portrayed in the official wiki) only to find that most of them doesn't exist i
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