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  1. I might have to strongly disagree with this in some aspects. Throwing incursions into Onslaught would actually ruin the gamemode's identity and theme far more than Drakenfrost Keep ever would. Onslaught at core is a Progression and enemy mash-up styled with twists/mutators gamemode. Incursions is a whole 'nother playstyle from Onslaught's playstyle. Suggesting the mutators be disabled in Incursion maps, again, will have Onslaught lose it's playstyle and challenge identity which will turn that gamemode into a single focused random mixed mode with no themed identity even if it's every fixed floors. And that is something I personally don't want. I'd would definitely rather Drakenlorded Drakenfrost Keep moved to Incursion and also that mode to be reworked and brought up to be a relevant gamemode once again instead of putting everything into Onslaught. Personally I think gamemode variety is way better option rather than a One-Size-Fits-All-mode. I'm not sure when you've actually joined that game but just in-case you didn't know, back in 2016 until Feb 2017, incursion was actually a relevant gamemode during the Pre-Chaos era when the difficulty was just tiers of Nightmares (no chaos enemies). People would farm and grind that mode for loot. That does sound bad, but like I mentioned, maybe we could have an Onslaught-balanced version of it? Like lowers the percentage and the range of the curse, speed increase, betsy damage? Maybe don't make her fly off the hit the core? On the other hand, the more I think of it, if having tenacity/torches makes the freezing aspect of DK much more "easier" than Lost Temple....shouldn't Betsy be more fitting to be X9? As I don't see stuffs that insta-counters The Lost Temple new lane each wave novelty. Still, I would like her to be a rebalanced so that she still wouldn't be a pain as DK to me. Just saying.
  2. Of course, peeps have tasted different experience regarding both map so they have different opinion on it. But...the running around aspect has stuck on me for DK far more than temple ever did. That's how it was for me. And also to me it's similar to playing Power Surge and Spectral Assault which is also running around and doing things with your hero.
  3. From the time poison mods got introduced, I've noticed that weapons or towers with poison mods doesn't have any visual effect to show that a poison mods is in use. Of course, this may chalk up to less dev time as the manpower went into DDA. But are there plans for poison to get its own visual effect on weapons and defenses? As this would be a pretty jarring inconsistency if it's not addressed.
  4. While it's a solution to the burning strikes problem, I'm afraid to say that it's not really a solution to the map mechanic itself. I honestly don't mind the mechanic, it's a pretty neat idea. The problem me and others are having is that it's very out of place as most of us who played incursions in its glory days felt that the DK mechanics should belong that gamemode that is incursion which differs heavily from the regular Onslaught and standard Expedition playstyle. As for Drakenlord, again I don't mind him to a certain degree too. But I still don't like him and Dreadbones being in expeditions as it blurs the line that is Onslaught being a mash-up mode. I still think having an Onslaught balanced Betsy replacing DK would be the better solution as it can be similar to lost temple where we get to focus more on our defense instead of running around everywhere. I could argue too that without spectral knights, altar assassins, and demon lord - the Sword of Unholy fire shrines, The dark altar, and the Lava balls are useless too. And I don't see any complaints on those too.
  5. Gotta say, that's pretty dope! Awesome Job!
  6. Yeah, more skins for the heroes other than the OG 4 would definitely be nice!
  7. An example would be on my ability Apprentice, there are certain core/fun shards that's needed for his abilities and they do fill up all of his weapons slots which makes no space for Burning Strikes. So if I hit DK or Drakenlord, that takes my apprentice out of the option even if I feel like playing him at the time. Or if I load up burning strikes, I would have to miss out on some fun/core shards to mess around.
  8. I have to agree with this too, the endgame was supposed to for those who amassed all their power and to use it.
  9. Hey there defenders, I'm currently grinding for pristine motes. I also have several items to trade for them. A Unique Death Animation Fish Flinger and Seven Seas Bow each Some protean weapons. A perfect Piercing mod. A bunch of 10/10 mods. Some golden and rare pets. Again PM me of you're interested!
  10. Hey there! If you have not backed for DDA : Sadly, the DDA kickstarter ended a month or so ago, so you are now unable to back. But if you have actually backed for DDA : The codes will be arriving in the next week or so! You must have pledged at least $75 or so (if I'm not mistaken) to have the gold plated costume included. Hope this helps!
  11. Hey there! This is an off-topic question so I might suggest creating a thread to ask about that but.... To answer your question, currently, the golden heroes skins are only exclusive to those who backed the DDA kickstarter (which is now over sadly). But if you have already backed, the codes for it will come in the next week or so.
  12. Whoa! There's actually another upcoming update coming soon?
  13. Hey! Welcome back, Ubara-tutu! It's been a while there!
  14. :) Anytime there! (You're welcome!)
  15. Ooh! The Corrupted Gunwitch and Underworld Mystic looks EXTREMELY SICK!
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