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  1. This update is basically dusting DD2 off the limbo shelf. CG plans to add more characters, maps and challenges plus with the new All-Heroes bundle hinting at new future heroes too. Content may not be that rampant like 2018 or before but CG is finally reallocating some manpower back to DD2. Hopefully the cadence of content is much more that that of 2019 though. I'm sure Reflect Beams will still be used, but now mainly more for its original purpose - to protect cores in vulnerable position where it can get sniped from a horde of Hex Throwers.
  2. Would definitely be great to have Elemental Chaos back for the explosive trap which is what your Elemental Trap is suggesting! I would prefer the Flameburst to be a default tower kit for The Adept rather than being a shard to make her slightly more unique (If it's possible). But shard or tower kit, I gotta say that that Splash Damage is a great idea for the Flameburst to not just be another cannonball with a fire servo. The two passives that I would love to return as shards would be the Lady Orc Slayer to complete the Slayer shards collection (though Skeletal Bind might have to return to actually complete it too). And the Harbinger's passive for the Arcane Barrier. I've already loved the Meteor Rain shard. It would be awesomely fun for the Arcane Barrier to have that ability again!
  3. I've been thinking about this and yeah, I do have to agree with this. Would certainly be great to have a relic solely for the purpose of MODs storage. We would need a new function in Prof. Proteus so either items (Storage Relics and Defense Relics) doesn't get destroyed when using those. It's also a great way to repurpose Orbs or Marks to have actual functions too. That way, it would help that whenever CG does constant rebalancing, players won't feel that burned if they have been focusing or overinvested in certain builds.
  4. I genuinely have to say that I really like this map! It's very vibrant which is a great refresher from the old maps which are slightly single-toned (in colors). I'm getting Alice in Wonderland vibes and I dig it! Also am I hallucinating or am I'm seeing mushroom people... Also, also, dope humor with this post too!
  5. So it's like instead of selling, placing or repairing towers once and you'll have press the command again to repeat the action. You now just press the command button once and you'll always be in that mode until you turn it off by pressing the command again. I've heard from Discord that it means that whenever you enter DFK in Onslaught, you won't have to face that freezing dragon that the Drakenlord rides. I've yet to enter onslaught I'm not sure on the specifics beyond that. The me in 2019 would've been very happy about this haha! Right now, I kinda wish for more maps with this kind of challenge as a DD2 drought has left me willing to take a DFK 2.0. Still, a small part of me is actually happy that I won't have to face that accursed dragon in Onslaught haha! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Overall I'm pretty happy with this update. The marketplace being normal is something that I've been wanting for ages! So far I've haven't dive deeply into messing around with the meta shift, but I'm liking the shake-up. Definitely looking forward to using pets now too! Now with the Hypno Towers out of the way, I'm really looking forward to more cool tower skins CG's going to cook up! And most certainly looking forward to future heroes that the new all-heroes bundle's hinting! Oh yeah!
  6. Welcome back too! Definitely indeed a good time to return with CG dusting DD2 off the backburner shelf.
  7. Hahaha! That's fun and wacky choice for a pet! I don't think I would've thought of that!
  8. Interesting, I thought what made the Megadon exclusive was its green color as that signifies the Xbox branding. Though yeah, since I have no idea what actually transpired on the exclusivity deal between TE and Microsoft at that time, I guess it's possible that the pet model in its entirety could have been handed as part of the deal. If this is so, yeah, maybe we do need a redesign. The road to a complete shark set continues! EDIT - I've asked on the stream for more clarity on this and turns out CG doesn't want to try blur/skirt the lines of the exclusivity with recolors or a slight model change and end up being rude to their partners which is absolutely understandable. Lawlta said he mentioned this back then and I guess I failed to fully understand what that means.
  9. Oh Yeeeaaaaah! The waiting has finally paid off! Really and absolutely looking toward these new stuffs! New heroes, maps, shard, mods and even tower skins, something that I've waiting for years! Damn! Also, a normal hub!? I can finally screenshot those costumes in normal lighting! While I wasn't around during his time, it's good to see Ol' Peepers being back! Could this be a slight hint on Dragonfall Carnival returning? Man, I really appreciate this, CG! I've been digging around DD2 concept in google images - And I've found a certain blue shark pet that probably seems to be done, rigging and all. All CG now needs to to is to implement them in-game!
  10. I remember being mentioned on stream that CG has a Lego UCS Millennium Falcon (that has to be moved due to the flooding). That is actually pretty cool, so out of some weird curiosity, my question would be - What's the story of the Falcon's road to being a studio buddy?
  11. Hey there, You can get it from Drakenfrost Keep man in Expeditions or Onslaught on it's third weekly loot rotation. To gauge on which weekly loot rotation you are in, here's the schedule - 1st Week - Torch Bearer Mod in a Drakenfrost Sword or Bow. 2nd Week - Frozen Path Mod in a Drakenfrost Magic Staff, Polearm or Canister. 3rd Week - Frostfire Remnants in a Drakenfrost Tome, Gun or Lava Arm. 4th Week - Drakenlord's Soul in a Drakenfrost Sword, Dagger or Axe. And the cycle repeats. Each rotation occurs roughly every Monday (if you live the west side of the globe) or Tuesday (if you live in the east side of the globe).
  12. Greetings and welcome to the community and the forums. I'd certainly hope this could mark the return of the forums being a very fun place to be like in 2018 (with Lawlta's tenure as the CM back then) And I'd definitely second Jaws on having any energy spent on DD2's aspects of the forums with fun activities too. With the possibility of CG looking into all aspects of the franchise this year (hopefully), it would be nice to see it being celebrated in the forums too, and not just in Discord. As for the community, yeah, I think both Jaws and Batophobia sums it up very nicely. Couldn't have said it any better.
  13. Hey there, if you've lost your Vicious Strikes, you can try filing a ticket for the lost hyper shard at Chromatic Games' customer support site and have a dev check your account on it - https://chromatic.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Service might be slow as they don't have a lot of manpower at the moment and it's also possible that they are still on their Holidays/New Year's break.
  14. Here you go - http://www.discord.gg/dd2 No worries and happy to help!
  15. Definitely true indeed. I suppose most likely, the list just serves as a basis for the market discussion section (where players would list what they have or want) and DMs in Discord and one of those reason is to set the bar on what's "scamming" or not through observation of the economy. And there's also the factor of not all new players are community members in Discord (like OP here for example), so without a doubt, there's no way all players would follow the price list.
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