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  1. I don't know man, you said you are going to stream in 2018, then you disappeared which then you returned here without any streams either. And now you say when you reached your highest floor (whatever that even means), you'll stream. What's the point of streaming at that point then? How about streaming your journey of you getting "there" with the "non-meta"? Or were you planning to avoid streaming DD2 again all along with the release of CoD Modern Warfare?
  2. While making water servo and shock-rev no longer able to be put together into a relic is something, I'm more refering to an occasion where there's a bug that players exploited allowing themselves to invoke Ancient Power without anything getting reset. Eventually the devs fixes this and rolled back any accounts that has exploited this bug. This extra hyper shards sounds like an exploit that needs to be fixed.
  3. I believe CG will still support DD2, I'm thinking that the slower cadence is chalking up to the whole beta thing and upcoming release date. CG Kyled did mentioned (and deleted probably due to not wanting to be cornered which I can understand now) that Prime Incursion isn't endgame and they will still be developing DD2 but DDA take priority for now. I mean, I'm not stopping you, by all means go ahead if you can. I'm just saying you're treading grounds CG may not want you to step on. Which means I'm just letting you know that it's not intended so you know what's going on if or when CG ever fixes it and suddenly you no longer have those extra hyper shards.
  4. I'm pretty sure whatever extra hyper shards you get after reseting when you've already complete Prime Incursions isn't intended and will be a bug as the patch notes specifically said with Prime Incursions, you'll get your second set and everyone know that your first set is from Mastery. Also why the heck would CG want to make Prime Incursions repeatable when Mastery isn't. And I'm also pretty sure this is way easier than Mastery too.
  5. While I am intrigued by the minefield aspect, yeah....it kinda sucks too that there isn't any PDTs, definitely one of my favorite defenses. In fact, to be even more honest, I'd prefer more of the aesthetic of The Huntress DD2's tower roster as I'd prefer the elven-style of artillery rather than stuffs made from materials in the woodlands. So yeah, while the Squire and Apprentice tower design looks pretty dope, The Huntress' defenses looks kinda bland.
  6. Yeah, it really gives me the "contemporary" vibe rather than Medieval Fantasy theme as Dungeon Defenders should be. Definitely not going to be something that I'm going to enjoy looking. Though If they must, why not have a setting to show this current interface to be the 'lite" version for preference or lower spec devices and have the main version of the interface go all out with medieval fantasy nitty-gritty.
  7. I kinda have a positive and a negative feedback for this. Postives - Definitely looking forward to playing on Tornado Valley, looks pretty gorgeous there! And the Huntress's strategy of turning a place in a minefield has really intrigued me! Negatives - I have already saw a bunch of defenders already mentioning it, and I have to agree with them. The UI is just too dang plain. The way I see it, it does not fulfill the feeling of playing in a fantasy medieval game. Those stuffs comes with cool borders and designs. I thought DD2's UI was already pretty plain, this just takes it to whole new level of plainness. While I have not played DD1 and based of the images I've seen, one of the main aspect of DD1 that I really love was the UI design, it totally fulfills the feeling of being in a fantasy game. Same with DD2's Nightmare days' UI design. Both are just amazing compared to DDA's current one.
  8. That's a very good point there, I'm glad you brought it up!
  9. PRIME INCURSIONS UPDATE Oh yeah! I'm back! It's definitely been a while and it also took a while to collect these new weapons! And a big thank you to those defenders who are willing to sell or trade with me some of these weapons! Wouldn't be able to post without you guys, so thank you again if you're reading this! So yeah, the main reason I hadn't post this sooner because I wanted to post these weapons more in a group and as more Primes get released, I still have weapons missing from previous groups. But now I finally get my hand on most of them - Prime I to V groups is complete! I'm still working on Prime 6 weapon so I'll post that a bit later but the five complete groups warrants enough completion to post the first wave! While I'm sure all of you know the roster of these weapons, these post's purpose is to show how they actually look in-game, outside of Icons! Let's get to this then! Let's feast your eyes on these weapons - PRIME I Ancient Vigilance Liberty Sword Kunai Striker (As I've mentioned in another thread, this is most likely flipped) Gilded Baron's Rifle PRIME II Neo Hunt Lord Deathwing Bounty Hunter Gobu Wave Blade - (Ooh, looks like there's a theme to the Barb's Tsunami Axe) Prime III The Dragonist Steam Saw MKII (It's apparently a callback to this - https://dungeondefenders.fandom.com/wiki/Steam_Saw) Iron Wolf Molten Embrace Prime IV Avian Elementalist Night's Wish Angler Dynamics Rubycore Dagger Prime V The Conspiracy Dire Maw Bow Wave Dancer (The third brother in arms to the Wave Blade dagger and Tsunami Axe!) The Bonding Blade Man gotta say, those weapon looks pretty dope! I hope you defenders enjoyed this gallery, I'll be posting Prime 6 as soon as I collect them all! So stay tuned and thanks for checking out! Cheers! :)
  10. As I've mentioned that I'll do, I've finally replaced the temp images of the def-centric update weapons with better ones! So yeah...... It's about time! Now let's get to...........................
  11. I'm also going too add that a fellow defender that I know, who did not do any resets is also able to beat this.
  12. Yeah I kinda agree with this, I kinda saw those guys with a heft ton of resets by which I assume should've fill up a 999 cap kinda breezing through this. I thought this is aiming at the veterans meaning it would give even the higher players who did resets to fill those 999 cap a challenge. This also seems to be a tad weaker as there's no secret skelly spawning in the south lane and the mid lane. (However is it just me or is the slekeleons just being a bit tougher nut than usual?) Though....on the other hand, this is actually motivating me to keep progressing so I can just chill like this haha ;)
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