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  1. I definitely all for more unique mods for defenses too. I would like them to actually change on how certain defenses work in a dope way and still be viable as that could be fun since we don't have a huge roster of defenses and even then some functions too similar. Of course, hopefully not to the point of being broken but we would still have a sense of freshness. I am still waiting for a gamemode or difficulty that utilizes the removed portals from campaign. There some good potential in that. I'm going to add more to the wish-list, I can only think of minor changes and additions due to the current cadence: 1. Prime Incursions changes. Enemy roster changes. Instead of copy-pasting C7 enemy schedule. I would prefer either 1) remove kobolts (zappers) and increase the amount of miniboss spawnings or 2) have the schedule like onslaught eg. one lane having Chaos 2 schedule, another having Chaos 6 schedule and kobolts being in the flyer lanes. It's kinda boring to me using all aura, nodes, traps meta all the time. Prime Weapons reverted to standard weapons. I still feel with the "prime" rolls for shot types and stats, it make some weapon with the unique mods way less unique. And with that, this leads into the next suggestion. (For clarification, the weapons still is exclusive to Prime, just without the "prime" stats and mods.) 2. Weapon Transmogrification. While there's the upgrade and evolve mechanics, there are still some weapons that would be dope to use since they look good like the incursion weapons but some of them aren't that adequate. With Transmog, I could use Phantom Phoenix but I could use the Bling-O-Midas for looks for example. We no longer need to worry about the unnecessarily worry about the super low percentage about getting a weapon with the correct shot type or swing percentage for Mananode's gift. And we don't need those prime stats on prime weapons too anymore as those weapons would just be for looks which is enough currently. We could have new materials as ingredients for transmog. I'd rather farm for those in Prime Incursions than grinding repeatedly just to get those weapons in the right roll. 3. Enemies Captain Dreadbones - I'd remove him from expeditions as it doesn't make sense for the big bad, big cheese and head honcho of the pirates to commonly appear in mere expeditions. Drakenlord - I'd remove him from campaign and adventures since lorewise, he hasn't been awakened yet. As for expeditions, since for the sake of the challenge. I'd re-texture the Drakenlord to a more ghostly form as a manifestation of The Drakenlord himself. The manifestation would appear in regular Expeditions, Onslaught and also as common miniboss in DFK too. This would make the Drakenlord himself more special as the menace on the dragon and in the final wave of DFK. Also it wouldn't make sense for a big bad to commonly appear everywhere and having multiple Drakenlords in DFK too. Lady Orcs (Not Berserkers, the Original Lady Orcs) - I would like them to return to the various gamemodes, so far currently they are near-nonexistent. And they look very dope too. Cybork and Kobolts - This is one change that I really want. Recoloring the blues aspect into purple to fit the Eldritch theme better. Same with Thorc and Zapper. I really didn't like the blue as it gives more of a plain futuristic vibe. 4. Expansion-like updates This is probably unlikely but it's something I really like to have again. It gives DD2 quite distinct eras from POTA onwards, to Protean Shift, Isle of Dread and finally, Drakenfrost. That is one of my favorite period of DD2. With the current cadence I literally don't mind if we just have one expansion per year as long as they are expansions.
  2. Welcome Mary! Great to have you on board, and I am definitely looking forward to this bright new era! :)
  3. We definitely need a new and fresh endgame mode. I still stand by my point that everything we've grinded like Gear, Ascension Points and Ancient Pwr should have a payoff. We got all the power and where are we going to use it? Also, In the most recent news posted at Steam, it was mentioned that CG couldn't add more to Prime Incursion due to all the commitments being used for DDA. That sounds to me like they have more plans for Prime Incursions which is a good sign (I guess? I'm just speculating with that post.) I had always assumed that CG intends Primes to be just as it is. Anyways, with DDA release coming up pretty soon. I'm really holding out hope that DD2 will get some decent manpower back once DDA releases. Here's to DD2 in 2020! Huzzah!
  4. Wow, definitely didn't know that! Hopefully it will continue to indeed! I do want to try out playing DDA without specifically buying a new PC for it since I don't think I can get one in my forseeable future (at the moment).
  5. Hey there, usually (for the most of us) this happens during build phase. Once and immediately you enter combat phase, the skeletons (and again, for the most of us they are spawned by dark mages.) should be able to be damaged. Hope this helps!
  6. Merry Christmas and a happy holidays to you too, Jaws! Stay awesome, buddy!
  7. I was expecting nothing to happen but there's actually something for the holidays! Even Winterfest Gifts are back! I'm blown away! Thanks CG! This is awesome!
  8. Hey there! Like the other C8 weapons in Prime Incursion, and as far as I know, the Crystalline Claw and Canister have a chance to drop from a legendary victory chest in Prime 6. (The Wyvern's Den or Dawn of the Blood Moon.) Hope this helps! :)
  9. I second Lotus to on the part where you aren't rambling too, Jaws. These are totally warranted feelings. It definitely indeed sucks a lot that the game we're so invested in just got sidelined. Which I'll admit (now) that's the no.1 reason I was salty with DDA's existence in the first place back in March as it just came out of the blue while I was quite looking forward to see what more expansions is coming in 2019 and as a result of DDA, that never happened. Though the reason for this is logical (DDA in development), there are some feelings that you just can't scrub off just like that. I really hope the new community manager kicks-ass, however I'm kinda worried she'll just be focusing on DDA. I hope that will never be the case. And I'm also going to add that I have recently discovered that DDA's min req is Win10 and unfortunately, I'm not Win10. So that means I can't be involved even more with DDA anytime soon. (I was trying to be optimistic these past few months in the dev updates about DDA. But , again, there are some feelings that you can't scrub off.) I'll be sticking to DD2 even more and I'm still strongly holding out hope that there still a future for DD2 (to restore it to it's former glory) and of course, that can only last for so long.
  10. Hey there! Unfortunately, CG is no longer with the group that handles the distribution for the Pirate Monk and the Academy Apprentice currently. It remains to be seen whether these costumes would return. (I got this info since I'm part of the Wikifender team (as I was equally curious about this too) in-case you didn't believe me).
  11. Really glad we're going to have a community manager again! Looking forward to that! :) And that's a pretty dope looking sword there! It's giving me the Protean vibes.....
  12. And finally! It's time for Prime 6 weapons! I apologize for the massive delay there as there are some weapons that are pretty elusive. And again, a big thank you to those defenders who have traded their extra weapons to me! So yeah, let's get right in to it! (Gotta say, Prime 6 group has to be my favorite group) Prime VI Yves Serenity Ancient Kris The Chromatic - Finally! After waiting for it since seeing it in the Protean Shift expansion trailer back in mid-2018! Thank you very much, CG! (Also is the name a reference to the company too?) Starfury Fun fact - This is also a weapon from Terraria! (And finally, from it just something sitting as an object at the Wayfarer, we actually could hold it in our heroes's hands now!) And also....not shown in the roster..... we have Crystalline Weapons! (Also Prime VI Category) Crystalline Liber Crystalline Crucible Crystalline Reach It seems these Crystalline Weapons are Prestigious Weapons in DDA's Kickstarter Crystalline costumes texture. And so far only these three exist. (If there are others, feel free to let me know though.) I've also talked with other defenders who have grinded and they, too, only found these three. So yeah, this possibly concludes Weapons from the Prime Incursion Update! Thanks for checking these out, and Cheers!
  13. I have to admit now after seeing more screenshots, I actually like the turtle style of building. Looks pretty interesting.
  14. Essentially gilding hyper shards isn't intended by the devs at all. And as you've already said it, you'll never have to upgrade it again when you invoke Ancient Power which clearly is an advantage over those who did not gild their hyper shard.
  15. I was there during the Prove Your Mastery event and hell! I used a crap ton of bees and slimes! (Was totally aping the strat from SimonB) Even a friend of mine was using them and he doesn't watch the vids. That's how I got to the 64th place in the Mastery Leaderboards. Granted there are some rules that doesn't allow bees but for the majority of it, I used a lot of bees. As for Onslaught, I was abusing the heck out of Bees and Slimes all the way to floor 114 and 3 resets from Power of the Ancient up until Protean Shift (that's when the crit dmg and Def power got changed.) Some fellas that I was climbing with were also using bees and slimes back then. And I'm just an average player. So to say that bees weren't meta would be sorely mistaken as bees was heavily integrated into the meta back then.
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