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  1. Maybe PS4 is different but if you're on PC you can try CTRL+H to hide the HUD which also hides the Fissure icons. Of course hiding the hud also means hiding your hero health bar, ability icons, enemy wave counter, health bar for minibosses etc, leaving you to play on "cinematic mode". Maybe that's not much of a problem if that's your thing.
  2. The devs are currently on their holiday break and I think they will be back on Jan 3 or 6. As for their last post here, it was on Dec 17 which was a reveal of the second new map of Episode 2 - But yeah, I think it would be a good feature for the forums to add blog news to the dev tracker. Of course, DDA blog news goes to DDA's dev tracker and the same goes for DD2 too.
  3. As far as I know, the "corrupted" gears and pets are just a specific variant of certain weapons and a pet. For the weapons, the corrupted weapons carries unique (and unlocked) M.O.D.S. only obtainable in the Wild West region. The concept of this is very similar to the Pirate M.O.D.S. found in pirate weapons that drops in the High Seas region. However, unlike the pirate weapons, the corrupted weapons aren't exactly and completely new weapons, they are an interesting recoloring of three Halloween weapons dropped by the Skeleton Heroes (in Dawn of the Blood Moon) and one Prime Incursion wea
  4. Oh man! This map looks good! So much better than what the first teaser teased which is a nice surprise! Definitely dig the fusion between Egyptian and Mesopotamian styles of architecture. About map layout, someone on Twitter mentioned that this is a DD1 Palantir remake, and yeah, I'm starting to recognize the layout there. The Friday Funday Stream will be the judge of that! Also spotted Hammel in the outer right side of the map facing the pyramid haha.
  5. The most recent Chromatic Friday Funday Stream is provided us with a preview of the upcoming Winterfest update for DD2! Here's a pseudo recap of what's coming up! I haven't been able watch the stream live due to my sleeping schedule but there's still the vod! 1. The winter hub is back! Along with the infamous and awesome Christmas Tree! The timing of this season won't be like 2020 though haha. 2. New Holiday Flairs! - A Spinning Snowflake wing flair, A Candy Cane Wing flair and a Krampus-themed flair set! These same flairs will be available in DDA too. 3. Four new Dragolich vari
  6. C8 Mastery just gives a new type hyper shard, I don't think it takes away the old Hyper Shards. Most likely you're a victim to a glitch, as there are multiple reports of players missing some of their Hyper Shards too with CG also confirming the problem. You might want to sent a ticket about it here - https://chromatic.zendesk.com/hc/en-us.
  7. Gotta say, love the carpets and bazaars! It really spruces up the Tornado Valley aesthetic. And there's also an NPC with Hammel the Camel! Would definitely love to see more for DDA in the future! Also, I happy to say that I did manage to recognize the map layout, and I definitely didn't expect this map to be a DD2 Forest Crossroad remakes! Very Interesting!
  8. I suspect the Mercenary is something that has been in the pipeworks for a long time, CG is just finishing those so that's probably why that barrier got in instead of something different. The Royal Guard Blockade has the potential to do something cool with its attacks, but yeah I definitely agree in it's current state, they're not that different compared to other walls. I heard blockades are very useful in the current C8 Mastery (when you use the Juggernaut Hyper Shard). Maybe that's still pretty situational. Can't say much yet unfortunately as I haven't attempted C8 mastery yet. Totally a
  9. Ooh, looking forward to the reveals of episode 2 and definitely the gourd-like spooky thingy too (when that was mentioned on-stream hehe)!
  10. Whew! I apologize for the lateness but here's a pseudo-recap of the recent dev stream! General stuffs - 1. Once the update rolls out, Axes can now roll light or Heavy too instead of being fixed to medium! 2. Ice Chip mod in Drakenfrost Weapons will no longer be locked mods so you can now tinker them to other weapons. 3. Orc Blockades now deals area effect damage. 4. New Pets! There are several but two new pets has been showcased on stream - A Dino pet (found in the lost dungeon), its ability resets ability cooldown. And a Haunted Ship pet, it's ability fires a giant
  11. And we have our final tower reveal! With the cannon being the very odd one out, I'm beginning to suspect that it is some sort of anchor now.... As for tomorrow's stream, I'll definitely be covering that for those who doesn't watch the stream!
  12. Another day, another new teaser of new towers - I gotta say, I really love the looks of this one!
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