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  1. Actually, the premise is much weirder than that. Based on the intro cutscene introduced in early access (not sure whether that was changed when 1.0 was released), DDA happened right after the Drakenfrost update and I literally meant that story-wise. The heroes were defending in Drakenfrost Keep when a mysterious portal manipulated by a mysterious villain swallowed them whole which brings the heroes back in time all the way to the start of DD1. (Oh, and they got shrunk back into kids too.) However, said world was (kinda) changed due to manipulation in time and the heroes must relive DD1 again to find out what the heck is going on. I can probably guess / definitely tell that this premise is designed to fuel the nostalgia of DD1 players.
  2. Nice! A very congratulations to you three! You all have finally done it too, PS4's first reach to floor 999 has been achieved!
  3. Holy shit, I never realized you're Eh Nam. Now I am able to make the connection between your tweets on Star Wars and your subtle reference to Drakenfrost Keep with it back then when it was just out haha! On another note, it's awesome how some of the top climbers of all three platforms are on the forums!
  4. I remember the devs were saying on one stream when they were referring to DD2 maps were that whereas most of DD1 maps were symmetrical and boxy, a lot of DD2 original maps are quite asymmetrical due to natural formation, like Nimbus Reach, Temple of the Necrotic or Drakenfrost Resort. What this means is that CG wants to bring in more asymmetrical map style that DD2 has to DDA which maps like Tornado Valley or Tornado Highlands for example are the start of it. Though on whether CG wants to bring in actual maps from the Kingdom of Dragonfall or DD2 map remakes, that I have no idea.
  5. As much resentment I still have for DDA, I'm willing to wait for CG have it on it's feet before going back to DD2. For them to move away from DDA to go back to work on DD2 is the same thing as them moving away from DD2 just to start DDA. That has definitely sucked for the DD2 community which will then happen again for the DDA community if they did the same thing again. Of course, the best of both worlds would be to have CG work both games to bring out their "regular scheduled" updates rather than having one or the either getting stagnant. But that's probably only in a perfect world, unfortunately.
  6. They have finally done it! First players to reach floor 999 post-isle of dread. Congratulations Random, Muggs and Fale! So uh, when Mark's gonna be eating his shoe haha
  7. Cool thread! I'm intrigued with heal zone build for High Rollers. Since I mostly used flamethrowers and sometimes reflect to deal with rollers while also using heroes dps to finish them off if it's not enough, this build may help on that for me if there's DU opportunities or also as a fun build when I just want to DPS and there's a roller lane.
  8. I see, thanks for clarifying the problem. I'm not really sure I have a hard answer for this but maybe you can either try (if you hadn't already) replaying Gates of Dragonfall all the way to The Ramparts together in one sitting without returning back to town or tavern and see if that works? Or maybe have your friend try The Ramparts solo and then you both re-converge at the next map (The Throne Room). Hope that helps.
  9. Hey there, hope you don't mind letting me know on the specifics of why you both keep failing on ramparts? Also which campaign difficulty are you both on too? Normal or Hard? As for The Wyvern's Den, you might want to avoid building on cursed spots (each wave a patch of black would appear on the ground). They weakens your defenses horribly.
  10. Hey there, I'd put the banjaxed on the sword replacing favorable winds since in the long run, that mod wouldn't be that optimal. But if you like gaining speed after kills, you can also replace storm ship instead if you don't mind losing the elemental combo. I wouldn't recommend putting that mod on the Apprentice's staff if he's ability based since there are way better mods to insert like Exploding Volley Chip and Focused AP Chip. Hope this helps!
  11. You're right, when looking at the bigger picture, I am totally in agreement with those points. (Though if we do have a scenario (twisting reality into a knot) where we could have both, to be brutally honest, I would want a very challenging survival mode where it isn't an afk-farm where each wave feels like a fight you need to get through. Something like PvZ 1. While I like the idea of something higher than farming C7 expeditions which is why I mentioned it, I'd actually want so much more that that.) So yeah, given a choice, I, too will pick an actual complex endgame mode worthy of concluding DD2. And of course, quite importantly a balance pass to shift the meta.
  12. A Survival-esque (I kinda see both (survival/farming) to be the almost same thing) mode returning to DD2 would be nice. Though I'd like a C8 survival expeditions where all chaos enemies are utilized since the C7 strategy is kinda stale to be honest.
  13. Wow! I am impressed with some of the weapons, especially the shields. I'm kinda itching now to see the cosmetic customization potentials after seeing this. :) Totally dig the mustached rock pet too! And it never occurred to me that the carrot-nibbling ramster could be made into a pet too haha!
  14. Hey there! Sorry, I got kinda busy these few days so didn't have the time to do a very long post but I'm good now. Personally, I wouldn't agree with Onslaught since I view that mode as an enemy mashup gamemode with a twist such as mutators and challenges such as the Lost Temple. I'm pretty fine with it as it is. I don't mind an alternate map to lost temple or drakenfrost keep though. Yeah just portals in prime incursions might not cut it, all the chaos enemies and scaling balance would certainly be great. A 20-ish wave Survival incursions does sound like a very interesting idea. But of course there has to be some adjustments done for balance and being properly tuned. Overall I really like the idea! However, I do have to disagree with the rewards, I would prefer it to be a new tier of rewards, Prime Incursions and beyond is meant to be endgame, all the power we've grinded out to battle in endgame just to be awarded with more materials that we have used to decked out our heroes to battle in endgame? That doesn't sound right. For Ice Chip, I consider it unique due to it being only found on Drakenfrost weapons (the Drakenfrost Mods also adds more uniqueness to it too). The problem with this subject would be the category of weapons like Sword of the Unholy Fire, Dream Protector or Flaring Glaive where unlike Ice Chip, Fire chip or Oil Chip are standard mods and the aforementioned weapons are locked with it. On the other hand, and this thought just came to me - Perhaps those weapon would indeed make sense to go to standard (generic) since there are some standard weapon that only rolls medium for example and "medium" is a generic swing stance which fit with the "generic" fire or oil mods even if it's locked. It definitely indeed depends on the player. For pets I think it's because most of them are quite useless in battle to begin with save for a very few exceptions. Whereas weapons is now a major part of your cosmetics alongside flair and costumes. Actually, I don't mind having attributes of a unique weapon being able to be passed to another weapon We've already got that with Prestigious Weapons, Seaworthy Weapons and Drakenfrost Weapons. (It's more on as long as they don't roll on another weapon like Prime Weapons which would and had already go bad with my idea of uniqueness). Unfortunately, I remember two reason being mentioned with this being not possible - 1) This was from Lawta all the way back from 2018 which involved technical hurdles. "A lot of the mods have special functionality tied to their firing solutions, primary attacks, and secondary attacks. There's no way to move that functionality to another item (at least currently), and removing it from the item requires a lot of work to replace those functions. It seems more that players want a transmog system outside of what Tinkering offers via item customization. We have been continuously investigating the functionality for that type of system, we're just not sure if we'll be able to do it yet." 2) This was from a 2017 devstream so I'm not really sure how relevant this is now - This reason would be concerning Terraria Weapons when their unique passive became locked shards as to not ruin the uniqueness of a Terraria Weapon since I assume the Terraria Crossover was kinda a big thing back then. To be honest, I don't mind either way, I do like the idea of swapping properties but I do also love the idea of preserving the uniqueness hence transmog. Agree with that. Those weapon sure need to be heavily buffed or have a fourth slot too indeed. As for oversaturation, yeah post-Defender Centric and Prime Incursions I would have to agree that very much (probably not in a way you expect though) My reasoning would be with each expansion (Protean Shift, Isle of Dread and Drakenfrost) all the weapon that was released do serve a purpose/have a uniqueness to them again since quite a while ago. (As the last era with a huge roster of unique weapon ends in feb 2017 when shards came into the picture and converted most weapon's unique property into into individual shards leaving the weapons as empty shells. I can tell you which shard belonged to which weapon if you are curious) And just as we are re-entering that system and pretty settled in.....Mananode's Gift and Prime Weapons happened. With Defender Centric Update and Prime Incursion, CG seems to add more weapons just for the sake of adding more weapons. Though of course it's preferable than them not being here at all but compared to the release of weapons from Previous Expansions, this is really different. I am aware that the lack of depth to the new weapons is most likely due to DDA in development... I had always dig this idea. With the weapons system being quite fleshed out (but still have kinks that really needs to be worked out), it would definitely be nice to have more depth in the armor system now. I do sometimes ponder on how the armors would work as flairs/cosmetics, I would be really interested to see how it goes if that were to happen. I wouldn't agree with that idea for different tiers. Though tiers varies, in the end they do accomplish the same function. Here's how I would roll it out - Tier 1 - The Lady Orc just having her intimidation aura. Tier 2 - The ferocious intimidation just got stronger - she's starting to have damage resistance now. Tier 3 - With all the armor, she's getting wild! - Now she's stun-immune too! There probably isn't any need for a boss tier since there isn't a boss tier for orcs, kobolds or whiterbeast anyway. Ah I see! Yeah, with a normal game schedule, I certainly do agree. However, with DDA massively slowing the cadence (or possibly worse), I would gladly accept one year than flat out nothing. Agreed! There's definitely great potential in this game, it'll be a shame to see this incomplete.
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