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  1. I do find another aspect of this is that I'm not really that motivated to grind due to the fact that Prime Incursion doesn't even drop loot like expeditions. With that, I wouldn't mind the Prime Weapon's drop rate. I could have a chance to get them while I'm farming.
  2. You can't just make assumption on what people is thinking just because of some "exclamation".
  3. And even if there's heroes planned, we got three in the pipes - Countess Ranger Man & Machine. We'd be extremely-freakin'-friggin' lucky if we do get them at this point.
  4. Not to mention, there's probably going to be kobolts/zappers too since the previous primes is having them.
  5. Best of luck making it through the hurricane that's heading toward Florida, CG. Stay safe and sheltered!
  6. It definitely would be nice to add regular loot drops for Prime Incursions so we can farm like how we do in expeditions while hunting for the C8 ampoules/Prime Weapons. This mode does have the potential to expand into something greater.
  7. And....just in case anyone is curious, I found an image showing the old version so here's a comparison between pre-update and post-update Ascended Initiate - (Pre-version is on the left while Post-version is right.)
  8. Cool update! The update banner/ wallpaper and Prime Icon sold me, they look really amazing!!! Glad that incursion is returning to relevance. And the weapons looked pretty dope! Looking forward to experiencing more stuffs in the subsequent weeks! Will post my full feedback on this soon.
  9. That's unfortunate. Hopefully in the subsequent patch. It definitely would be nice if they get resolved! Yeah, I just checked her, looks like the initiate costume prior to this patch was unfinished. Her costume now looks way better (and finished) now!
  10. Hey there! Welcome back too and good to see you! :) Yeah, like Jaws said, not much has changed, There is only one content update in April prior to this recent content update for this year which introduced material conversion that allows you to convert higher tier mats to lower tier mats and we also now have a shard vendor (Gran'Master) that allows you to buy individual shards for def medals or gems without having to put up with RNG for gilding.
  11. I'm just going to add that I'm might not be exactly sure about the content schedule - It could either be: Every week a new incursion gets released from it's respective prime pool. or Every week a Prime Incursion Pool get released. We'll see which schedule will be used when the patch notes hits.
  12. Whoops my bad, I forgot to clarify that. Yeah, what Dadogy said, a second copy of Mastery's Hyper Shards. I've edited my original post to add this point.
  13. In-case anyone's curious, the content for DD2's next update has been revealed from last devstream! Here's the recap - Prime Incursions! Beefed up Incursion that scales from Chaos 8 and Beyond! The rewards are awesome swanky brand new weapon models with C8 stats and.....also the chance to have C8 ampoules dropping! There will be 6 groups of incursion with 3 or less incursion per group and each group completed will award a......Hyper Shard! You can now have two of the same hyper shard now, No longer exclusive to Mastery. First two groups will be unlocked when the update hits. Subsequent weeks will unlock only ONE Incursion per week to stretch content till DDA beta. After completing the groups, at the very end there will be a surprise....and also the final hypershard..... And don't worry, there isn't any kind of race of any sort! Also, Chaos 8 shards will be purchasable from the Gran'Master! AND.....It's releasing this coming WEDNESDAY! Also a fun stuff to know! Mark finally have a handle - Markarita! Because he's salty on the edges but he's very sweet. So for the question from me to CG now would be since I heard that there would be dope artwork with "pop-ups and panels and stuff"s, will there be a Brand-New logo for DD2 too for this next post drakenfrost era? Have a good one, and cheers! :)
  14. I actually liked this version better and I'm quite glad it happened. One of the reason I wasn't hyped for DDA was due to the kickstarter poster depicting the heroes exactly how DD1 gameplay looks and I really disliked that as they just looked terrible to me. I remember looking at the DDE poster and DD1 cutscenes and I question why the heck the heroes looked quite different in gameplay. StilI, totally wouldn't mind and it would be dope too, if several costumes of the heroes were in the grown-up size as I started in DD2 so I don't really have any nostalgia for the small bobby-headed heroes.
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