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  1. As a side note, I wouldn't want the Harbinger boss fight to be in Onslaught either. That still takes your attention away from the lanes while you have to fight the boss. (At least Betsy is in wave 5.)
  2. Which is exactly also why it contributed to made it so unfun and annoying. The luck. I remember there was a point where I just quit the session because the roll was quite bad and coupled with the running. It's just frustrating. Normally, I would adjust and push on. But with DK, there was no motivation. Then I return the next day to retake the floor. Ironically, it was decent due to good rolls but still somewhat annoyed with the running and judging and also with the fact that next time I encounter that map, it could be another frustrating experience. In short, that map has already left a bad taste in my mouth. Again,I definitely would love some challenges but I would rather have a map that does not involve hero running everywhere in Onslaughts. I'll take actual boss fight like betsy than seeing ice blocks, heck even have a unique dungeon arena map that have some tower puzzles with a spider queen boss. Anything but drakenlord's dragon and running around the map in Onslaught.
  3. Most have not said about difficulty here. I have beaten it a number of times. They have beaten it. It's definitely doable. But it's just not fun. Running around lighting brazziers which the entire gameplay would depend on that. In fact this gave me a reason to love the Lost Temple again despite getting the mega-dose during the 3 map floor days. I mean I would rather fight an Onslaught version of Betsy than this. At least I can monitor my defenses and intercept when things goes wrong in peace. I would agree that drakenlorded DK does have it's unique challenge which is cool but that's more of an incursion challenge and I would rather have incursions brought back to glory than have it mashed into Onslaught.
  4. I'll say that it would have to depend on the battle gameplay would be. I'm not sure about DD1 but the battle pace in DD2 does have scenarios in which changing heroes for different abilities is needed while also having the possibility of rebuilding just in case a def goes down. I'm not sure whether someone has actually done gameplay without changing heroes, but I do have to occasionally. Still I would have to say too that I would love more loot diversity which ever route Chromatic decides to take. Gotta need those reasons to use those costumes there!
  5. Not exactly. While I assume DD1's system was all the gear tied to the entire hero (which is how it is during DD2's Nightmare days), DD2 had a hybrid system where armor and weapons gives a hero it's dps stuffs (hero stats and Mods), each Tower now have a gear slot that you can put a relic in which has defense power/health stats and defense mods.
  6. I'm definitely excited with point #2 & #4 being in DDA! Those two point are currently quite missing in DD2 which I do hope would eventually get rectified fully too. Just some things here I'm kinda intrigued about.... Shards - These Gemlike artifacts have only be discovered during the event of DD2 when the Old Ones decide to use Chaos as their new strategy.. M.O.D.S. - These Subroutines have been only invented by the older Prof. Proteus. So that means when the Heroes travel back in time....it should be a time where shards hasn't been discovered yet...and also where there's a younger Proteus who either hasn't invented those subroutines or at least should be having very early prototypes of them. A time before DD2? But, the new villain dabbles with time right? So I guess anything could happen! Just stuff that got me wondering :)
  7. Sounds fun there! I'm imagining naming one of my pets "Fruitcake". Definitely would be nice for it to be in DDA. Even better if it hits DD2 too. (Of course pets need to be relevant again for the names to hit an impact)
  8. It also could mean a "faster" medium swings or a "slower" light swings but sometimes I'm not even sure whether I'm just imagining that haha!
  9. Have to agree with this too. It has always bothered me that Cap'n Dreadbones doesn't drop anything.
  10. Thought I'd fill you in with how that concept came into DD2. :) Note that this probably isn't the full story and it's also my interpretation and from my perspective too. Back then before Onslaught or Mastery came into picture, It was just Chaos Trials so a bunch of us (including me) coincidentally thought of the idea different lanes produce different Chaos enemies. Because some of us were actually quite tired of the hard counter forcing us to only be able to us specific defense and not the others. (My version of that idea was having Chaos go all the way up to "Chaos X" (C10). And in that difficulty we'll face every single chaos enemy but each lane will spew out different schedules to promote tower diversity (Like Cybork/ Hex Thrower in one lane while Vanguards, Berserkers and Kobolts in another). - At that point back then I actually liked the Chaos enemies so I cooked this up to make Chaos have an interesting endgame.) I'm not sure whether Trendy has cooked this idea before us. but the previous community manager (Iamisom/Josh Isom) has said to us (that happened to cook that idea up too) that he like it very much. So somehow he actually had Trendy to put that idea into the game. And as for the twist, in the process Trendy also decide to add lane mutators (The ones you see in incursions' been in the game since NM4) while also creating a mutator suggestion thread for more ideas which probably led to the creation of the current onslaught mutators. Also, it's been said that the additions of the frost enemies from the Revenge of the Yeti is setting the stage for something big. (Which is adding some of the incursion enemies to Onslaught.) And thus! Power of the Ancient's Onslaught is born! Usually, I should be happy that suggestion is implemented in some manner but, Mastery mode (and Prove your Mastery event too) has burned me out and combined with the 3 map (no replay) floors, that actually took it's toll on me to the point that I've forgotten about that suggestion me and other defenders coincidentally made. And also those two factors were the start of me getting really tired of Chaos.
  11. Gosh, guess I've gone down to casual then haha! Usually, I do three to six Onslaught maps and sometimes a bit of expeditions for quest per session And I don't do that everyday.
  12. I do get where you're coming from. But while the purpose of the shard vendor is to cut down on the RNG, the other purpose is also to avoid the need of farming lower tiers. Personally, (based on how I assume you put it) I see that the 2500 medals price is for the purpose of balancing with the scenario of grinding C4 or any other lower tiers. However, as for someone (like me) who has zero intentions in going back down the lower tiers because it's boring (other than resets or farming mats (which is also occasional), 2500 would be quite uncomfortable to put it lightly. I know 200-plus would be quite a stretch. That why I think 1000 is just nice enough without feeling the pressure. Still if it's 2500, so be it then. Better than rolling the dice anyway.
  13. Before Onslaught came into the picture, it was a great incursion. But the problem was the one-and-done aspect of incursions. You get the rewards and there's no reason to go back there other than personal reasons like testing or just for the kicks. I feel that Mastery nails it in the one-and-done situation. It's so painful and restrictive that we're just happy to get this over with. And also with the reward tracking system with rewards that gives a good reason to complete the mode. It's not fun but yet it's a proper and complete gamemode that have you satisfied when you're done with it. Incursion, on the other hand provides a fun and unique experience, but the rewards are basically very unsatisfactory. At this point the Wayfarer iteration is quite terrible. Spending 500 medals is not a small amount when your medals is on a budget. And when you buy a weapon without the stat you're looking for, those medals are practically wasted which leaves you with a weapons that basically useless to you. And as for farming the incursions, I'm sure lower chaos tiers doesn't seems enticing at all coupled with the fact that there is another grind that awaits you to level that weapon up if you do get it.
  14. Revenge of the Yeti actually had done it right. There wasn't any Chaos enemies in that incursion despite being Chaos VII. It's all just the Frosties. However, I've faced them so much in Onslaught that I've lost the sense of seeing that incursion being unique in any way. If incursion is getting any rework in any way. it would really be neat for Revenge of the Yeti to have some mini-game style mechanics.
  15. Which is why I'm also ok with 1000 medals too :) As that's the highest reasonable price to go. Still, yeah regardless of the price I'm quite happy too that gilding will be something that we can work towards. Oh yeah!
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