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  1. I'd definitely agree the Gold Costumes for DDA is no doubt a great improvement over DD2's ver as they really nailed the gold textures. The Shadow costumes, at first I thought they were kinda lazy (to put it bluntly) but the more I look at them, they are actually not too bad as actual shadows does seems to be a pretty cool concept to tackle on. As for the Rifted Costumes, I find DD2's Galaxy costumes still to be much more superior and cooler with the cosmic particles and being able to see the cosmos when seen at an angle. Though I welcome the Rifted Monk's face as the new addition to the faces of nightmares haha! And finally, I think DD2's Crystallized costumes does a better job at depicting the crystal texture while DDA's ver kinda feels like it's stuck between being candy statues or plastic figurines with too many stress marks (which sort of makes the candy aspect unappetizing haha). Just my two cents there.
  2. So yeah, I've kinda been messing around the new update on DDA and decided to check the costumes out. And well, after checking them out, some interesting realization hit me - Currently all costumes of DDA are its versions of certain DD2 texture variant themes. Though there are signs early on already (with Rifted, Shadow and the mentioned Crystalline costumes), I just chalked it up to coincidence. But with the new additions of the Gold Garbs (and as well as Crystalline), it seems that it's more likely there's possibly a pattern there. So after all that, I decided to cook this thread up to post comparisons between DD2's and DDA's incarnation just for fun - 1) DD2's Galaxy Costumes & DDA's Rifted Costumes 2) DD2 & DDA's Shadow Costumes 3) DD2's Gold Plated Costumes & DDA's Gold Costumes 4) DD2's Crystallized Costumes & DDA's Crystalline Costumes At this point, I will probably be amused if the Permafrost and the Jade Guardians actually made it in in the future haha! Anyway, I just thought this would something interesting and fun to post so yeah, cheers.
  3. Gotta say, love the new card art! So much better than what it was previously.
  4. I recalled Dani mentioning a few friday streams earlier that we're actually having Christmas early. So yeah, we can easily guess what that means. Also, I do find this to be slightly poetic. At this point, DD2 is currently in a state of limbo and it's (maybe coincidentally) expressed by being cryogenically frozen in suspended animation with eternal winter. On another note, if DD2 ever exits limbo state, would be cool to have the town be different when the holiday season returns. Like, say, have the town celebrate the season at night, for example. Because let's be honest, aside from the free present (which are good), having Winterfest for the whole year can make the holiday season (on DD2) feel pretty meaningless when it actually comes.
  5. Yeah, I will definitely say the town is a huge factor that set up the "magic of DD2" for me back when I first played the game. The liveliness felt really good. When I later started playing DD1 and eventually DDA, I've noticed there's a stark difference between the two types on a certain aspect. Whereas DD2 felt pretty lively, DD1/DDA just feels... lonely. While DD2 has the occasional NPCs in hubs and in maps too, in DD1/DDA, it does seems like (aside from like two or so NPCs) nobody populated the castle (or heck, probably even abandoned the place), leaving the four heroes as the sole inhabitants. If isn't eventually implemented for DDA, that fine by me. But I really hope this aspect would return for DD3. Haha, I'm still wishfully waiting for that to return since it got axed. I still wonder why the other three Uber Sphere upgrades (to those who didn't know, it's like permanent unlockable perks purchasable with gold and def medals) - Heavy Cannonball, Flamethrower and LSA makes the cut while Elemental Chaos (Explosive Trap upgrade - Imagine that with Banjaxed) didn't. While I did mess around with it back then, now I wish I messed with it more before the axing happened.
  6. I definitely agree with all the points (of the original post) here. Especially with giving EV new weapons. The canisters that was introduced in DD2 was a great upgrade and concept as it adds more uniqueness to her. It would've been a good opportunity to explore more cool arm cannons concepts as this incarnation does includes an actual hand on her cannon arm. This version of EV (visually) does seem like an upgrade, so it's quite peculiar that she retains all of the old tech.
  7. Holy mother of pearl! What on Etheria is CAP'N DREADBONES doing there?! This is something I totally hadn't expected. An very interesting surprise to be sure!
  8. Hey there, yes, as far as I know, the glaive still does drop from the Revenant Monk minibosses in Dawn of the Blood Moon. I've farmed there months ago and so far there isn't any update on that, so it should be unchanged.
  9. I'm also going to add that HSB left this forums before Protean Shift so I don't think he'll get the part with the mods and the elemental combos if he also actually left the game since then. Other than that, cool discussion. I'm kinda in favor of having more variety of niche shards if possible. Not shock-rev level of broken but works more like Uber Spheres or Unholy Fire.
  10. Actually, the premise is much weirder than that. Based on the intro cutscene introduced in early access (not sure whether that was changed when 1.0 was released), DDA happened right after the Drakenfrost update and I literally meant that story-wise. The heroes were defending in Drakenfrost Keep when a mysterious portal manipulated by a mysterious villain swallowed them whole which brings the heroes back in time all the way to the start of DD1. (Oh, and they got shrunk back into kids too.) However, said world was (kinda) changed due to manipulation in time and the heroes must relive DD1 again to find out what the heck is going on. I can probably guess / definitely tell that this premise is designed to fuel the nostalgia of DD1 players.
  11. Nice! A very congratulations to you three! You all have finally done it too, PS4's first reach to floor 999 has been achieved!
  12. Holy shit, I never realized you're Eh Nam. Now I am able to make the connection between your tweets on Star Wars and your subtle reference to Drakenfrost Keep with it back then when it was just out haha! On another note, it's awesome how some of the top climbers of all three platforms are on the forums!
  13. I remember the devs were saying on one stream when they were referring to DD2 maps were that whereas most of DD1 maps were symmetrical and boxy, a lot of DD2 original maps are quite asymmetrical due to natural formation, like Nimbus Reach, Temple of the Necrotic or Drakenfrost Resort. What this means is that CG wants to bring in more asymmetrical map style that DD2 has to DDA which maps like Tornado Valley or Tornado Highlands for example are the start of it. Though on whether CG wants to bring in actual maps from the Kingdom of Dragonfall or DD2 map remakes, that I have no idea.
  14. As much resentment I still have for DDA, I'm willing to wait for CG have it on it's feet before going back to DD2. For them to move away from DDA to go back to work on DD2 is the same thing as them moving away from DD2 just to start DDA. That has definitely sucked for the DD2 community which will then happen again for the DDA community if they did the same thing again. Of course, the best of both worlds would be to have CG work both games to bring out their "regular scheduled" updates rather than having one or the either getting stagnant. But that's probably only in a perfect world, unfortunately.
  15. They have finally done it! First players to reach floor 999 post-isle of dread. Congratulations Random, Muggs and Fale! So uh, when Mark's gonna be eating his shoe haha
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