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  1. The Dryad came from the Terraria portal so....she'd still be in the realm of Terraria during the time of DD1. And based on her NPC quotes in Terraria, she's 500 years old which means she'll probably looked the same back then. On the other hand, it's be interesting to see her going through another portal again :)
  2. Probably if you're primarily interested in DDA items or DD1 collection, I guess it could be under DDA? But if your primarily interested in DD2 backer cosmetics, it's most likely safe to make it in DD2 subforum! At least that's how I see it.
  3. Aside from the heroes, I am really hoping for at least an actual endgame mode/difficulty to finish up DD2's lore, the return of Dragonfall Carnival and the two maps that's on artstation. (Barbarian and Western themed map.) Really? Where'd you heard that? Just curious there...
  4. Definitely would love for the Gender Swaps to be completed too and and the first two to be reworked regardless of balancing or whatnot. And would really wish Man and Machine would pop up too! He's looks dope.
  5. Well, that is still better than being stuck with a "useless" perfect mods. But....on the other hand the value a 10/10 posed might be way higher that a reroll token considering how much they are needed to achieve a 10/10. And to some a 10/10 might be rare to them too. But again it's still better that being stuck with one that probably will never be used. :)
  6. Yep. It's definitely still better than being stuck with a perfect mods that you or anyone else doesn't need.
  7. Hmmm, I wonder would it be cool to be able to trade a 10/10 with Prof Proteus for another 10/10 of your choice. A better concept would be, consuming a 10/10 to make a mods of your choice (that you have) a 10/10. Probably for balance the perfect-fied mods cannot be used to make another mod 10/10. And I'm definitely down for this!
  8. Awesome! And that's an awesome defense move too!
  9. Ooh, I didn't know they could look that way haha! They looks more like siege machines to me though.
  10. I think I got a more refined version of this suggestion. As I'm grown quite fond of this image now :) - So here's the new iteration roster - As usual, it's still Mananode's Gift, Mananode's Amazing Gift and Mananode's Special Gift. I'd still love the icon to be something like this - And..... I'd remove the Notepad, The Dictionary, The Plumber and Featherweight to other rarity. I'd still remove the locked oil chip form Dream Protector. I think it would be better if the Harbinger weapons be saved as rewards for the actual endgame mode if there are to be one. I'd move the Sword of the Unholy Fire as loot chest drop for the Unholy Catacombs, to match its theme. I'd move Spider's Fangs as loot chest drop with poison mods in The Dead Road and Temple of the Necrotic to match its theme. And I think the Honey Comber and Golden Gargoyle could be good springboards for great dragonfall carnival rewards. (Idea details will be at another thread.) So yeah, again, not expecting this suggestion to come true but it would be very awesome if it did! It's just my OCD working as a weapons collector :)
  11. Hey! I'm actually liking this idea! It seems pretty neat!
  12. And that's what Annihilation is for! :) I too, can't play onslaught forever aside from the factor of we're aren't even fighting the real enemy. And I need a major break from Chaos/incursion enemies too. And it's also a very good place to use unused DD2 materials from the early MOBA days for the new enemies. (For Macabre) In fact, I'm even quite excited with the prospect of fighting them than Chaos/Incursion currently!
  13. Indeed, the problem will always persist one way or another as they can't be balanced for both sides. Best to leave it alone and create another gamemode with new mechanics that does need walls as it's strategy.
  14. It's more like completing Mastery and reaching like AP 11 unlocks the Annihilation gamemode. (A more refined idea. Will make a thread about it.) Then you would be able to play Nightmare as a taste of the Harbinger's oncoming second invasion. Once you reached AP 30, you now unlock Macabre which is a way harder version of nightmare with new enemies. When you reach 4000 minimum asc. (which does requiring climbing semi-high onslaught, right?) You unlock the Forbidden difficulty. The harbinger's assault has once again failed. It's time for the Old Ones to show it's wrath. Not for the faint of heart. But you've trained greatly in the Realm of Onslaught. The mananode has prepared you for this. Rise up to the threat! I like your idea of the 00s milestones. Would be a great incentive to climb if those floors awards a flair set. With each set getting more prestigious looking as you climb.
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