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  1. Are you talking about DragonKeep map? ( Dragon freezes stuff) or are you talking about Frost Orcs?? for DragonKeep anything that has 100% Tenacity C8 Level will not freeze, same with any D that has the HyperShard Automation. For Frost Orcs they have an Aura that freezes everything once they get close to something. I recommend Fissures with a 10 Range Servo and a Gilded Deadly Strikes among with an anti Orc Servo. I also have Anti Orc on my Flame Auras as well. Throw Down a WM with Range and a FA or Fissure and maybe an EarthShatter for funzies and that lane won’t bother you. 😄👍🏻
  2. The only thing I don’t want in DDA is big goofy looking heads, it’s dated and an ugly look. 😄
  3. yeah I have been trying this, no luck on the amps though.
  4. Better Character Design, DD1 character design is Old and AWFUL IMO.
  5. If you’re on Xbox Man I’ll help you out. 👍🏻
  6. Lets be Honest, DD1 is a better game then DD2, I love DD2 but the DD1 is better. That being said the Character design for DD1 is AWFUL. I don't know if I can play a game with that character Art, its dated and frankly after the great Character design of DD2 you just can't go back to clunky giant heads.
  7. Agree!! I hate the art style of DD1, fantastic game.... Character builds are awful though.
  8. Remember guys I am a huge fan of DD1 and I will support DDA and drop Fifty or 30 on the kickstarter. But as a fan of DD2 as well I’m just a little worried about drop off....for a game that’s basically a Reboot. I just Think DD2 should still be a priority is all, I’m hopeful yet worried.😄
  9. While I am a Fan of DD1 and love that Game I feel DD2 still needs a lot of love, too slow it down a bit (Elandrian's words) for basically a Re-boot DD1 is not smart IMO. People are gonna be mad and say basically ....why Bother putting in the time on DD2 and Onslaught when its going to be forgotten. Now if DD2 will still be the focal point while this is a side project I welcome it... All in all, kinda good news but I feel this is just going to put off a lot of Die Hard DD2 players and would not be shocked to see the player base drop.
  10. While I like the map, I can’t stand the Incursion being on Onslaught, It’s just not fun. If Trendy wanted to make Onslaught more bearable they would have more maps available per floor.. that’s the problem.. I should never get 6 Re-Rolls of the Throne Room or assault On Trone Room. But I’m with you,, get rid of the Incursion. 😄
  11. He’s been really Glitchy as of late for me on Xbox, sometimes his bubble just won’t go down. BurningStrikes and the Huntress do nothing. Really annoying. 😄
  12. While I did more then half of my Mastery Pre Mods ( I stopped at Thunderstruck and started Prestigeing) It really is a Favorite game mode, and once I stopped Prestigeing was great to get back to! I’m hoping the Devs add a Mastery 2.0 with the new Maps, Mastery is engaging and a lot of fun, plus who wouldn’t want more Hyper Shards?👍🏻😄
  13. You can put Both Mods on the Ramsters, I think I have a 10 Anti frost and and 10 Fire and a 7 LH. Haven’t upgraded it yet though.. ( Prestiged stuff)
  14. I stopped at 31 cause I liked that Icon the best. 👍🏻
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