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  1. I am ok with zero mods, I just wish they would give us crafting materials.End game mode give me Motes!
  2. I highly doubt it, and to be honest... can’t believe I’m gonna say this it’s grown on me 😄
  3. I’m only on floor 409, but honestly I feel most people Re-Roll the map. I usually do unless I get great Lanes, Then I just suck it up and Die over and over, Granted it’s annoying but it’s worth it for easier lanes.
  4. Yep agree, I can beat him just fine it’s just terribly u-fun, granted I’m only on floor 263
  5. I mostly agree, although the coveted MODs are still hard to get IMO. But yeah, I liked it when it was a little harder to get that perfect 10 it felt like a cool moment.
  6. Not sure if you guys have ever played Monopoly, but we always put the Tax money in a Pot( free parking) . Would love to see a Lottery system in place to win the Tax money for the week. 😄 200 Defender medals for one ticket or 100 crystals. Could potential score you some big cash. 😄 Pipe Dream i know .
  7. Unless there was a new update that Just hit yesterday , it’s still happening. Happened to me right after GOT on Sunday.
  8. I’m always playing Onslaught with my good friend TurdFerg , After playing maybe one map maybe 5 My game will crash after beating the map( Floor 198) All my Mods that I earned from that map and I did lose a 10 mod will be gone, same with gear. While he will be sent to Floor 199 I will be sent back to the home page and will have to redo floor 198. This is happened a few times now , I know I’m not the only one this is happened to , not sure if it’s an Xbox thing or Not, has this happened to anyone else on other media?? 👍🏻
  9. The Bugs are out of Control, and I’m especially worried about leadership Since I feel the last two updates have been awful. (Looking at Elandrian😉) Im only on floor 200 but feel the Devs have really dropped the ball as of late and this is why I was worried about DDA. DD2 is suffering , because of DDA. 😑
  10. I believe in healthy criticism and regardless of the title that’s what it’s going to be . what Chromatic Games just Did is “Thanos Snap” hours of peoples time or gold on Mod Re-Rolls for a Ten Water Servo. Now while I hated having water on my WM ( I Prefer Controller) countless people did have it and was always a recommendation on this board to newbies. If you were planning on taking away the water servo combo on the WM then it should have been Announced months ago, to ease People in. I’m glad Petrify got nerfed now, even though I wasted Mod Re-Rolls I get it and think it definitely needed to be done even though now I have wasted a slot- hello crap Fiery fangs. Plus this Completely kills exploration of fun combos because you’re gonna be left with A crap Mod like myself. What I don’t understand is why do this now( Water WM) why alienate the people that are playing your game? To me this just seems like a very bad business model, specially since you’re slowing down DD2. The way this update was handled is extremely poor with all the other bugs that are still going on in the game that should take precedent. Again none of this really affects me but it affects the people I enjoy playing with.
  11. If you’re on the Xbox I’ll help you out
  12. Been saying that for over a year, gain higher floors get new flair, but they always make it to buy instead of climbing floors.😑
  13. Not getting the Mananode awards got them on floors . 10- 20- 30- 40- 50. Did not get on 60-70 80- and 160
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