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  1. Awesom job PC ps4 guys, Im Eh Nam 13 on the xbox and we are trying to figure out Temple.. almost beat wave one. :)
  2. Mostly right, but for flying lanes its amazing IMO.
  3. i am at 801 now and don't have it... we will see.
  4. Zombie? isn't it almost impossible to get to those higher floors without it( 850-900)?? combined with Slow and Petrify
  5. I was the same, But temple gets so glitchy past 600 and Darken is much easier IMO.
  6. He is easy now, Give me Drakonfrost over temple anyday.
  7. You’re like the second highest on the leaderboards man, pretty sure all of these are going to be easy.👍🏻😄😂 Most people I know though can’t beat it
  8. Pop a tree up in any hyperwave Boss battle. the throwers or Cannon Ogre will just sit there and try to kill the tree. As long as you have a RB up you will be good.
  9. It was Different, wasn’t like they were already there from the previous match . They spawned in during the build phase near the Crystal . there’s nothing you could do . I know all about the enemies That won’t die until you start the round, that’s not the problem.
  10. Yep Build phase on the new Prime Dark A map. thats why I lost. They dont come out of a gate. it has happened to me before but on a Diff map and not during the Build phase.
  11. During half Time( Build phase) two times Skeletons randomly spawned near the crystal and took it out in seconds. Me and friend just put a FA and an Lsa near the crystals. It can happen so be careful. Otherwise it was a very easy map.
  12. yeah it's kinda stupid that we get nothing... dont get the thinking behind that.
  13. I am a Fan of Resets as well, I found it fun at first, but when I hit 23 or so I got burnt out hard but still pushed to 31. I just wish they gave us an unlockable after a Reset that can't be Reset ever( Like Black Ops) I love the game just wish there was small changes. 1 - give us Motes and Crystals in Prime 2- Give us special flare for every 100 floors in Onslaught.( Lots of Flare in the Casters Guild that no one has)Start it at floor 300. 3- Either boot anyone that climbed onslaught with the Water WM off the LeadeBoards when the change was made{ )or give to it everyone. Make a choice. People knew it was not supposed to work or removed it themselves, Fix it.
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