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  1. Is this just me??? Each time I try to log in, i get a connection error to make my own private tavern. So i always join the town, still get connection errors, but takes less time. Then i sit at the atlas trying to make a tier 7 expedition so i can farm some gold and mats. but i get 20 matchmaking errors before i get into a game.... once im finished, regardless of the option i pick (next map, return to tavern/town) i get an error message, then i wait for the timer to finish, a new map loads, then i have to try leaving manually by pressing the escape button. Why does it feel like im playing a dea
  2. Question about Achievements. There are two hidden ones i have yet to recieve, after research I discovered their names, but i know iv done them. The Defender and Heroes United (reach lvls 25 and 50 with the first two heroes in my deck) i have close to 600 hours and most character. of which are max. Anyone else with this issue???
  3. I do want to say though, this current iteration of the game is by far the best its been.
  4. Iv had and on/off again relationship with DD2, around 530 hours played to date. Most during original purchased access. But past few years since it launched it just has so many loading issues. After I open client, i try to go to private tavern and it takes 5-10 min of it not finding sessions, often the window that says searching for session just closes and nothing happens. Then after a level is complete there is an error regardless of the button i press (back to tavern or next level) and i have to wait the entire count down to get moved to the next level. Often resulting in a crash and me being
  5. Im sure its been mentioned, but i would really like to have some loot tables. Im farming tiers i can handle decently, but dont know what to expect really. Things like what are stat ranges on gear drops for each Tier What shards drop at each Tier Maybe drop percentages, rounded to a whole number for convenience (common to Legendary, and shards) (Information this particular doesn't need to be in the game, though the stat range thing i think should be included in the tier info in-game. but the page should be somewhere on the site or a link to a wiki.) P.S. the site needs some updates, still has t
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