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  1. Question about premium pets! Do they work like regular pets being that their stats rely on the lv of affection? or is it based on your current gear? I want a dragolich, however, if its stats are based on gear I will wait till c7. Also, if anyone can help me with the c5 incursion for my weekly quest that would be greatly appreciated!
  2. If I remember correctly from another post steam->game library->right click dd2->properties->local files->browse local files->DunDef2->UDK Game->Config->UDKoptions From there ctrl f to find "Screenmode" under that should also be "ResString" For me at least, just changing "ResString" to 1920x1080 fixed this problem but I believe the post also said to change "Screenmode" to 2
  3. Does dragolich scale off your gear or just like other regular pets by affection?
  4. ooooo I've always wanted one of these!
  5. Is there suppose to be anything special with the items the Scavenger picks up? or is it just to force you back to your tavern...? Also why do WM use tower health?
  6. so if i get a pet egg in lets say c5 it will pretty much be the same as the ones I get in c1? ^ if so then how do i know which pet to keep? by there tier? the stats they have when they hatch?
  7. Do pet base stats increase as you progress further into the game? Are there specific pets for towers? Are certain egg types better than others?
  8. Just broke into CT 1 and I was just wondering for wallers (in my case Squires), do I put my ascension points first into the health or defense?
  9. wow thx I appreciate it a lot!
  10. LF Huntress, Apprentice, and Squire(maybe). Add me on steam if you have one to sell and ty
  11. 1. Is the map Tavern Defense still the best map to farm exp? 2. For EV, the main stats you should concentrate on is just health and damage right? 3. How do I get multiple character's? I did it before but I forgot the program. 4. Which maps are best to farm gear? 5. When upgrading tower gear is it Damage->Rate->Health->Range? 6. How am I suppose to upgrade dps armor again?
  12. Currently I still need a tower set for my mage, two tower pristine gloves, and a dps set(not pristine) for both my barb and monk(maybe). Other than that, just improvements to the current gear I have.
  13. Yes they're the eggs to unlock for the costume. TBH I don't know the market at all so if the amount of eggs I have can get me that type of gear then sure, but I'm mainly trying to regear all my characters (which is about 5-7). So if the amount of eggs i have can only get trans armor for all my characters then thats fine too.
  14. So I found that there's really no point in me hoarding up so many eggs so I'm planning to trade them away for items. I'm looking to mainly trade, not sell for cubes/coal/mana, though if I can't seem to get anything else with my remaining eggs I may consider selling it. I'm trying to trade these eggs for weapons/armor sets (tower mainly), not individual pieces, as I'm hoping to regear all my heroes. Currently I'm on right now hosting a game so you can stop by if you want, but if you don't see my game or I'm AFK just add me on steam or post here and I'll try to get to you ASAP. Value of Egg= 1cv
  15. I haven't touched this game in ages so I'm just wondering how rare these things are to come by and how much these things can go for now. Might be considering selling these eggs for armor pieces to get myself back into this game. I currently have 88 eggs. EDIT: These are the tiny eggs. The ones that unlock the bunny costume.
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