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  1. Glad you didn't decide to quit this project :) yea just for the community. i stop playing dd, to much farming
  2. sorry for no response. SOLVED - just needed to wait for 10 minutes to sync. I tried it with my Steamid, get the problem with no armor. Can you help me? But i can only see armor and not the type of the armor, how to find a complete set of items with maxed tower dps for example? there is an icon of the armortype in the main table. if u click on details, you can see each part with the respective armortype Thx alot. I guess we all know how annoying it can be to farm for an hour and collect everything that seems nice at first. But then you have to spend another 30 minutes deciding what you m
  3. is someone actually use it? i dont know if i should continue this, because only 30 ppl downloaded it and it take my sparetime, which i could use for other things
  4. No, not getting those in the set detail window or in the filter window. ok i gonna change it then. some more suggestions/improvements?
  5. research fonction would probably have given you 5 million topics on that matter. No offense wanted. but it seems trendy did changed it, so its just another try to get it changed ;)
  6. They have a little glowing ball on them when they are getting buffed. But it would be nice if the towers turned bright red when placing the Buff Beam to know how many it's getting instead of placing and then counting how many it's buffing at a time and then have to remove and re-place or tweak it in a corner to buff all 4 towers. i mean it should blur or something while placing the second part of the beam
  7. hi, i guess it would be cool if you can see if a tower gets the buff or not while placing the buffbeam. its annoying if you want to buff 4 harpoons and only 2 or 3 get buffed. make them blur red or something to show it ;) greets car5ten
  8. Spiders in the back agro the mage wall, and are killed by the electric aura. As for the other spiders spots inside, they die from the harpoon they fall on mostly, or from the aura too, in the firsts waves. As for anti air, there are 3 harpoons, boosted, on each side, pretty much killing all the wyverns, slowed by the front snare, down. Anti air was never a problem. Problem mostly comes from ogres when you start to lack of firepower, or spiders in rushs. ok i give it a try :)
  9. how is anti air and the spiders in the back going? cant believe you get them all with towers
  10. Did the amount of players in the lobby decrease/increase? oh year, 1 left :S but 2k mobs difference?
  11. hi, so is it normal that from wave 14-15 i have to defeat 6k mobs and from 15-16 4k mobs?
  12. Can you give him an API to work with for extending to weapons, maximum possible benefits for upgrades, and no need to update to ddstore? would be great and some highres icons :D <3 I hovered over the items and didn't see any names pop up, other than that it seems to be working fine as far as I can tell. are u getting popup/tooltips when you hover the staticons? http://steamidconverter.com/snoim aware of that, im mixxing up my words :/ I only seem to get Pristine sets showing up, not leather i tried it myself, seems to work with http://steamcommunity.com/id/sno. did u sync first with de
  13. Looks nice, but I'd like to be able to see the names and levels of the items in the sets it makes so I could figure out what to grab from my item box. Now if only that other program that filtered loot drops were to be released... when u click on details and hover the images it should show you the names ;) for level: atm i dont save level, but i do it in the next release i would wait for trendys filter
  14. I did read that, i meant to say it wouldn't accept my steam community custom link Also keeping things to one post, when i selected Leather instead of mythical for the filter, i was still given mythical sets ok, i often have this problem with http://steamcommunity.com/id/car5ten and http://steamcommunity.com/id/car5ten/ the last "/" seems to make a difference. leather = armor class; mythical = quality so you get mythicals because armor class <> quality give me your steam-id so i can do some researches
  15. Very cool looking, keep it up!! :) -Jer thanks, i hope the community give me some more wishes, so i can add more stuff :D i would love to get some highres icons <3 :)
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