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  1. i post items in the masses so i set a critera to make it it shop... curently 50+up armor no negs hero or tower atk, worth over 1 mil. then sell at 100k per^.. lower buy 500k every day till it sales vendor at 3 mil
  2. from the sound off it you are undergeared trying to jump ahead in content, but to answer both your questions.. tavern is the best place to get pets and other then nm/survival only way to get pets over 40^ for the most part, yes any good pet will cost 75 mil mana. tavern resets are based on lvl/difaculty of cleared map moveing on to farming mana as it is pretty irelavent now, best mana will be in hardore/nm, say endless spires full clear over 1 mil xp 10-20 mil mana and good shop reset> 100^ pets with over 100 in stats this map also drops 160^ wepons and 100^ armors so you can gear up as
  3. no blood rage is better for solo would say circle slice better for conistant dps as well but cta soo good in party and i like running faster it is kinda a toss up witch i like more the 3 or 4 hit combo...
  4. only thing i find wrong with sqire on nm is spiders... getting weped herts so much deactavates bloodrage/cta so you take more damage your slowed so you cant step back, cant atk to fend off mobs,,, and most hated cant jump to clear wall,, if they removed even one of thouse afects from webbin sqire/countess fixed.
  5. from my xperience pre nm pets you can get a prefect pet on easy. but you are also likely to get a uterly garbage pet on easy.. i would assign a point scale to the difacultys example say easy will drop a 1-10 pet and insane will drop a 7-10 pet 10 being best 1 being worst
  6. exept the new items are 10 more valuable wepons worth a mil armor worth 3 mil say vendoring an avrage of 200 items for your 500 mil.. im realy under geared and can get 5-10 of these items ever 5-10 min so ends up would be a 3-4 hour grind only vendedering items
  7. basicly how i would describe it insane pure strat with imunes and traps/aruas that diee after one wave
  8. i solo hard with this 95% sucess havent tryed insane yet.. http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=4717 would be easyer to duo would think as orcs hit walls from spawn and you have to replace during wave.. would be able to have one watch the walls and other dps ogers
  9. i set up base on the most left bidge when soloing.. so far havent had any problem with spawns getting stuck. mob pathing is quite good to that location an as a + vary liltle to almost no enemys walk by the spawn so when i die i can get back in the fight... mind you i can only get to wave 13 in gear from hard dlc doing 200k as a countess
  10. yes but i was answering his question about drop from summit...
  11. Animus (perfect) - Insane Summit, Shop 164 damage, 5 shots per second, +1 missile, 33 upgrades 14 hero/tower stats
  12. im asumeing you dont have other classes so heres a sqire build for you to try... but your tower atk might be a bit low http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=4178
  13. i ran insane mix before work only made is to wave 14 as it was time to work wave 9-10 500-750k each 11-12 1-3mil each 13-14 was getting about 6-8 mil each
  14. the explot was much worse was about 25-30 ups and a wepon with 1k+ projectie speed so 1-2 mil ivested wepong worth mana cap
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