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  1. https://imgur.com/a/CBuLOKn Thales and I will participate in the giveaway the others didnt want to Thanks for the giveaway.
  2. im confused i thought it said you had to be all the 4 base heros meaning 1 squire 1 huntress 1 monk and 1 apprentice?
  3. im not really friends with anyone here but ill say masterplays since no one has picked him yet.
  4. yea happens when your a noob and yea op i dont think anyone with a traced rm will do that trade rainmakers are worth way more.
  5. What do you mean ask Plane? is it because it is untraceable? You are the judge if you are going to buy an untracable event item. We are all different people. To me untraced events are worth less than 1 mana and should be thrown in ember pit. but its really up to the inidiviudal. In almost all cases untraced events are litterly just a hacked copy. i dont support hacking so i wouldnt buy it, unless it was to get rid of the item. no its because some modded event items have a hard to tell difference between real ones so he wants to see if plane can check it and see if the chances are higher its r
  6. Do you even know how to read? i think he does know how to read as he made an offer and listed the correct item.
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