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  1. Ok guys i need help whit bastille map i play solo all maps that map omg can anbody help me please i need blu wings i try diffrenet build every time damage core please txn btw im not noob i have 1500ascension points bat not help txn all
  2. nice all dlc on sale what about skins in the game we got some discount
  3. ok guys can anbody help me whit this mastery map to finish all c6 master i need only this map if you want help add me on game ing paraphysa txn
  4. can you help me mate i need only this map to finish txn
  5. A couple of days ago I bought a gun whitch now when i play chaos i dont get any wepon for her is thet bug or and also when i farm shard blu for her it is hard to get any blue shard for her is that bug or txn
  6. mirza


    guys if i buy it for 10.000 medalons new hero did i get extra slot or card txn
  7. same eror 202 and authentic whit steam
  8. wtf whit this servers i licke this game i want play last 5 days i play 3 hours every single day eror omg dont belive right now eror 2002 and authentic whit steam comon guys plese fix this sorry for my bad english
  9. i have problem i play on europian server not us east and when i com in game say eror 2002 and right now say authentic whit steam problem
  10. same here eror 2002 authentic server and steam
  11. ok i now have another problem say Erorr feild to conect to playverse ok i hope to fix this guys
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