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  1. Would be nice if they had a % resist Stun in the skill tree ( -cough- Assassins -cough- )
  2. Well apparently what one of the snobby little kids told me is: "Hey noob, get someone to carry you since you'll never get good gear." I asked how did they do it? They replied with: "Easy, Have someone carry you on each chaos tier, pick up the gear on only one character, max out the relic only and it can even be blue/purple. Then move up on Chaos tiers and presto you'll be like me!" I checked out their gear and sure enough, they had a Mix of Legendary/Purple gear with 17-20k stats. While I have been soloing and building things chaos thru chaos, with one character in my deck with the best top g
  3. Could we perhaps combine how many AL's affect the stat drops of Gear? Reason being, I've worked my behind super hard to get gear. Yet I'm getting people with AL 10-20 with C7 gear already joining my games and trash talking how crap my gear is compared to theirs ( and yes I have checked their steam profiles and have seen how much game time they have in DD2 usually 2-8 hours max ). I thought that the whole "Chaos" levels were made to push people to earn their gear and not just leech free gear like in the past.
  4. That's why you get a mouse with macro-buttons, set one button to auto-fire secondary at set amount of time and have it set on "toggle when pressed" and have another macro button set to hold the charge button for the spinning knights on a delay timer and fire timer and to "Toggle when pressed" That's how I roll with my AL
  5. I'm guessing yes? I was in the middle of a map, enemies all teleported to the center of the crystal, smashed it, and the game ended. I figured something when wrong, did the continue, game just disconnected and now it cannot connect to playerverse. :D
  6. What's funny is how I tested out the whole thing of putting the fissure off to the side where the cybork would ignore it and not disable it since it would not agro it. But it seems the Cyborks have a sniping skill and directed their attack no matter the angle I placed the fissure ( within a close non-aggression placement ) to you know "Restore" my energy after spamming my skills and disabled my fissures.
  7. Well see though, this is my thing. They need to seriously add a tool-tip that says if a tower is a Trap based. Fissures were yeah "Useful" in both tier types where enemies are immune to Ranged or Immune to Traps. But it's kind of a horrible choice to make the one tower that Lavamancer's had become affected by EMP Orcs, especially if you rely heavily on your Lavamancer's Skills and now have to worry about having enough Energy to attack your opponents.
  8. Why did you make Fissures a trap based tower? Seriously one of the main towers I need for my Lavamancer for C5 maps and now all of sudden my fissures are getting disabled and thus removing my only mana skill regen to use for my mancers attacks. Please revert the Fissures back to being a tower and not a trap based one.
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