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  1. Soon TM EP2 should include -2 heroes (1remake of the dd1 summoner and a new one which is unknown) -4 Maps (3 remakes and 1 new one as far as i heard we get a palantir and forest crossroads remake) -trading -runes -1 new enemy -1 new boss -probably another 1 or 2 "supporter cosmetic packs" but thats just a guess i don't know how you get the idea that the PTR means EP2 is close because the PTR is just a few rebalances and QoL improvments thats it there is no new content in the PTR and with that no EP2 anywhere close in sight first this PTR has to end and the changes have t
  2. hey i made a breakdown on where every mask drops you can check it out here or in the wiki under the guides section https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mKM7VbhdI8ldwfofI0DG9NbhKCfbgbM7cEiZt899BjE/edit#gid=1552515773 glad to see some people actually find the wiki and the work i put in so far wasn't for nothing maybe i get motivated some day to add a page for all individual items buts its just so many btw there is also a breakdown of hopefully all interesting items that drop on each map on the map pages themselves including the masks
  3. My favorite item is Gaya's Last Gift. :D Lol i hope this helps this is apparantly spam for this forum idk :( https://steamcommunity.com/id/1544315132433/
  4. Favorite memory was when i played my first event on Pc and wie choosed the extra hardmode that was implemented in the Map and just closly beat it all the defenses were going down and we just got all of the bosses killed before one of our crystals died that was one of the most fun nights playing DD thank you all and thanks to the communtiy dev team that there so dedicated to give this old game so much love and kept it alive for so much longer <3 and even updating it now after all these years even if a "remastered" version is coming out soon but i think it will not reach the hights of DD1 an
  5. So i just found out today a few hours ago that atleast some hacked/duped RainMakers have hidden stats on 223 Tower Dmg and 111 Tower Range for some reason (i saw 2 people so far with these RainMakers) so if u want to check if a RainMaker is potentially hacked just remove everything from your char an look at your stats. I just wanted to let that everyone know and i dont say that all hacked/duped RainMakers have these hidden stats there are probably better hacked Makers out there that dont have this stats :)
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