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  1. Open the task manager and shut down Steam, then open DD2 again. Works every time for me.
  2. I usually use Slimes, try to place them so that Cyborcs won't go for them and DPS with the Dryad in Corrupted form. AOE oil + slow.
  3. Yes. I wouldn't suggest farming Onslaught for gear, the loot that drops (at least from my experience) is not that good, Chaos is more reliable.
  4. The fact that this is a F2P game has nothing to do with it. Yes, they are a small team, but that doesn't mean that they should ignore game breaking bugs that are still in the game after YEARS (plus, the game came out, it's not a beta anymore, one would expect less glitches then before). Murdash is right, if they can't fix defenses/enemies then they should just remove or replace them.
  5. So, after a long time (slightly less than a year I think) I decided to start playing DD2 again just to see what Mastery and Onslaught were all about. Let's start from Mastery: What I didn't like How am I supposed to build a map in less than 30 seconds? How am I supposed to beat a map only using Blockades? How am I supposed to use 10 different towers with an 800 DU limit in some maps? Keep in mind, there are people (me included) who prefear to play solo. Other rules like no upgrades/repairs/sell are... meh, especially if you misplace something while you are building and you are forced to res
  6. Probably it's because Hex Throwers can pierce your walls and hit Cores while staying in their safe zone.
  7. Here is my ideas: More defender medals in higher chaos tiersI think that the player should be awarded with more medals after beating a C7 map. What's the point of farming higher levels if you only want medals when C1 is much faster and gives you the same ammount of medals? Bring back the Blacksmith and the Relic HunterThey were a huge help back in C1-C2, but after that they were useless. Buff OrbsMaybe make it so they can break the speed cap (with a limit), they are useless now. I'd like to see some defenses shooting like crazy at the cost of some other stats. I know that you dont want it to b
  8. Pointless? Please... this was a great patch. Why? Yeah, they haven't fixed most of the problems, but now C7 is less boring because 6 or 7 towers that were useless are usable, that's a big step forward for the game. But i guess you don't care since you think that this patch was for low levels, you probably still use WM and mass Flame Auras and you never tried the new defenses. The new range indicators were needed too, since most of the traps need to be placed correctly in order for them to work. What do you expect, a game changing patch every month? I know that Trendy sometimes releases updates
  9. Forest Poachers is a Chaos 2 Incursion, in order to unlock it you have to beat Chaos 2, then you can go to Incursions and play it and get the medals.
  10. They go down quickly that's true, they are possibly the worst blockade in the game right now and the fact that you have to have them if you want to build Dryad Towers makes it even worse.
  11. Why not making it a water/poison trap? We only have 1 (i think) water trap and it doesn't even have a big range. If you change the element you can make it more unique and people would use it more because of its combo potential. We have A LOT of fire AOE towers now. What I am trying to say is if you keep the same stats and the same cost but change the element i think more people would use it, not for damage but for fun. I don't think you need to change the stats to buff something if you give it more uses and make it fun to play around with.
  12. Nothing 90% of the times for 10M gold? Sounds good!
  13. When you buy a new Hero he/she will replace the one you are playing as in that moment. If you want to put the Hero that just got replaced in your Deck just open your inventory and click on "My Heroes" on the top of left window and you should see the missing Hero. (Since you didn't specify it I assumed you are on PC)
  14. The Lightning Strikes Aura hits hard (mine does 7M on crit at level 5), but it's super slow (hits every 2 seconds). I am pretty sure that it's single target only, a Chain Lightning Shard would be nice, since the Earthshatter Tower does slightly less damage but hits every second. As of now i think it's not as viable as other single target Towers/Traps.
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