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  1. But I don't think the rewards should be better loot. Just a higher drop chance of it. Just to clarify this. Otherwise the easy mode would be abandoned quite fast. Oh, fair enough. Editing original post now!
  2. I was actually thinking about having multiple difficulties as I was reading your post, that would be really nice! If you want the easy-enough way of getting through, pick normal mode. If you want a challenge along with better rewards, have a harder difficulty. And for campaign, (for those of use who aren't at all far in the game yet), how about make normal mode without the insane difficulty spike, and hard mode with it, (also getting higher rewards, though possibly not as high as you would get them in any chaos mode). Mind if I add that edit to my original post?
  3. Fair enough, but if higher level players were to get better rewards on missions, to balance out they'd have to be weak items. Don't want to get C7 items on a C1 map, eh? (As exaggerated as that is)
  4. I understand what you mean, but personally as a new player, I actually would prefer to just be with other people my level. A game isn't that fun to me if I'm doing nothing, hm? Also, I would like to just be able to also play with friends in general, so I feel like just giving incentive for doing it wouldn't cut it at all for me. (I honestly don't care much for that idea, personally, sorry to say, but of course no offense intended)
  5. I would prefer them to just remove the significant damage boost to the enemies rather than better loot, due to me not being up to challenges, especially considering these last times I've tried co-op with people my level, we get completely screwed over, while when I play solo I do perfectly fine.
  6. Ah, okay, was wondering what ascension levels were. Thanks for the answer!
  7. I think it is still a system in the game, so I want to be able to distribute my stats how I like whenever I level up. How do I do that?
  8. I want to buy EV-2 with real money, but I'm not sure if it is worth it due to spike in difficulty while playing online. I feel like it may be less worth it due to that. Thoughts?
  9. Wasn't sure if I should post this in general discussion or here, so to be safe it is here. Anyway, if you could suggest which hero to get first, I'd appreciate that. Note, I do like to fly in games, but even EV's airborne decoy is good enough for me (though actual flying would be preferred). Also, if you guys have links to videos or something on strategies on how to use them, extra cookies go to you.
  10. EDIT: Perhaps a way to fix this issue would be to add two difficulty modes for Trials Chaos mode, Normal and Hard. Normal mode could be normal small difficulty spike with normal rewards, and Hard mode could be this difficulty spike we have now (or somewhere around it) but an increased chance at rarer loot. Same things could go for the campaign difficulties as well. (Thanks for the idea, jeyops!) This is honestly my only big issue with the game (besides the errors constantly appearing), when I play with others, the game spikes in difficulty dramatically. Not only do you barely get any gems when with just one other person, but the enemies seem much harder too. It's disappointing, I want to play with my friends, but as I'm getting higher in difficulty in the game, I'm realizing that is nearly impossible. I imagine this will be ignored, but still, if it helps get the game back to encouraging co-op play, I'd be happy with it.
  11. When I look at steam reviews, apparently this game isn't looking too good. I just question why. I personally enjoy the game quite a bit (though I certainly agree, they spike the difficulty WAYYY too much when playing with even just one other person, hope they change that), so I don't see why this game gets so much hate. Thoughts?
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