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  1. This was already accounted for. In at least three different places in this thread. Why is it so hard to read? I mean, maybe? Things that seem simple can be hard simply because of the underlying structure that was originally chosen. However, your current floor is probably a single variable tied to your account. If you beat a floor at or higher than your current floor, increment it by one. Seems pretty simple to me.
  2. What is currently possible: other players carry a person through 65 floors (with some carrying through chaos to boost up to floor 55). The person resets. What would be possible: other players carry a person through 65 floors, though they have a choice of doing more challenging floors during the carry if they choose to at no increase in speed to the first person's progression. The person resets. Explain how you could reset in just a couple hours. My only guess is you are referring to Paloverde? If so, please specify what you think is a bad idea in your post. The main idea proposed in this thread (the original post) is really quite good.
  3. That's a very reasonable caveat that I can also get behind.
  4. What? Gear caps around floor 57ish. There's no difference in power between the players in your scenario, and the lower one could easily DPS or provide benefit in that situation. Also, if the two together can beat the harder of their floors, why shouldn't they both advance once floor? No one is suggesting progression be skipped, but right now if two people beat floor 57, they both unlock 58. Why not allow them to both play 75 and then the one on 75 unlocks 76, while the one of 57 unlocks 58?
  5. I hugely agree with this. This is a great idea! I like the idea but would go further: not only let us have gear drop from our current highest floor, but if we beat a floor higher than it with a friend, let our current highest floor go up by one! After all, we've done something harder (albeit multiplayer), so why not give us the same rewards as if we'd beaten our current floor, which is lower? This way we could all progress if we are willing to try the hardest map possible, and it could help with the tedium of lower floors (e.g., when we get back up to 55 and have a friend shooting for a high floor, like in the 90s, we could join them and help work towards their progression and our own next reset). If you want to make it invitation only for the sake of public matches, fine, but I think this would really improve our ability to coordinate and play with each other.
  6. There are actually some more: eye of Cthulhu incursion, I forget the name of the map but it's that small map with magma incursion, and I think one more incursion though I can't recall it off the top of my head. Totally agree I want more, and I want more at the end game level.
  7. Try the looking for group channel in the DD2 discord.
  8. The closest you can do for an in game total reset is to simply delete all your characters and loot and play through the maps in order. The new game mode also features limited resets (resetting gear back to chaos 1, pets/shards to unupgraded, and ascension to a minimum level you earn), though this is probably unrelated to your request. That's it though.
  9. But what about tweaks for several 1000 more game hours? Consider making the Onslaught values worth sacrificing our things for and you got a deal. Also consider not resetting pets as a bare minimum and we got a deal 😃 The pet affection system seems broken to me and the thought of having to relevel all the pets again is a massive turn off. The only sure way to get the pet levelled is to splurge on affection boosters with Defender Medals, they level so slowly or not at all during normal game play I reckon I could reset and nearly be ready to ascend again before the pet would be half way to max! Maybe if this change was implemented Trendy could gift some pet boosters to the guys that have already reset as a sweetner to make up for some of their loss. But... what's the point of maxing pets? Getting to level 10, sure. Abilities are worth it. And also only cost one affection booster, which is nothing in terms of medals. For those who are actively pursuing ancient power, you want at most four pets with abilities per reset since you can have four DPS heroes in your active deck at max. If it's about a collector or completionist thing, I understand, though I sincerely hope Trendy overhauls the pet system eventually, in which case it is quite dubious whether it will have been worth maxing so many pets. Note, I'm not saying resetting is a good idea yet, just that I don't think pets really matter that much. For which reason, it seems the better decision from Trendy would be getting one that leaves the customer happier, since either way it makes little difference and provides the smallest of gold/medal sinks.
  10. Protons can be super useful for phased too, especially in the new giant map. They are less useful first wave, since you really want to upgrade them twice or three times before you forget about the lane, but on any of the lanes that open up after the first wave you usually have the extra mana to spend, and you don't even need a full lane of protons (I usually put all 110 there because I'm paranoid, but the mana from the lane is always only in the first 3-6 nodes worth of beams). This is with PT + Frosty + Crit damage. I've seen them get over 10 million dps with the hilarious cursi-kazi bug too.
  11. 18-20 hours? How's that anywhere near possible? Upon looking at the leader-board, the guy in the first place "Mut" is only on his second reset after 4days (It's been released for 4 days already right?)... Looking at the leaderboard now, it's basically been about 5 and a half days since the reset, and 291 ascension is probably pretty close to another reset, so that's about 2 full progressions (probably a little more, but accounting for the starting at floor 55). Let's estimate 12 hours of gameplay a day (that's hard for me to imagine, but I'm sure some people have that time), so the person has probably played about 60-70 hours for the two full resets, so about 30-35 hours for a reset is at least possible, and almost certainly this time will go down as people get better. It's also not accounting for the first reset taking longer with the learning curve. The 18-20 is a bit optimistic, but not horribly so, and almost certainly possible.
  12. Basically build a monk for hero damage, including shards (for example, the shard that increases damage from heroic wave or whatever it's called, as well as things like power gambits). Then buff the monk as you get behind the roller, and shoot it with gato fireworks (possible ability on gato pets) from behind. Properly this can get up to 80-100 million according to Juicebags (I'm missing one of the important shards so I haven't been able to get it that high, but it still one shots rollers in C7 for me).
  13. For any lane in the third map that doesn't have cyborks (or the frost equivalent), a single chain of proton beams is actually enough! This should help save you DU. First wave with them, have them upgraded at least once and build max nodes with a wall at the end. After that you can remove a few nodes (sell and rebuild) if you want to, and get it upgraded at least three times. Shards are medallion with power transfer, crit damage, and frosty beams.
  14. Definitely a bug. There are documented cases of lady orcs literally leaping over walls, which is not intentional.
  15. You know, if I when I reset I could keep earning vicious strikes, that would actually be a sizable rewards I would consider.
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