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  1. Im sorry, but I already paid for those bags, Im not going to just buy one bag again, and get nothing... that sounds just crazy... and not customer friendly, I mean they know there is a way to max out your bags wthout that DLC, so why not just give one extra bag t that guy giving you extra money...
  2. Hello, I'm considering to purchase this pack, my question about it is, what happens to the inventory bag that comes with it if I have max bags?
  3. Ok, Nice to see is a known issue then... hopefully, you guys can fix it soon, and thanks for the trick to get around the bug.
  4. Hello, as the title says, I'm unable to evolve my pets once they reach lvl 10 (which is the most important evolution since it unlocks the ability), I have yet to test if already evolved ones can evolve without a problem. But explaining a little bit, at first I hatched a nice pet, so I bought an affinity booster and once I used and feed my pet, as usual, the evolve button lights up. (I had to exit the menu and go back actually for it to light up.) but when I press it, sounds like that sound the game makes when you try to do something you are not supposed to do. I thought it was a bug with affinity boosters so I hatched another pet, and raised him up the normal way, then I tried to evolve it and.... nope. So hopefully you guys can fix that. ( I already made a bug report. so this thread is to see if there is other people are having this issue and to raise awareness. ) Good luck defenders and have a nice double xp weekend ;3 .
  5. Hello defenders, gobus, and environmental hazards!!! As a free to play game DD2 has a monetization system that allows the players to get cool stuff, even though I dare to say some skins are expensive, most of the time if you invest money into this game you won't regret that decision. Either way, I was thinking that something is missing... this is a grinding game, and with the introduction of Ancient Power and Hyper shards, Gold has suddenly become more important. My point and request is: x2 Gold and/or Exp Boosters in the shop purchasable with gems. I don't know the reason behind these not existing already in the game (if there is any), but I believe those can come in handy for many situations when you have like a few days when you can play for a lot of hours or if you just want to get the most out of your current available play time. Either way, boosters are really common in grinding games so I think players would appreciate this.Share your thoughts on this and let me know if I'm not seeing something.Nomic out!
  6. Well... what is stopping you from playing DD1 instead of DD2 all the time? just go and play the ¨superior game¨, do whatever makes you happy. it just feels like most of the old DD1 players want DD2 to be exactly like DD1, and if that is the case just go and play DD1 and let DD2 be his own thing.
  7. Description: We don't know much about the origin of this hero, all he can remember is that one day he woke up in the ruins with no memories of his past, and the ancient spirits of that place took care of him teaching him the ways of the rune magic. Appearance: Sadly I can't draw... so I will do my best to find the things that most resemble what I think those defenses would look like, but I needed to writhe this before I forgot the idea. As for the Runic Sage itself, I can imagine it being a skinny guy wearing similar clothes as the Mana nodes, and wear glasses/goggles. Weapon type: Staff Powers: Runic magic is not meant to be used for combat, instead it excels at protecting allies, buffing them while also weakening the enemies. -LMB: standard staff shots. -RMB: charged shot. -1st ability: Rune of Empowerment (cause we know we don't have enough empowerment stuff.), Runic Sage cast an AoE buff around itself that buffs AP by X% for him and his allies. -2nd ability: Rune of protection, Runic sage cast a protective shield on an ally, shield absorbs X% of his health stat, last for Xs, and gives Blue mana regen to the target. -3rd ability: Rune of enlightenment, Runic sage targets an area on the ground and cast a magic explosion of light dealing high AoE damage and blinding any survivors (blind will be just a stun but makes enemies take more damage from other sources other than the Runic sage, these sources include his own towers. ) -4th ability: Rune of escape, Runic Sage places a rune on the ground, gaining a speed bonus, recasting this ability will instantly teleport the Runic sage to his location while healing it by an X% of his health stat and losing the speed bonus. Defenses: -Light trap (20 DU trap): this trap has a huge range (similar to the sand trap), but a slow attack rate, it pulses dealing damage to all enemies on the AoE, while also drenching them. (it emits pulses of light with an animation similar to the WPM). -Temple Guardian (40 DU wall): this wall has a green stone in the front that protects it from ranged attacks (if a permanent shield sounds op just add an internal cooldown, so the shield last Xs after the first projectile reflected and has to wait for Xs to activate again), (it has the health scaling of a 30 DU wall). -Pilar of light (30 DU tower): this tower fires a single beam of electricity magic damage that arcs among nearby enemies. (it fires a continuous beam for Xs, with a Xs cooldown that is not affected by defense rate, this stat will only increase the number of ticks of damage over the duration of the beam.) (main beam cant target air units but the chain damage can) -Light Cannon (50 DU Anti-air): slow firing anti-air defense that fires a big beam of light (FIRIN MA LAZOORRR!!!!), the beam pierces through enemies and deal bonus damage the more enemies it pierces. (X% bonus damage per enemy unit pierced up to X times ) So... this is it! let me know what you think about this Hero, I had a lot of fun making this and I hope you as well find it interesting. ;3 -NoMicGAMER
  8. Yes, yes! clan parties, bragging about your clan being better than the other´s clan, clan parties!!!!, special events and leaderboards, bonuses for playing with clanmates, improving chat, CLAN PARTIES!!!!!!, clan banner/logo, give us all of that!!! did I mentioned the CLAN PARTIES!!!!!!!!!? WOOOOO!!!
  9. I really love the idea, I was really surprised when I started playing and noticed that there was no guild/clan system, I would love to have all my friends in a single room of the tavern to dance to the beat of my defenses hitting the training dummies... and yes raids would be a ton of fun. :3
  10. I love how this issue is not fixed yet... the game even crashes sometimes when I try to change the settings.
  11. So... gobus everyone!! :3 I´ve been playing this game for a while now, installed like a year and a half ago, and since now the game its on a growing streak and the Devs and we the players are really excited about all these changes. Following that though I want to bring a few things that I have found can be improved in order to give a better overall game experience. 1.Chat.As it is now the chat is... well, just a box. So! let's see some things that in my opinion can be useful to make the chat and the social experience in-game more appealing. *Tabs. Adding tabs to the chat would help to make it more versatile, allowing for some cool things like having a party separate chat, and new tabs should open when you whisper someone, so you don't have to leave town to speak in private with your mates or someone that ask you something. With only two static tabs the chat will remain simple yet more useful. *Town chat on maps. Right now if two people want to talk about something they have to be in the same space, having the ability of keep on talking with the amazing people on the town while you are soloing your way trough Chaos would be just amazing. (Cause let's face it you don't play co-op until you can carry... or get carry, at least almost everyone does that, let me know if you are one of those that don't :3 ) *Emojis. Well, this explains it self-right? emojis will help to encourage people of talking more and express themselves. The emojis can be the classic ones like: :) :p and such, or we can include the ones we use on the discord server. 2.Minimap.The changes I propose for the minimap are just for overall better experience navigating the maps and giving the minimap more utility. *Rotating minimap. As right now the minimap is just a static background with a lot of dots on it, except for the boss icons. With a rotating minimap would be easier to see in what direction you need to go, because of the minimap itself its kind of abstract. *Defenses on the minimap. Showing the defenses as dots on the minimap is fine, it's also cool that they flash in red when taking damage. When the gobu legion manages to get trough our defenses we get a big warning about what type of defense got destroyed... but I usually can't identify where, and have to leave what I'm doing and search for leaks.This issue can be fixed or better said, improved, by just adding a : insert a popping color here: on the place that said tower got destroyed, that way we can see faster where to go. 3.Extra stuff.I just have one more thing... please give double jump to the EV2!!!I mean, it just makes sense, she can jump really high with those propulsors on his feet, and hover for a short period of time, so I don't see why she won't be able to make a double jump.Gunwich has magic, Dryad has wings, Monk... well he is just healthy xD. Anyways, that's all I have to say, for now, please be sure to let me know about any nonsense that I could possibly be said and forgive my bad English. Have a great day defenders!!!
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