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  1. some vile exploiters found a bug in floors and were abusing it, they reverted the update for a wile.... still no info so far... ;-;... the update looks amazing... it appears idch managed to get the explosive blade shard bug i found into a feature... unless a changed description could mean something else....
  2. True, india had over a bilion people xD, and yeah he had :D
  3. Yeah i think youre right, i notified andrew on discord that that bakrichod has returned, well not with calling the scammer goat fkr in hindu, but i hope the scammer reads this and i hope he will feel insulted, hes a madar chod and a bahen chod, also, his sister? Weeeeel bahen ke laude, and he is a chutiya, he is a boshdike, and he is a gaandu I now insulted him in hindu serveral times, i hope that scammer thrash is from india, where sadly most scammers these days are from.... sad to see such a beautifull country with a diverse people given a bad name by vile criminal scum.... fathe
  4. Look who is back :rofl: the same message he copy pasted, in between this message and your last :rofl: now its clear, he removed his old message too ūü§£ but how did he do that? I dont know how to remove messages
  5. Truer words cant be spoken ^_^
  6. Spamming weird texts is often an issue in the zome chat in the elder scrolls online aswell as a miriad of discord servers And true i try to avoid the scammers yet sometimes even i cant find out all their tricks -_- watever y think i will always feel ashamed when i get tricked on some level or entirely xd.... but still apreciate the words Tho i will most likely take revenge by scambaiting again ūü§£
  7. I guess youre right, i dont want to click links i find suspicious or im not interested in That link didnt interest me but it got me suspicious now too, ty for notifying xD Also i wasnt trolling, i thought he was curious or something, but then again, you spotted that wich i couldnt, that he is probably a bot o_o (i feel alot of shame right now.... xd..... ;_;)
  8. I always like to read the patch notes and hot fixes Also ask them directly on discord if you want a training manual (if theyre allowed to give such info in the forst place) :)
  9. found another bug, did all the stars at the same time and perfectionist doesnt trigger, on c9 mastery, the ramparts please fix
  10. ohh and wtf? xd , the countess isnt bald, doesnt wear martial wear, she wears armor, she is a she, uhh what else can i say to show the fanneh side of dd2
  11. now that the ping issues have been patched, i can now check out everything properly ^^ eac + water aura or just eac works fine, tho a friend of mine told me i should use an anti chaos servo on em instead of a 1010 def range i guess thall solve my issues with these scaled abominations
  12. found another bug, either the flack knockback shard should drop in c1 packs or it is a c8 shard masquerading as a c1 this shard should be in chaos 1, doesnt feel very c8 anyway
  13. yay! i hope itll be fixed fast cant wait to play around with the dragons nest wich btw i wana know, the fire ball thingies the baby dragons shoot, are they projectiles? because i dont know if they are, and i am scared of trying them against vanguard xd...., but i dont wana waste a 1010 piercer on them either ohh also i have an idea for 2 shards for the nest and the elder dragon because both can use a little more diversity, maybe an idea for the next update 1: dragons nest shard: dragon vomit, baby dragon projectiles have a chance to shoot a second projectile that leaves a small pool
  14. i also found a bug regarding the elder dragon and ancient dragon the aoe is buffing enemies as it should, exept for one oversight, enemies that leave the aoe keep the buff wich if i understand correctly because some enemies lose the buff, the enemies should lose the buff when leaving the aoe elder dragon and ancient dragon buff but they dont, either because its a buff or because the ping is ruining every mach made in dd2
  15. welp i played it, LOVE the content, HATE the lag, the lag is so hard that even using full 1010 c9 weapon mans aswell as elvish artillery on chaos 7 is impossible, well plavcing them is possible but you LOSE TO A FRKN GOBLIN because no defence targets it and you cant reach it because if you move even a single step youll end up at the oposite end of the map! INSANELY ANNOYING! ping has always been an issue when lots of people were online at the same time, but this dwarfs every update ping issues to date, chaos 8 in the carnival update was atleast playable, now? it takes PURE LUCK to win even a s
  16. NIIIIIIICE! hope i can play fast ^_^
  17. the fact that players like that dont get banned is simutaneously concerning and saddingly helarious - _ - you know what to do, banish it to the depths of oblivion, so sick of random people insulting me or someone else out of nowere - _ -
  18. i found a few bugs 1: cutscenes, when a cutscene plays wether its in campaign, adventures or some primes, they glich out and dont play, sometimes even resulting in a crash on both the 32 it version and 64 bit version of dd2, i donot know how to fix this im just a player not a coder or designer 2: 64 bit, when i get invited and try to join someone or just try to join someone from steam, i sometimes crash, sure this is annoying but id rather crash from trying to join someone then to crash everytime i try to tp into the town, so i still wholeheartedly wish glory to the 64 bit version of dd2
  19. the ai works fine for me ^^ i think you experience ping lag, since my defences go nuts when theres ping lag, inc spiders and slimes, hek having a balista that shoots once every 5 seconds because of this lag is helarious but annoying XD
  20. Its just a base concept, nothing should be taken too seriously, but most people wpuld argree with me that these weapons need to be drastocaly buffed
  21. as the title can already clarify, i came up with some ideas on how to improve the weapons we can get from incursions and the wayfarer, theyre A TON of fun to play with but sadly useless in most cases.... so heres a sugestion on each weapon alongside some extra ideas i came up with both weapons and equipment :) the 4 betsy weapons shoul remain the way they are as they are just shards but in mod form bling-king bow: first, remove the mod itself and make it a shot type, 3 mod slots will give this weapon usefullness that every weapon should have, second increase the damage so the stream d
  22. i havnt tested it myself against enemies, but it should hit up to 6 enemies with this shard so, its definetly a bug of some kind, make a ticket here https://chromatic.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  23. ik this bug is horrendous, use series ev2 w ap and the proton charge ability and lazer the fk out of it >:) watch it go boom alderaan style
  24. waw i see alot of players shit on the moronic changes to drops, and im enjoying this SO MUCH!!!!! see chromatic? we all dezire more fairnes!!!! revert back or increase the drops! also some of the ideas ppl had here make ALOT of sence, like shart stacking or upgrading, or STOPPING ITEMS FROM GETTING DESTROYED AFTER TRANSFERING MODS! afterall, y resumed development, good, now do something about these HUGE FLAWS :)
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