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  1. it took me a few days to put it in words... yes i struggle with dyslectia and a terrible short and long term memory.... anyway when i buy this will all future heroes also be added to my account automaticaly? or will they not be added to my account when they release a new hero even tho i bought it this is what i wana know, because then if they will make it so you automaticaly get the new hero released then its worth buying for me knowing my lazyness, not that i mind, i just want to know if the heroes that are planned will be added automaticaly when purchased ^^ update:
  2. I regulairly buy gems when i have the dd2 shivers so ita np for me ^^ besides, been playing since the mystic got released ofc i want ez access to all thats to come :rofl: Still i know what you mean, it just applies to almost every1 else but me and some others who dont mind spending some money XD
  3. makes sence, but if its like all the others then its like 2k gems if im not mistaken, then paying 3k insteaf of 2 does seem enticing if it includes any future hero interesting, i gota keep it in mind
  4. the screenshot shows the newly available all heroes bundle but what does this mean? , i fear no future heroes will come, i already own all the heroes, but still, should i buy this IF any future heroes will be released? i have this gut feeling i should just to ensure myself i get access to em, but then again, im realy affraid ill be wasting lots o money on it
  5. yup i ment relfect beam :rofl: (i should stop writing when im tired and insomniated -_-) ty for correcting me
  6. looks realy interesting to be honest tho i am affraid of the buff beam nerf, knowing some players might go crazy for me? i dont care, i prefered earth shatters for this :D it crushes the enemies and deals even better dmg, now with the combi ice and earth? i use frosty nodes w poison on em making proton beams quite versatile in cc after a long break im looking forward to a fresher dd2, and im realy happy to see the game ressurected like this :D thanks te or should i say chromatic now XD i still prefer trendy ent to be honest, nostalgia and all that anyway happy spring to everyone :
  7. now that this good news is out can we PLEASE AND I BEG YOU PLEASE HAVE 1 LAST DD2 CRISTMASS.... BEFORE YOU BAIL AND RUIN MY CRISTMASS XD... yes thats right, i considder dd2 cristmass a part of me own hihi :3 pleasepleasepleaseplease!!!!!! PPPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSSSSEEEEEEE
  8. for me thats mainly messaging on my phone or waching youtube wilst waching tv and playing on my 2dsxl xD.... my brother does the same whit his ps4 and laptop xD... and then there were his friends who usualy do such things too according to him, and then some of the ppl i see on discord claim to do the same, and then there was steam, lots of the players i friended on steam via dd2 do the same becouse grinding maps that are easily solowed is just BOOOOOOOORING XD i recomend trying it out wile grinding, passes time insanely fast, but its also boring when just spamming 1 button.... i just wach y
  9. but then there are many people who dont so again not everyone is the same ESPECIALY if he or she is doing multiple things at the same time (like me xD....) but then we NEED such a feature wether you like it or not and so i hope to keep this topic skyhigh so that they might finaly notice this...
  10. damn breaks, i missed a little of whats going on but in the end im very glad to see people argree to is now to get the developers to read this omehow PLEASE can someone link 1 of the developers here, i tried the @ name linking yet when i try to write in 1 of the ids (for example LAWTA) and it didnt work i mean the only wway for them to notice is to force a notification up their InBox to be heared :/
  11. soooooo if i save up tokens untill i get close to the limit then spend them all on that 1 mod, and then farm the last few tokens i need to get them on the same mod this is going to take abit BUT is a very solid and quick way to farm them! how genius1 how could that ive been so stupid still, in the end ill still keep this up becouse the developers NEED to know that implementing a 10/10 cooldown cancler is a good thing xD
  12. yeah..... 286...... so many times, but yeah youre right! :) tho how am i going to keep track of the resets? i mean many people claim it can be tracked but everytime i ask them all i get is a blank expression/empty chat
  13. thats true.... still i wish i wasnt such an idiot.... 7 months..... 7 long painfull boring months.... tho i need to find a way to grind 286 tokens back...... this will take another 7 months i bet..... i realy hope chromatic is going to implement a feature that when you get a 10/10 modit will automaticly get a reset cooldown or something.... thats kindof why i posted this topic... showing 1 of the most dumbest MOST STUPIDEST THINGS ever done..... i realy hope such a feature will be made reality oneday....... but now? i am sick and beat from dd2.... when i saw that 10/10 swap to 3 i was litte
  14. as the tags said... i FINALY got my 10/10 defence rate.... but spamming.... i dont know if this can be reverted and i am FREAKING out...... i know people who did the same and got their reroll stupiditys covered by the devs and would like to know if others had this same mistake fixed.... if they can and if my steamfriends are to be believed then i may yet have hope...... check my history check that purple medal i think it was, i think historys on rerolls can be checked, i dont know how it all works but please.... if someone knows how to fix this stupid mistake.... I BEG YOU..... ive spended
  16. perfect that dda is now possible, but dont you think they shoudl stabilize the servers and dd1/2 first? :/, ive left dd2 becouse i cant play it whitoud shooting from left to right on the map.... so damn annoying -_- no if it was my choise then bye bye endgame update, start stabilizing and updating existing content and servers and release dda at the end of FIXING EVERYTHING what i think of the end game update/posibbilitys?: i think it will fail misserably whit dd2 ending up in its grave becouse of lazy ping handling.... plz before doing anything rash, chromatic games PLZ AND I KNEELBEG PL
  17. as the title said, all the poison dots are bugged!! can someone explain WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!!, starting to think i shouldve never updated to this version in the first place! right now I HATE THIS UPDATE
  18. waw this bug is helarious!!! HAHAHAHAHA so fanneh also your char can become a free wall whit this bug >:D free walls, hmmmm what to do whit this idea
  19. they made the normal vaults now accessible by upgrading too, thats what they told in some update tho... maybe the store on the online tav? XD in the mean time i did had alot of luck and got 2 more c8 amps, so i guess its not too problematic
  20. never had such a curious yet annoying bug, hopefully the devs can help you
  21. oil chip is a mod, mods wo induce a status efect wont work, the only mod that will trigger this lane is the water mod as its 100% finished as for your defences, the only status servo is ofc the water servo, using it on any defence you like would be fun (weapon manus are recomended) ofc a good way to deal whit it would be the poison darts tower whit an explosive poison shard on it (this shard drops in chaos 5) if you stun the enemy whit shocking revelations and the water servo, it triggers the electrocute combo, but since its kind of bugged, the electrocute damage will also drench the en
  22. if its the siege roller youre bothered by and they get overstunned by weapon manus then place them a bit away from the spawn, if its a non roller boss wo is stuck there becouse of manus then its not a big problem, theyll die quick anyway, if you dont have any defences near the spawn and the bosses are stuck there then you have ran into a bug, this bug is quite common ESPECIALY on the floor temple map and the unholy catacombs a way to bypass this bug is to place the defences close or to wait till they die, i mean waiting would be more beneficial, for example: what if a yeti or bastile master
  23. yes i want and dont mind to pay, at this time in life EVERYTHING costs money sadly enough i spended around 10m in total (average 8m of a market price) i was lucky enough to got it from the floors and i realy need that amp back, the gold i absolutely dont mind anymore but those amps are a hell to get everything to get it back! also, how could you accidentely upgrade an item?, watch a video abnd upgrade all yoru gear to max, and in this case 1 of the 4 pieces already was max so i spammed the button whitoud knowing it was already max.... bye bye poor amp, i will never forget you
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