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  2. perfect that dda is now possible, but dont you think they shoudl stabilize the servers and dd1/2 first? :/, ive left dd2 becouse i cant play it whitoud shooting from left to right on the map.... so damn annoying -_- no if it was my choise then bye bye endgame update, start stabilizing and updating existing content and servers and release dda at the end of FIXING EVERYTHING what i think of the end game update/posibbilitys?: i think it will fail misserably whit dd2 ending up in its grave becouse of lazy ping handling.... plz before doing anything rash, chromatic games PLZ AND I KNEELBEG PLZ PEASE ALSTUBLIEFT BITTE OBSECRO, POR FAVOR OLU'OLU VANLIGEN WEG ETCETCETCETC PLZ DO THIS FIRST... or else dd1 and 2 dies a painfully horrible death.... ;_; ;_; ;_;
  3. as the title said, all the poison dots are bugged!! can someone explain WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!!, starting to think i shouldve never updated to this version in the first place! right now I HATE THIS UPDATE
  4. waw this bug is helarious!!! HAHAHAHAHA so fanneh also your char can become a free wall whit this bug >:D free walls, hmmmm what to do whit this idea
  5. they made the normal vaults now accessible by upgrading too, thats what they told in some update tho... maybe the store on the online tav? XD in the mean time i did had alot of luck and got 2 more c8 amps, so i guess its not too problematic
  6. never had such a curious yet annoying bug, hopefully the devs can help you
  7. oil chip is a mod, mods wo induce a status efect wont work, the only mod that will trigger this lane is the water mod as its 100% finished as for your defences, the only status servo is ofc the water servo, using it on any defence you like would be fun (weapon manus are recomended) ofc a good way to deal whit it would be the poison darts tower whit an explosive poison shard on it (this shard drops in chaos 5) if you stun the enemy whit shocking revelations and the water servo, it triggers the electrocute combo, but since its kind of bugged, the electrocute damage will also drench the enemy aswell as stun it up, that means 2 electrocutes, that keeps multiplying itself, to bypass this, either dont use shocking revelations or add a poison dart tower, if there are no cyborcs then you may use your oil geysers too or those slime pits, their inherrited corruption oil is 100% finished so they trigger the controlled burn lanes too just remember not to use those unique servos such as balistas bite, planterras blessing, shatter quake or pretty mutch all of the unique damage over time servos
  8. if its the siege roller youre bothered by and they get overstunned by weapon manus then place them a bit away from the spawn, if its a non roller boss wo is stuck there becouse of manus then its not a big problem, theyll die quick anyway, if you dont have any defences near the spawn and the bosses are stuck there then you have ran into a bug, this bug is quite common ESPECIALY on the floor temple map and the unholy catacombs a way to bypass this bug is to place the defences close or to wait till they die, i mean waiting would be more beneficial, for example: what if a yeti or bastile master got stuck? the most annoying bosses are now unable to hurt you or your defences! witch means a free win basicaly! :D i hope this helped, have a good day
  9. yes i want and dont mind to pay, at this time in life EVERYTHING costs money sadly enough i spended around 10m in total (average 8m of a market price) i was lucky enough to got it from the floors and i realy need that amp back, the gold i absolutely dont mind anymore but those amps are a hell to get everything to get it back! also, how could you accidentely upgrade an item?, watch a video abnd upgrade all yoru gear to max, and in this case 1 of the 4 pieces already was max so i spammed the button whitoud knowing it was already max.... bye bye poor amp, i will never forget you
  10. well well, did they finaly madethe hotfix/updates tabs of this forum and actualy shocked me i NEVER expected this lmao! this update was needed since the wole tab began! and this greater hotfix? AWESOME! XD now im curious
  11. i made up my mind, everything changes over time so i decided that i want to donate, ofc for the rewards too :P aside from that, is there a way to do it via ideal? im no creditcard user and i never will (i hate having a debt on my name)
  12. ye thats what most devs says when they have a new ''project'' if i had the money then id bet a bilion whit someone to prove that after ddes release dd2 will fall into disarray, decay and will disolve from the inside since its unfinished as fk... please think twice before doing anything stubborn...
  13. the picture is pretty self explainatory i accidentely upgraded a piece of trash item to c8 and lost 2m becouse of it i want this reverted, a friend of mine told me he accidentely did this too whit other items and so he got what he wanted for me gold and medals are a case of playing dd2 or leaving again and i dont want to leave so i beg you to considder this... the c8 amp and the 2m gold back, if there is any ''payment'' needed then ill considder it, everything to get this shamefull act of stupidity removed from my acc.... i donot know if this post belongs here,but idk where else
  14. banned for banning people for not understanding that the ban thread can never die Banned for banning people who ban people for not understanding that the ban thread can never die Banned for banning a person banning people who ban people for not understanding that the ban thread can never die Banned for using the word banned too many times in one sentence banned for telling people theyre banned for quoting too mutch aswell as the fact youre banned for making such a large bedquote :P boom double ban!
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