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  1. this speculating is so AHH YEAH! sorry i realy love speculating what could be haha especialy when its about a mystery such as the drakenlord
  2. Thanks for the reply, me and someone are already speculating haha, and with this responce it just confirms the next hero isnt the last update Ohh im loving this way too much right now! XD
  3. True, both old bones and mr milkshake show signs of being corrupted But the drakenlord is... well... realy weird.... it feels more like, how to put it in words correctly... You know how the undead are rissen trough magic or a haunting in most games The drakenlord comes across as if he has been alive since forever and that his method involves his own power rather then the old ones who were trapped and banished into the crystals Here are some examples: The chariot master in kid icarus uprising stoodstrong untill pit defeated him, his sheer po
  4. Thats so EXITING!!!!!!! I HOPE ITS A PART 3! Also i admit i hope the prince becomes a hero in part 3 if part 3 will ever come, i mean the cards are splayed, fathers killed, revenge and hate brewing, a realy weird connection to the ancients, the whole buildup with dreadbones and the drakenlord This kinda makes me wonder, dreadbones is a member of the old ones army but the drakenlord appears far more powerfull and mysterious, maybe he himself was an old one that was sealed away differently then the usual method of imprisonment within ethernia crystals
  5. ive got a question i feel like saying it here or similair posts related to the comunity or dd2 will get a cg dev to see it i NEED to know if this is ment to be there or if its supposed to be inaccessible i know its just a drawing on a wall made of code but i seriously cannot stand my own curiosity if you decide to read and respond to this with a solid answer from one of your coleagues or yourself then youve just saved me some terrible insomnia-ridden nights :rofl: thank you in advance
  6. i have been flying trough the map w the gunwitch and dryad, eventualy i was able to parkour my way up on the yellow tower northeast from your vieuw of where you spawn on the ship with the cores, it depicts a crystal with wings and an evil set of eyes, i also flew to the highest point of the map using the yellow tower giving a good vieuw on the map itself (the large tower that has 2 spawns in it that also has one of the skeletons for the secret pirate thingy hanging on one of the wooden beams) i have no idea if this is significant or if its just a way for chromatic to say the player shouldn
  7. theyre ment to be annoying scumbags that UUUGH piss me off so badly xD.... but anyway, for headstrong i sugest just barbarian with turtle, i also recomend you use enough selfheal if your hp sucks, to do this place a tree, for more defence, place an obelisk and upgrade it for its shield, if youre an abysslord that has specked in ap and hp you can place a fountain too, if youre a dryad users then spam mushies before the latch
  8. thats not a bug, thats not lag either, its a ping lag that has gone too far and crashed your connection, this happens rarely, i have problems with it too sometimes, this is ESPECIALY an issue on floors w 1k or more enemies, so i sugest rerolling the temple map till it has around 400 to 500 enemies so that when wave 5 begins you have around 1k, the point when the lag becomes bad, but still allows you to win with a minimum internet crash chance sure if i didnt need to reset so much id be floor 999 too, but t with the server ping issues actualy not resetting can take much longer to reach floor
  9. if you had more then 2 then obviously, people had find an exploit where one could get more then 2 mass destros, i became the victim of the same bug, exept it was with destructive pylon if however you abused this glitch and had alot of em, cg might have accidentely removed more then what was intended, or (less likely) has decided to punish you for bugabusing but refrained from banning you outright if neither of the above is the case then its most likely a server save storage end glitch, and i suggest contacting them using the customer support i hope this info was able to help, havbe a
  10. im not very active on the comunity nor on steams side, just play dd2 alot, own dda too, rly love the games :) anyone or anything that brings stability to the chaotic mess that is the internet is great imo, so ty for contributing to dd2!, i wish you the best and success on your next job!
  11. here are some tips: 1: disable damage numbers and coalecent damage numbers, such as the below shown screenshot, recomend you to hide the enemy level, enemy health value, damage numbers and coalesce damage numbers, this way the game doesnt have to visualize your damage numbers and calculate em into one big number followed by the enemy health bar updates, only the healthbar updates, this is better because you can still see the health bar but you donot have to worry about this lagging your game, this is only a small difference but all the small differences matter :D 2: i recomend using cab
  12. i see what theyre doing and they have no right to judge, if you are afk then you probably have a good reason for it, tho heres a word of advice incase they try to use it against you in their trolling campaign :), tell the people in the current match that you have to go afk followed by why, then when they start trolling you you get the upper hand when reporting them, because then you can throw it in the faces of the developers/moderators that you let everyone know but that a sertain few people :stares viciously at the trolls: that you were afk and that they chose to scold you relentlessly a
  13. and once again i see another victim of chromatic inc not adding a proper block and report feature in dd2, atleast the forum has it, i wonder how those 2 will respond to this message :dies laughing: seein as they are both already here harrassing the poor fellow (and people whonder why i use the "private" button in most matches, not gona "be open" to others unless chromatic inc adds a proper block and report feature :shrugs:) time to enjoy the spectacle and report the trolls from the shadows (be warned trolls, this message is written witht he sole purpose of getting a responce, id cons
  14. enjoy :dies laughing: its MASCOT not moscot :rofl:
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