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  1. dragonless dfk isnt the issue for as far as i know, they copuldve just as easily removed the map from os in the first place.... no imo they shouldve fixed the braziers and added an extra functionality, like when a brazier is activated it should undo the yeti freeze and other slow effects, but also make enemies unable to be slowed by the frost bite tower or frozen by proton beams or water + ice or icefall shard, etc etc, point is they should make the braziers like a utility but a hinderance i realy hope they add dfk to the map pool in onslaught... then i can just reroll till i get godf, dsk,
  2. 1: the only problem i faced there was the targetting of the pillars (all they gota do is make them untargetable by defences) 2: look at 1 3: they removed the dragon freeze in drakenfrost keep in onslaught so this point makes litteraly no sence, unless you actualy thought i ment expeditions, expeditions will keep the drakenfrost keep (and im happy with that) 4: not anymore in drakenfrost keep since like i said before, the dragon does not spawn anymore, tho i do argree, when the drakenlord spawns, youre dead if you donot have oil geysers, dryad slimes, burning strikes, oil chip w a fire da
  3. the title and the tag says it all now that dd2 is being updated again, i think its high time that something is done about the lost temple, i barely got through floor 264 or was it 254? point being every floor goes well exept the fourth floor of all the 10 floors there are, the temple is a living hell, and i dont think that the amount of packages has been thought about thoroughly with the mutators, enemy conditions they have before those are applied, the diminishing returns, all the mods and status effects, etcetera etcetera, when this has to be applied to 1k+ enemies the map becomes unbeara
  4. aw.... im sad to see the drakenfrost keep dissapear from onslaughts.... its my favorite map in the game XD (because im a sucker for mystery and the drakenfrost keep triggers that so so much), i hope the drakenfrost keep becomes a part of the pool, so y could get it in onslaughts or y can not :)
  5. I know i saw juicebags video! Im so exited and happy!!!! FINAKY I CAN GET TO SEE THE CARNIVAL MAP! Also i hope theyll reduce the current ridicilous chaos 8 maxing costs, i mean how do they expect us to get max c8 in expedition c8 if everything still costs milions of gold and hundreds of mats xd Aaaanyway i hope theyll bring more diversity to the floors too hihi
  6. now that they announced a new dev team behind dd2 thats working towards releasing updates again, i have came up with a lot of ideas regarding the refreshment of onslaught floors!, i will list a name of the lane followed by a description of what the lane does and what kinds of mutations it is imune to :) recomended changes for the floors and enemy types: frost enemies must be slowable by sources, those sources includes proton beams, boosted grasps, snaking sands and oil, but frost bite towers, drenching from a water mod for heroes oir defences, drench from geyser traps or the water elemental
  7. y never know, argreed tho, now that theres a new team behind dd2, id be a welcome change of phace! :D as for new mobs? i got a huge list of onslaught ideas ill be writing out one day, based on all the incursions, as for mobs? chance exists that the dda and dd1 enemies will be crossed over hek maybe we will see the lycan king in dd2 oneday :shrugs:
  8. idk if y noticed but, theyre starting to update again :D chromium is growing and dd2 has its own team now :D also to fix your fps issues make sure its on fullscreen and has your main gpu selected in your gpu settings, this is something that goes for all games, when a game is on fullscreen windowed or just windowed, all the background programs remain fully active aswell as your desktop itself, it has to load in all these things wich will blow up your fps to smitherenes, i recomend you to go fullscreen, frick discord, frick steam overlay, people should learn to be patient from a responce from
  9. the title pretty much says it all but here is more detail when you use a double jump hero, ev2's death from above or the dryad's wings and then touch the terrarian tree tops, theyll produce leaves followed by the rusltling sound you hear in terraria when destroying grass or thorny vines in the corruption, crimson or the jungle :D i dont know if people already know this but it made me happy and nostalgic (even tho i played terraria yesterday heheheh) i just wanted to share this funny little easter egg ^_^
  10. before i continue: putting a chaos 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 or 1 relics mod on a higher chaos relic DOES NOT upgrade it to undo this horrible mistake, ap reset one time and then max it back to c8, this will synchronize everything to be at campaing level and when manualy upgraded back will result in it being max c8 again :) but srsly, when you buy a new relic, make sure its at the correct level, if it isnt, store it in your vault and when you got everything you need, ap reset and use the campaing level to get a ridicilous discount on transferring mods or ask a friend of yours who might ap res
  11. Thats np :p ill just enjoy using it till they remove it, having 3 pylons is quite neat afterall, but when its removed ill probs replace that tree shard slot with a gilded destro or gilded power pylon
  12. Ohhh but thats a HUUUUUUUGE relief!!! Now to max it and use it so it doesnt go to waste xD
  13. Heres a screenshot of the tickets submission confirmation incase people want to know (made on my phone as you can see (Apologies for my dislectia, its even worse on my phone, evenmore so because im tired af)
  14. I sended a ticket just in case, i ground primes for the weapons aswell as the wayfarer weapons (i needed more tsunamis w chloro arrows for auto petrify poison arrows, fist of bones to give my lavamancer some range lava warior triggers since hes a tanky walking def booster and needs to spam eruption, shadowflame knife for the mystic ofc) but when this happened after the weekly blinking medal reward i got a 2th pylon, after this i began doing all the otger incursions incase it was for the others too, it piqued my curiosity but also fears, if the others worked too i wouldve reported them aswell..
  15. i made the ticket, now all that i need is as many players as possible who can protect and back me up if i get unjustfully punished, knowing how many people in alot of different games made similair tickets/requests and still got banned despite not breaking any rules the more people i know can help me the safer i feel, i refuse to lose hundreds of euros!!!, if i get banned i will get my refund!!! if i wont get banned? all the better since i enjoy dd2 alot :D
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