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  1. as the title says want to trade Traced glacier for a traced Gaia
  2. I would like to retract my bid person above me is now highest.
  3. Auction will end oct 11 Accepting coal, cubes, diamonds 5/10/15 and most events just ask though If I dont like the last offer I will keep the event IC - just message me to see it Highest bid -
  4. Auction ends October 4th Accepting Coal, Cubes, Diamonds 5/10/15 and some events Has Been IC If I dont like the final offer I reserve the right to stop the auction. Current Offer - 10cv
  5. What are the value in diamonds?
  6. what are the value in diamonds?
  7. Selling a Traced Gaia's Last Gift. I accept coal, cubes, diamonds 5/10/15, Ult++ and other events. Auction will end on October 1st.
  8. Just as the title says looking for an ult++ monk twr weapon. List the weapon and we can discuss prices.
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