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  1. I kind of agree, i see the idea they want to go for. Similar to DD2 being able to have all your builders be DPS because of Relics/armor and then ascension made it more fluid and less time consuming. But in DD2 you can switch characters mid round, which actually makes it more appealing to have all your builders for dps so that you had more options available mid round. In DDA most people are only putting 1 DPS hero in there slots because thats all they will ever need, unless they want to switch for a specific reason, then they do so in between rounds anyway. It seems kind of redundant and t
  2. With more new heroes coming out, I thought i would share my character design. This is purely for fun and mind picking :) possible names: The Captain, Commander, Skipper, The Buccaneer General overview: Hero play style - A melee damage character with a side job as support. He can equip swords, as well as a unique melee weapon that only he can equip called cutlasses. Cutlasses have faster attack rate/ swing speed then normal swords on average but have less range and do slightly less damage ( alternatively he could have a passive that lets him have faster attack speed but l
  3. does it let towers effect them? Edit: okay it does! thats much better, thank you for the knowledge. Still a little annoying but there's options at least!
  4. Thats what i mean, a lot of people like having that option. If you dont want to Afk then dont, you had that option before but now its minimizing different playstyles and forcing you. This is even worse for people who solo ( which is a lot), since Delfs can get siren element immunity. So if a delf gets that siren buff that resists your weapon its a huge pain to deal with and just not fun. at least put a timer on the immunity to Defenses, or make it take reduced damage from towers and not just flat immunity.
  5. Me and many i know already had a problem with the Siren mechanic of them being immune to defenses, in a tower defense game. But although i still am not a fan, i can understand and justify it with the fact that they can be ignored, and will ignore you, and overall aren't necessary to kill to win. However, Dark elf warriors have adopted that same mechanic in Rift mode, without any of the justifiable aspects. They will not ignore you and are a mob that will even priorities you over defenses, they can get to most places on a map that the player can get to as-well. I understand trying to incr
  6. I want to talk about sirens. Im pretty split between my like/dislike for them right now. and would love to hear more opinions on them, what you like or what youd change. What i Like: - Loot pinata An idea you see in many games, and i love it every time i see it. It makes them high priority, its exciting to see them when you spawn, and it helps speed up the loot grind just a bit. ( although the loot they drop in high massacre survival waves dont seem very good to me yet). - Elemental immunity This mechanic just adds more difficulty but in a solid, healthy way. It make s
  7. I agree with you being able to divert the exp that would be wasted on a maxed character into 1 character would speed things up, but its already really easy to level up in this game. You had stated the level grind is slow so i had though you were struggling/lower level, but if your already in NMHC then you know that its actually really fast comparatively. Its something some people have complained about it being too easy to get to level 100, people already have Ev at level 100 and its barely been 48 hours since release. I do think they dont explain the exp system well, or really at all. An
  8. Im sorry you took this as an attack, It wasn't meant to be anything but an explanation to help you, and clear things up. The topic of people thinking Exp is rewarded at the end of maps, and then divided among characters has been talked about since early access DDA. And many others like you ( i thought the same thing too at first ) thought that Exp was being taken away from you when you only played with missing character slots or with other maxed characters. Which is totally fair to think since it seems that way. But its actually - as an example lets say on a map that you see 80m Exp at the en
  9. Again, the exp you see on the final screen isnt exp your rewarded with at the end, its the overall exp all your characters have gotten throughout that map. You see your characters level up mid wave for example. So if you only have 1 character capable of gaining exp (3 other max heroes or 3 empty deck slots ), your only going to see the exp that 1 character has gained throughout the map at the end screen, which is going to be much less then 2-4 characters overall exp gained. Your still gaining the same exp for that 1 character, but the Exp at the end of the map is going to be lower. It was like
  10. im pretty confident it was like this before, it would work the same way if you just took out 1-3 heroes from your deck. The exp you see at the end of the round is the exp all heroes in the deck have gotten, its not divided afterwards. So if you have 3 maxed Heroes your only going to see 1/4th of what youd see with no maxed heroes, because only 1 Hero is getting exp so your only going to see the overall exp of 1 hero vs 4 heroes at the end screen.
  11. I pretty much agree with everything aside from maybe the switching characters mid wave, i can see it being good ( i mainly played dd2 so im more used to it anyway), but i also can see that is does add some more difficulty to the game. also-- The loot early on is pretty much useless, the stats they come with are pretty small and overall dont effect the game until you start to get into insane/nightmare, where loot starts to become more of a focus. The loot rarity is restricted in each difficulty, so your not going to see legendary gear until you get to insane i believe, or transcendent
  12. 1) its overall a dd1 remake. Theres a couple new maps, and the forge system was thrown out so you can access your inventory and switch your characters around from anywhere. They took the character deck system in dd2 so you have 4 available character to switch too using f1-f4, however you cant switch mid combat phase like you could in dd2. The starting characters and their towers are the same with little difference. The skills are different and its overall a smoother and easier experience. The loot system is pretty much the same as dd1 other then loot not dropping with negative stats. Pets work
  13. im not super confident as i dont play lavamancer dps a lot, but the difference in power between inflame and harden might just be that inflame naturally increases hero damage while harden increases defense. so they might both buff with the damage buff mod (no clue if they actually do), but inflame is naturally going to give you more damage increase either way.
  14. I tried both volcano and nimbus and neither hit :( just had to restart the map
  15. This has happened to me on a couple of the prime maps, mainly with tiny skeletons and lava guardians and they're invincible during a build phase, but once you start the next wave they become kill-able thankfully! I did run into another problem though on the new prime map and sometimes the alter assassins get stuck above the map boundaries, and you cant reach them and they dont time out, basically leaving the map running forever :(
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