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    New Fire Mods

    Can we talk about the DPs of the recently changed poison to fire mods. I have a 4/10 fiery fangs doing 50k burning damage a tic a second for 8 seconds. Completely useless honestly! this definitely needs an increase so instead of doing 400k damage after 8 seconds it should be doing at least 400k damage a second for 8 seconds. 10/10 is 700k so even in this scenario its only an increase of 700k dps from 1 mod. Id love to be able to use these mods! aswell as lingering hellfire which is in the same state. Its not a big change but it would at least make them more appealing.
  2. If your somehow lighting the enemies on fire, it will get rid of the oil sadly.
  3. I know that its been awhile since anyone's posted in this, but id love to see some new mutators especially ones involving the elements as there are more combinations being released! -Having something similar to pile it on or maximum effort but for elements specifically would be a nice incentive to play around with having different towers with different elements. -A mutator that gives mobs different effect along with the ones they already do etc.. Fire makes them faster but the fire DOT does much more damage. -Earth gives them more resistance to physical attacks but less too magic, Ice could be the opposite to the earth one. Anything like that would be great to see!
  4. I like Drakonfrost keep, i still dread doing it partly because during reset grinds its the only map i have to pay attention to which isnt a big deal but still a little annoying. The worst part for me is the fact that unless you have burning strikes its extremely hard to play and then to add to that if you try to play melee it takes forever to light all the torches you need, so unless your playing a mobile ranged character with burning strikes to make it easier, it becomes that much more challenging. As long as your doing this its not that hard to keep stuff de-frosted but i feel more limited by what i can do which sucks. Adding on the invisible double dragons is just a nice touch to make me wanna cry more, let me kill the dragon mid wave so i can let some pent up resentment out D:
  5. Im sure people would prefer to find a relic to use to go from floor x to y which honestly isn't that hard with 80 being the highest, then have to lose a c8 amp which most people seem to really struggle finding. The inventory problem is definitely the main problem with this though your right. I guess another option would be to refund the c8 amps but maybe not the materials spent? Unique idea but you run into the issue of what if you wanted to use that item for resets using mats to relevel it? Go build a second item with the same stuff that you wont level to c8 so you can use it for resets? Now you have twice as many items in the inventory taking up even more space. I can bet that Trendy isn't going to go out of their way to design a UI around this to fix the problem that really isn't that big of a deal
  6. i Definitely think it would be way too easy to reset while keeping c8 gear, but its a really hard hit to my motivation when i reset after a push and lose x amount of c8 amps its really sad D:, ive done it twice now and probably lost around 12 of them by now. I think having c8 amps not reset but have the gear locked until you hit like floor 80 to keep them out of the reset loop would be a nice middle ground.
  7. I think the only reason to keep the lower ones is just in-case you want to use some for a setup with lower level mods and slowly replace them with 9-10 ones. other then that idk. Also if you didnt know holding shift in your inventory will show you the highest mod on each relic which kind of helps!
  8. I like a lot of these ideas! I thought id try to answer some of the questions to the best of my ability though. Auto loot- In the upper right hand of your inventory you can click bag options and enable auto collect loot and customize which bags loot what, and if you have a full bag and dont have room for the loot that is auto put into your inventory it goes to the scavenger in town and you will see a ! over his head telling you he has some items you missed. You also do pick up all the money on the ground at the end. 4 Chests- the one chest is for you and the rest is for the other 3 players if you have any in your game, they will always appear gray to you other then yours. Pets- The vials are for evolution and you will get re-roll items that explain what they re-roll, which you can do at the pet vendors to hatch/evolve pets. Affection is what you need to help evolve the pets along with the material it asks for, it gets this from just playing with it on your active hero or using a pet affection booster. Mobs- Im not sure for normal mobs that get introduced in the campaign but for the chaos/expedition mobs they introduce 1 per chaos level up to chaos 7, if you click on the chaos tab in the war table it will give a brief explanation of what they do, and the other part of the game is figuring out on your own what they do and how to counter them in your own way. Although all this is said there are some mobs that are incursion exclusive and bosses that have certain ways you need to kill them with that aren't explained at all, which would be nice to have a bestiary like you said! Interactables- The in game defenses like ice machine and the furnace i think they're called and others you can press the interact button on are pretty much mainly used for campaign but can be useful later on i guess, they aren't particularly important but a fun gimmick! Comparing Relics - You can compare relics if you click on one to hold it on your cursor, drag it over another and it will compare the 2. Shards- im going to assume your not mistaking shards for mods which are the passives you can tinker to put on gear, but with shards all you have to do is either left click and drag it into your inventory or right click and it will auto do it for you, then you can click the empty shard space and it will show you all the shards that can be put in that slot and you can choose from that. If you mean mods which are the passives that you find on gear then you have to tinker them to switch them around, they are usually a more permanent thing then shards since whatever item you take a mod off of will break along with the mods you left behind on it making it more complicated. Im pretty sure i got most of this right but please correct me if im wrong! I definitely agree there should be a bit more explanation for some of these things especially the bestiary idea.
  9. Idea - the higher you get in floors, the more effect to the mutators that have a % like long shot, spell breaker, soft spot, and pile it on. Since there is 999 floors the effect wouldn't be much between 2 floors but as you get higher up you would start to feel the increase etc.. Spell breaker goes from 25% res to magic to lets say 75% by floor 500 or something (just an example). With this it would increase the challenge, and with the increase to the helpful modifiers like long shot and pile it on it would be a good incentive to take more advantage of that mutator, and help diversify choices even if by a little.
  10. Just in case you didnt know, earth toss makes it so that shatterquake wont trigger since it only applies to ground mobs and not flying enemies. I would suggest choosing one over the other, and personally I think shatterquake is quite underwhelming while you also could get more benefit from an anti over deadly strikes or vamp which yould be my replacements if I were to swap out the earth toss shard and you arent willing to upgrade mass for resets. Shatterquake will still proc and hit all the enemies on the ground, Plus it stacks overtime so if you have multiple ES going the damage is very very good. Earth toss is for more CC purpose, it juggles the mobs in one area keeping within shatterquake damage for a little while longer.
  11. Im not sure about geyser traps being that good but with reflect beams if you place them in a line with some CC, the little Booms that happen will hit the weak point and do pretty good damage on the roller as they go over them, its kind of hard to perfect but fun to see.
  12. i was using them as an anti- miniboss for omega waves since when its single target the damage ramps up pretty well! plus you only need 1 per lane which gives you a lot of DU to try to CC the bosses.
  13. ive been doing resets with basically just WM - deadly strikes, rate , (random shard)/ mods- Rate, shocking rev, water mod ( also ive not been upgrading this at all so its been camp level the whole time). The second defense was earthshatters with ideally - Rate, Earth Toss, and destruction. Mods- shatterquake, anti miniboss and another anti. This has pretty much gotten me through floor 50-80 10 times :D
  14. It doesnt negate the frost orcs aura but it will negate the dragons freeze.
  15. in your inventory at the top right, next to your sort bag button, there is a "bag options" button and if you click that and then click "enable bag auto collect", it will automatically pick up any loot on the ground. Not sure if this is what you were wanting.
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