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  1. does it let towers effect them? Edit: okay it does! thats much better, thank you for the knowledge. Still a little annoying but there's options at least!
  2. Thats what i mean, a lot of people like having that option. If you dont want to Afk then dont, you had that option before but now its minimizing different playstyles and forcing you. This is even worse for people who solo ( which is a lot), since Delfs can get siren element immunity. So if a delf gets that siren buff that resists your weapon its a huge pain to deal with and just not fun. at least put a timer on the immunity to Defenses, or make it take reduced damage from towers and not just flat immunity.
  3. Me and many i know already had a problem with the Siren mechanic of them being immune to defenses, in a tower defense game. But although i still am not a fan, i can understand and justify it with the fact that they can be ignored, and will ignore you, and overall aren't necessary to kill to win. However, Dark elf warriors have adopted that same mechanic in Rift mode, without any of the justifiable aspects. They will not ignore you and are a mob that will even priorities you over defenses, they can get to most places on a map that the player can get to as-well. I understand trying to increase the difficulty, but its just annoying. It disables playstyles that like to rely on defenses over hero intervention, which a lot of people already didn't like the siren for the same reason. but at least had ways to overcome it. Please either ditch this mechanic for Delfs, or some way to overcome it. You could give the effect a timer, or make it so only AOE defenses can hit it, or that they cant be CC'd with gas/ensnare. There's other ways to make it challenging, without making it annoying/ discouraging playstyles. Edit: Rift towers can hit Rift Delfs, that gives options and makes them much more justifiable. This post is kind of pointless now i guess :)
  4. I want to talk about sirens. Im pretty split between my like/dislike for them right now. and would love to hear more opinions on them, what you like or what youd change. What i Like: - Loot pinata An idea you see in many games, and i love it every time i see it. It makes them high priority, its exciting to see them when you spawn, and it helps speed up the loot grind just a bit. ( although the loot they drop in high massacre survival waves dont seem very good to me yet). - Elemental immunity This mechanic just adds more difficulty but in a solid, healthy way. It make sirens dangerous to keep alive, and mobs that are given those immunities become a big threat. It encourages you to try to build with more diversity, and more strategy. - How tanky they are/How hard they hit As a DD2 player something i really appreciated was the diversity in the mini-bosses. Having just the ogres be the only tanky, mini-boss like mob was sad to see for me. So sirens being slightly less tanky, but fast and a powerful ranged threat is a nice compliment with ogres. What i dislike: - Towers can't target This is probably my biggest complaint, i cant say i fully enjoy the idea of a mob that cant be damaged by towers, in a tower defense game. While i definitely understand the idea, that it brings more difficulty and adds more interaction (similarly to DD2s goblin roller mini-boss) - the fact that it requires Hero Dps really turns me off from the idea, and makes me feel sorry for the people who treat this purely as a tower defense game. The fact that sirens come out with an immunity to something, which could completely counter certain defenses ( if towers could target them), would still make sirens a huge threat ( specifically physical and poison sirens which are already wave ending threats). And given how tanky they are i think this mechanic could still add challenge, while not restricting play styles. - Immunities last till death Earlier i mentioned i really like the immunity mechanic, and i do. But i dont like the fact that they last till death. Specifically on Ogres, since if your playing solo with a fire elemental monk, and a fire siren comes out and triggers on those 3 ogres on your walls. You now have 3 Bullet sponges that youl have to sit down and slowly whittle down, or wait till they despawn ( its even worse for physical immunity since Deadly striker tower damage gets nerfed to). It also gives them no direct counters, when in combination with towers not being able to effect sirens mechanic that i mentioned above. Having the immunity go away either on a timer, or when the siren dies/despawns itself, would help this a lot. Also the new obsidian pet could become a niche counter as well. - The randomess overall, i feel like the sirens could be slightly more polished in this department. They add a randomness to every map which i both like and dislike. On one hand it does require you to put much more effort, specifically when your just entering Massacre, which adds an intensity during the campaign that really brightens up the game and feels rewarding. But in survival, when there is many more mobs, and already feels like a Mess just trying to keep up with the Djinn, spiders, Dark elves, and Ogres at late waves - It adds this uncontrollable and un-counterable mechanic that makes it even more of a mess, it doesn't feel nearly as rewarding, with the loot drops not being particularly great, but mainly because of the sheer amount of sirens that come out. It makes the experience of a Siren less "Yes! A loot pinata i cant wait to break open for goodies" and more " oh my god ANOTHER poison Siren please stop coming out", which isn't the reaction i feel like sirens deserve considering the core idea, and great design they've been given. I personally hope something is tweaked with sirens in survival, especially for solo players.
  5. I agree with you being able to divert the exp that would be wasted on a maxed character into 1 character would speed things up, but its already really easy to level up in this game. You had stated the level grind is slow so i had though you were struggling/lower level, but if your already in NMHC then you know that its actually really fast comparatively. Its something some people have complained about it being too easy to get to level 100, people already have Ev at level 100 and its barely been 48 hours since release. I do think they dont explain the exp system well, or really at all. And i know i explained it but the map exp isn't being divided 4 ways, its showing you the map exp for all heroes that can get exp in your deck, your not getting 80m exp your getting 20m times however many characters you have that can get exp. And this is going to be where its my opinion vs yours i guess, but having 1 character, get all the exp that 4 characters can get, would make the already easy leveling 4x easier which just isnt needed in my own opinion. And just to add again, im genuinely sorry if you took any of this as attacking you, ive got 0 hostility for any of these messages and enjoy the discussion
  6. Im sorry you took this as an attack, It wasn't meant to be anything but an explanation to help you, and clear things up. The topic of people thinking Exp is rewarded at the end of maps, and then divided among characters has been talked about since early access DDA. And many others like you ( i thought the same thing too at first ) thought that Exp was being taken away from you when you only played with missing character slots or with other maxed characters. Which is totally fair to think since it seems that way. But its actually - as an example lets say on a map that you see 80m Exp at the end of the map, and your using 4 non maxed characters. That map doesn't reward 80m exp, it Rewards 20m, and you have 4 characters that have earned that 20m exp. or if you only had 3 characters then those 3 characters would have earned the 20m exp that the map gives and you would see 60m at the end. So my point in all this is, No Exp is being stolen from you, or lowered at all when you play with maxed/unslotted characters. Now for my opinion on this- Since no Exp is being taken away from me, and in DD1 you could only level up 1 character at a time. And while it did help prolong the game play, it was also very tedious and a turn off for a lot of people, so i personally really like this as its a nice combo of dd1 and dd2. And its also pretty easy to level up in this game etc.. NMHC promenade waves 20-25 are easy ( a little harder now with the DU change ), decently fast and your able to afk. And at level 70, you get around 1 level per wave, and at 80 you get around 1 level per 2 or 3 waves. My Evs went from level 1 to level 73 in a single 20-25 promenade run. Hopefully that can help speed up your leveling process if you want to try it out.
  7. Again, the exp you see on the final screen isnt exp your rewarded with at the end, its the overall exp all your characters have gotten throughout that map. You see your characters level up mid wave for example. So if you only have 1 character capable of gaining exp (3 other max heroes or 3 empty deck slots ), your only going to see the exp that 1 character has gained throughout the map at the end screen, which is going to be much less then 2-4 characters overall exp gained. Your still gaining the same exp for that 1 character, but the Exp at the end of the map is going to be lower. It was like this before 1.1 to so im not sure what you experienced before.
  8. im pretty confident it was like this before, it would work the same way if you just took out 1-3 heroes from your deck. The exp you see at the end of the round is the exp all heroes in the deck have gotten, its not divided afterwards. So if you have 3 maxed Heroes your only going to see 1/4th of what youd see with no maxed heroes, because only 1 Hero is getting exp so your only going to see the overall exp of 1 hero vs 4 heroes at the end screen.
  9. I pretty much agree with everything aside from maybe the switching characters mid wave, i can see it being good ( i mainly played dd2 so im more used to it anyway), but i also can see that is does add some more difficulty to the game. also-- The loot early on is pretty much useless, the stats they come with are pretty small and overall dont effect the game until you start to get into insane/nightmare, where loot starts to become more of a focus. The loot rarity is restricted in each difficulty, so your not going to see legendary gear until you get to insane i believe, or transcendent until you get to later game nightmare. Loot is also level restricted for the most part aswell, ex.. your not going to find a common chestpiece with level requirement 70, and your not going to find a transcendent piece with level requirement 50. You can create more then 4 heroes by pressing H i think, or holding f1-f4, and then right clicking a card, pressing "swap". and then youl be put in a menu where you can customize, and you will see a botton to create hero. Then when you want to switch out Monk 1 for Monk 2. you just click on the hero you want to switch in and press add hero to deck. Its not setup very well and not intuitive at all like in dd2 but you can do it. glad your liking the game :)
  10. 1) its overall a dd1 remake. Theres a couple new maps, and the forge system was thrown out so you can access your inventory and switch your characters around from anywhere. They took the character deck system in dd2 so you have 4 available character to switch too using f1-f4, however you cant switch mid combat phase like you could in dd2. The starting characters and their towers are the same with little difference. The skills are different and its overall a smoother and easier experience. The loot system is pretty much the same as dd1 other then loot not dropping with negative stats. Pets work the same as dd1 with a few changes. 2) Right now the base campaign is available with 6 difficulties ( massacre mode being new hardest). theres 12 maps for the campaign and 3 extras, with 15 overall. We have survival mode/pure strat/mixed mode available for all difficulties other then massacre where we only have campaign( i believe an update is coming this month thats adding in survival for massacre though). Theres also challenge maps available. There is a road-map with different ideas for the future https://roadmap.dungeondefenders.com/ , you can upvote what you like and ideally whatever has the most upvotes will take priority. 3) Its honestly not that buggy, theres a few hiccups for some people and the usual DD bugs like stuck mobs, towers acting weird sometimes, pets dropping with no stats rarely. Its a pretty clean experience for the most part( from what im aware of at least). 4) If you liked dd1 then you will enjoy the DDA playstyle and having some of the quality of life from dd2. however you are right that it is lacking content overall compared to dd1 and dd2, and will take time for it to catch up. But even now, playing pretty casually i was able to sink 200 hours into before i started to get somewhat bored. I would recommend checking out some streams or videos and see if its something you like. 5) i dont have an answer to this question sadly :) 6) i dont think they will wipe, or at least plan on it. They already had a semi-wipe at launch where anyone playing early access could play their old accounts on 1 server, and was going to be where you could mod. and then another server where you would play legit but have to start over if you were an early access player, and it was not received well for most the player base and they had to undo/fix it.
  11. im not super confident as i dont play lavamancer dps a lot, but the difference in power between inflame and harden might just be that inflame naturally increases hero damage while harden increases defense. so they might both buff with the damage buff mod (no clue if they actually do), but inflame is naturally going to give you more damage increase either way.
  12. I tried both volcano and nimbus and neither hit :( just had to restart the map
  13. This has happened to me on a couple of the prime maps, mainly with tiny skeletons and lava guardians and they're invincible during a build phase, but once you start the next wave they become kill-able thankfully! I did run into another problem though on the new prime map and sometimes the alter assassins get stuck above the map boundaries, and you cant reach them and they dont time out, basically leaving the map running forever :(
  14. I definitely am not trying to say that after this mode they're stopping with dd2 updates, but i think its fair to assume that with DDA being the main project right now and will probably be the main focus after it launches, that the next game mode or game play related update we get is not going to be anytime soon. Or to assume that DD2 will end up getting treated like DD1 where it becomes a kind of second child. Im definitely not hoping this ends up being the case, but i honestly would understand if it did happen. Game companies moving onto an updated version of there 5+ year old game and focusing on building on that? how dare they - Sarcasm Either way when i was saying Endgame i meant it as the endgame mode for players to have a challenge, not Endgame as in the final update/mode added, which i think got misunderstood but i should of clarified that.
  15. I personally really liked mastery, even though it was mostly just annoying and having to exit to the tavern and re-make a map because you accidentally repaired something made me want to cry. I cant say i would want a timer on every map especially if im just trying to grind out a material or shard or something i have to do a lot, but in terms of making the game harder and not just annoying, it did a pretty good job. Same with having to use 10 different defenses and only being able to use 1 of each defense really made me have to be creative, which is what i think a lot of people are wanting - a reason to mix things up and be more creative. But i did finish it before mods were a thing and i can say from helping people more recently finish some mastery, the mods definitely help but its still a small challenge/ different mechanic that other game modes lack. If mastery gave a reward that was equally rewarding to the annoying parts and challenges. Like re-giving the hyper shards/ resetting the stars when you finish it, then it would be much much more popular to farm out, however that would probably be to much power for the players but the idea behind that is what i was hoping prime was going to be. You're right that i shouldn't see this as endgame, i was trying hard not to be disappointing from the easiness from prime 1 2 and 3 hoping it was just going to continue to get harder, so seeing it go back down to floor 100 was a little sad if it was supposed to be endgame. i definitely hope people are still having fun with the incursion mechanics as they are all pretty fun though! Demon lord incursion was my go to place to grind for that high ipwr stuff back then, so it was fun being able to grind out some of the weapons from it even though it was pretty easy.
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