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  1. Dear @beanlord @lawita, What news have you for the Skeleton Legion? As a Skeleton myself, I've been dismayed to find my brethren being vanquished by these bloody defenses, worse yet, I still cant attack these pesky heroes. I've resorted to advanced trigonometry, using my cannons with the help of my geode friends to deal fatal blows to their crystal cores. I see that fool Proteus has developed M.O.D.S which will now render my arithmetic useless. These work conditions are becoming unreasonable and weren't communicated when we were first commissioned to obtain the Eternia Crystals. I await your reply and trust you will have some secret M.O.D.S prepared for us with which we may wreak havoc among Etheria. Your faithful business partner, Skeleton Squire
  2. It does indeed exist, but it's currently in C7. The wiki is wrong then. Here I've been wasting time and medals and gems on C1 Shard packs... Just want my squire with taunt, life leech and unholy fire prior to the trials update back for hack and slash fun.
  3. Hey guys, Been trying to farm a life leech shard since the trials update. Is the shard even available? or am I wasting my time?
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