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  1. I'll do 8 tickets - #6, #16, #26, #36, #46, #56, #76, #86
  2. Not a very good time, but here's the screen regardless: Profile Link
  3. I don't think you can *trade* DDE for DD1, but you can try to refund DDE. Usually, Steam accepts refund requests for games you've bought in the last two weeks and have under two hours of game time in. Still, because DDE is dead and you've only ~6 hours in the game, I would try to ask for a refund on it. I have no idea if it'll go through because you bought it a while ago, but it's worth trying. Click on *this* link. Select Dungeon Defenders Eternity. Select the "It's not what I expected" option. Click "I'd like to request a refund"
  4. Combat In Progress / Equipped Polly --- Steam ID / Steam 64 ID Entering for: 1: New Patch Celebration 2: Staff of The Pumpkin King 3: Aladdin's Wish
  5. While EVs' getting themselves stuck is annoying, I doubt the mechanics of how EVs' move in Lab will change - it's been in it's current state for a while. The only thing I can suggest is to not stand on the corner of the conveyors. If you stand *here* instead, you hold the aggro of EVs' coming out of spawn and the ones that come down this ramp. They still get stuck sometimes, but much less often.
  6. I'd like a shot at the Rainmaker, please.
  7. Auction Closed a few minutes to 9:00 EST. Chest Piece traded over to LootLovingGamer for 60cv.
  8. July 14th, this Friday - 9PM EST. If there are no further bids, then the item is yours.
  9. Quick thread bump, as it's been a few days since the last post.
  10. You can get behind the spawns of Moonbase if you use a portal gun - fire both portals as close to the spawn as you can and walk through one of them. No need to lose more ults in the future :)
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