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  1. Yup, And since its not only The Mutators and The Mobs that change which is bad enough its Entire Lanes on lost temple. you get really Ruined lol
  2. You can get all your items Back for free, By simply doing an Ancient Power reset.
  3. So after Further testing i am finding it now rerolls The Doors on Every Map On Every wave anytime u replay. So u get different Mobs as well as different Effects. Is this Russian Roulette Intended ?
  4. So When u replay on the lost temple Map it rerolls Your lanes, Making it so You get over run. also because of the current fact that even 5 star defenses sell for Mana as if they were 1 star after a restart u cannot even Sell and Attempt to Build to the new lanes in the new layout. Thus Making Replay On Lost temple Utterly Pointless.
  5. I don;t think you can be helped. you refuse the solutions provided. good Luck
  6. Um just Ignore them? i do all the time.. or i make friends with some folks this way
  7. I find the grind waaay Easier now. so i am not sure yer issue. i reset Upgrade 1 relic, clear a floor or 2 of onslaught of which i Now Start at c6 difficulty floor 22.. and then i am gtg
  8. We already have a tried and true System in place Called Gilding. lets Just Extend Gilding to gear Requiring a BUNCH of mats, and the Standard 2 Million Gold. Or maybe more if trendy Feels The Need Gilded Shard, Requires 10 of. Gilded Armor or Relic, Requires Mats Galore Since there is No way for there to be 10 identical Relics/armors. Gilded Weapon Same thing Mats Galore. I Understand the reason this Is Hard to implment is because gear can Go to c8 and Shards do Not Change So The Other thing could be if U Gild it at c7 Its Stuck as C7 forever. etc.. Dunno if its doable but sure
  9. Just To Clarify I am Not suggesting they Make Mote farming MORE tedious. LOl i am saying i would like Motes to drop all 5 waves and Some for victory. Instead of the current 5-7 per map. i'd like to see 2-3 per wave and up to in victory chest etc..
  10. Before u Couldn;t Buy gear unless you had The Chaos level to use it.. so now u can at least buy it.
  11. Personally i think the Idea of gaining 1 slot of protected gear like Every 5 or 10 AP resets seems Solid to me.
  12. Myself I have 1 relic I use and I Upgrade it to c7 to carry me up to c7, Then i do onslaught from whatever floor i am starting on currently I start in Chaos 5 so I don;t have to farm much. And I need the Cash and Defenders medals anyways so I just climb 20 or so floors for each reset Instead of Gearing to c7 i climb From onslaught floor that i am on now that u keep partial Progress
  13. Currently The Way to farm Motes is to do 2 waves and Purposely Lose as most if not all Motes drop in wave 1/2 Can We Fix this its annoying to Have to fail to efficently Farm Please Make it so Motes Drop All Waves
  14. I infact Just Started doing My Ap Resets i was on floor 48 With the patch the way it landed it provided me with 246 Min Ascension. Which was perfect for me and has been No issues My largest headache is grinding plain motes LOL I now reset on Min Floor to do so everytime which was 30 31 31 32 So far and My Starting floor was 11,13,15,17 Thus Far. I want 25 ap basically For towers Honestly don;t care about hero Ap to much
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