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  1. So if my current after-patch target floor is 97 (after all +340 floors i beat) and max. possible goal for AP is 80, that means i don't need to play onlaught at all to achieve ancient power?
  2. Try to block him into steam black list, i hope it might works
  3. I fight with the bastille masters with the walls and fissures of the lavamanser, takes a lot of time, but at least they die stably and do not break anything (except the walls, sometimes)
  4. I'm wondering if the Steam itself can help deal with afk-players, for example, throw them on the blacklist? Has anyone tested this method? As for me, at the moment this is a good alternative (if it works)...
  5. I wonder if these WM's can damage the enemies from the bottom line?
  6. I still use wall to stop enemies wich "Headstrong" mutator, or as "Power Pylon" buff, or to slow down bosses.
  7. Who even cares about pets? They exist just like decoration and "press one button per 30\60\90 seconds"!
  8. On the 259th floor, the button for obtaining the ancient powers looks like a history-erasing button (and loot). The only plus I can only find is that after the update the game will remember how high I climbed, so this is my option
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