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  1. which shard did you use critical restoration or restoring snipe Crit restoration. There's a very noticeable decrease in the return of broom power. Before the patch it would rarely run out but post patch is completely different. Is looks as tho it got ninja nerfed. I run an ability book and broom spam. With a few Mets tossed in for geodes and what not.can't any more the return is defiantly much slower I tested this shard with controlled burst III (2.5 sec attack rate) and i can see 5 broom power gains.Did you test it with other weapons? i couldn't see a big difference.
  2. which shard did you use critical restoration or restoring snipe
  3. All incursion weapons first slot have this bug. For example use flaming knight in first slot on demon scythe you can see burn effect doesn't show.I posted this bug in bug site i hope it will be fixed soon.
  4. I am curious - why the fissure? Unless i am plying as the LM, i almost never use these in favor of the Oil trap instead, especially since it has a stun shard and is only 20 DU. What makes the Fissure desirable? It has more range and crit scaling but has slower attack rate. It can be valid option if you don't need to hit any air enemies where you place it.
  5. Huntress with her new weapon. Watching the northern lights in Hot Springs is always refreshment for your soul. 
  6. Possible bug: has Crane Stance been disabled? It doesn't show a stack counter anymore. Damage still works but it doesn't show stack counter.(x3 , x6 etc.)
  7. 41 Last Friday Fun Stream i won EV2 hero code if we get 50 i post hero code here. Edit: 
  8. Boosted Blockade shard doesn't work anymore.
  9. Changing Arm cosmetic for initiate will solve this problem
  10. Sounds good to me. No plans to fix. Lets make it cannon! Make it tower skin .Tainted/corrupted tower skin pack
  11. Is this give mastery mode replayability ? Mastery Dailies A new daily mission with random selected map.Everyone have same mission so you can complete with other players. For example; Get five star in Mastery 4 Dead Road Map. Reward : 100 defender medals.
  12. In current reward mastery reward system a new player must win 680 stars (minimum 136 map) to win automation shard.Thats too much for casual players. I suggest new reward system for mastery. Old New 50 Stars: Mass Destruction 50 mastery 1 stars 155 Stars: Vicious Strikes 50 mastery 2 stars 260 Stars: Radiant Critical Power 50 mastery 3 stars 365 Stars: Explosive Shielding Guard 50 mastery
  13. This idea should be available for player when player beats floor 55.It's not the same thing floor 75 +floor 57 duo and floor 57+ floor 29 duo.
  14. If EV2 really needs blockade i share a rework idea for Ev2 Removed Heal SelfWeapon manufacturer moved to ability four slotReduced weapon manufacturer DU cost to 30 (minumum)+ 10 per extra nodeReduced weapon manufacturer damage. While in siege mode EV2 unleashes thousands of tiny little repair bots that move through her systems and repair them over time and reduce 3 heat per second.While firing proton charge this effect is silenced.Added new ascension utility category. "Proton Charge Cooling :Increase Proton charge heat reduction by 0(0.1) heat per second.(Max 2 heat per second)." Added a new d
  15. At least Initiate got %18-20 HP increase.
  16. I'll add two things for boost aura; Chill Aura: Reduces enemies attack speed by %33Reworked Rippling explosions: No longer deal damage.Now has %25 chance to detonate and passes enemies status effects small area around the enemies. ( It means when enemies died while stunned it stuns nearby enemies or if enemies dies while ignited it ignites nearby enemies.)
  17. I say it is unnecessary because when Trendy changed monk defenses they changed lightning aura to flame aura because they don't want 2 defenses doing same thing in one single hero.I'm not saying it's a bad idea and you should feel bad about it.I'm sorry if i ruined this post purpose. Well i add some new shard ideas. Silence Aura : Enemies inside of boost aura can not use their spells for 5 seconds.Can only affect enemies once.(means malthius can not spawn enemies inside of the aura or emp orcs can not emp your defenses.Flashy beam :Any hero who touch buff beam gets a 600 increased move speed
  18. I think it will be better defense speed gain based on its own relic. "Buff beam passes %30 of its defense speed stat to defenses within the beam" This will be unnecessary EV2 already have beam that slows enemies.
  19. Not long ago Trendy fixes some buff defenses bugs.You could stack buff beam , boost aura and initiate totem and get 20k dp bonus with %-2b damage protection.So its easier to balance boost defenses now. I suggest decrease boost aura's du cost to 20 but increase its range stat without changing actual range (means vicious strike will be less effective.) We don't use boosted blockade shard because you can get better boost with health pylon (10 less du cost and %10 more health) Rippling explosion and boosted grasp are pre-trail serenity aura passives and i think they don't fit boost aur
  20. You can cancel two at the twice price clicking right click on pc.
  21. frosty power don't work like pylon. Towers got defense power buff if they attack slowed target by frosty tower.
  22. I don´t get this, are you making fun of me or ..? no i say mama did a hard challenge even harder way.
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