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  1. can't update much... im actually getting mostly lower than the previous stats, one did come slightly above only at 22.6k mainstats for relics
  2. how to actually get an earth pet, i have a scource dragon that says earth damage but i kept on rerolling and i have only 1 skill option which is a claw
  3. hhmph in tavern it worked fine, but at map it don't work just now. maybe i'll try again
  4. It seems like power pylon isnt buffing my weapon manufacturer, they used to buff them pre patch, has it been changed ?
  5. traps used to be good. a year or 2 ago, i was using geyser trap + lightning aura for NM4 harb even some monthly challenge required you to use these combinations to complete. now everything is becoming straight forward. elements dont matter anymore. Now it's either hit them from front or hit them from back. or just auras everywhere
  6. after numerous patch he is still stucked there 
  7. I felt like the rockets from rollers are dealing more dmg to me with old gears i had 160k hp and i can take 3 hits from roller rockets now with near gears i am having 300k hp with equal armour, but only can take 4 hits
  8. i think that is how trendy wanted it. You have to grind until that sum point is randomly distributed to your favour in your case, it might be 8100 health 3400 power 3400 speed but 2000 crit, who knows ?
  9. if you're relying on massive ascension to even get pass c4, there might be somewhere you did wrong ? with current legendary rolling an extra line and armors now can equip an extra shard, a hero can actually solo an empty lane without any towers
  10. if you have max upgraded c3 gear, you drop will be around max upgraded c3 stats, but with 0 on the upgrade so you upgrade that again, and you get a max upgraded piece with c4 stats, so you go into c4, and farm for 0 ups piece of the same stats, upgrade it and u get max upgraded piece with c5 stats, go into c5 and farm for the same stats but now it have 0 upgrades, so upgrade it again, rinse and repeat
  11. I've farmed C5 for over 50 times, and found no 'One with Chi' shard, maybe i dont drop in C5 anymore ? there are 3 shard list community created online, 2 of them stated one with chi is in C5, one of them didnt can anyone give me some clue, i felt like i wasted 2 full days doing nothing if that shard dont drop in C5
  12. stat's wise, it's better than old equipment, but not game changing the fact that we can equip one more shard on legendaries makes this game a whole lot more fun,
  13. After the update it would be 4 slots i think ? Right now I'm rocking fortification, power pylon and sharpened spike after the update i'll throw in another explosive guard or shielding guard, depends on situation
  14. thanks a lot guys, now i know why i'm stucked at CT5 even though with 320 ascensions lol
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