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  1. A 6 month ladder server would be something I'd be interested in. like Path of Exile. sorta kinda. they'll add significant content changes over time, and then reset. Unique items would be something I'm interested in as well(what I initially was hoping for the accessories). Things that augment your character that's more than looks and stats (maybe add a shield that returns 10% of the damage blocked, or gauntlets that increase attack speed).
  2. move it more away from the crystal. I had them pretty far away from the crystal when my aura range was ~2k. boost beaming it is good, but you need to move at least electric out of the way.
  3. I was planning on making 4 DPS summoners. the idea was to get 7 good seahorses and one good cat. the idea was for sky city. I might use two cats for kings game or something. The long and short of it is, you can't go wrong with really good seahorses.
  4. My tower stats are in the mid-high 3000s and I would love to have someone guide me through how to build Winter Wonderland, and/or maybe some expectations as to what kind of stats I should be looking at to farm the map. Same thing with Crystal Dimension's Boss gauntlet, a friend of mine got there and somehow lost at the gauntlet because we didn't have a good build. I've been doing Kings game campain for mana to upgrade my gear for the past few days. I'm thinking about doing kings game survival(thats the place to go for better armor right?) for some better trans/sup/ult armor. I'll post
  5. Is it possible to be given your stats? I'm gonna try a few of these out(mainly the kings games and TD probably) and I would love to see how close my stats are to yours to see if I can use these efficient guides or not.
  6. First off, This is a very pointless thing to do. but I don't think many people know about it. Second, it technically does guide you to get out of there, what you do out there, is totally up to you. Third, here's a video, Enjoy!
  7. I'm able to get through Akatiti NM campain to it's boss wave, but I don't have the DPS to just sweep him. I've been farming Kings game for a good weapon(I bring up 3 alts to get one of all 4 weapons). and have every class in the high 80s. I have a seahorse that has 14924dmg. and I'm looking for a good DPS weapon for either a squire, barb, or monk. and when I do finish akatiti, should I be running akatiti campain? or survival for better loot? I'll be happy to provide any information should you guys need it to determine what I should do.
  8. The Trap count should be buffed when playing pure strategy. that's honestly the only thing stopping me from beating some maps(even with the lowered mob count). and I just beat every map's survival on Nightmare Difficulty but the City in the Cliffs(I don't own it). I was expecting to get the transcendent survivalist achievement. but it turns out I need to beat City in the Cliffs, a map not in the original campain maplist. I suggest removing this map from the requirements due to it not being part of the original campain(the other few achievements(I don't remember the trophy titles, but b
  9. Indie Royale bundle has dd right now. :santa: all my friends were interested in it, got it already. I'm talking about sales on DLC.
  10. I remember a long time ago, back when there were Dun Def 75% off sales. I would share it to my friends of the news. but that's for the game. not DLC sales. Otherwise, I'll just start browsing the steam store daily rather than the forum. haha
  11. Agreed. I can see no harm in allowing a pet to be reset to "new" condition if all the mana invested is lost. All it does is require you to re-earn the levels for it in some manner. The problem, as I understand it, is that for most pets the initial stats aren't stored, so there's no way to undo the leveling. For the companion cube, this isn't a problem since it has set stats, but for most of the others I think it is. One interesting idea I just had would be that once a pet reached maximum level, you could then start leveling it down. You'd spend the same amount of mana to remove each point
  12. maybe instead of increasing RNG, a less random of a number (say wave 25 the number is between -100 and 100), opening a chest that has been kept unopened from wave 10, will have the number generated as 50 to 100). instead of having it potentially drop better gear than it should. it's chance of better drop should increase.
  13. I'm currently finishing wave 24 survival, waiting for the last 7 ogres to spawn. there's quite a while between each ogre. and there's always only one ogre at a time.
  14. So like a perk system? I'd be totally fine with a perk system(or a mastery system similar to League of Legends(hold the flames)) but I think they were thinking something along the lines of an MMORPG. games like Ragnarok Online had job changes (the swordsman would change class to a knight or a crusader at job level 40) Maplestory (warrior turns into fighter, spear man, and i forgot the last one at level 30) a lot of Korean MMO's have these kind of things. they would retain the old skills, but learn newer ones that might even create the old skill to become obsolete.(so possible th
  15. Barb guard could increase hero resistance by a flat amount at 40^ it gives 20% resistance over the your resistance should a monster do 1000 dmg, it goes through barb guard(-20% or 200 dmg) then your initial resistance(should it be 70%, 70% of the remaining 800) I don't think EV guard should be an attack buff(it looks/feels more like a huntress/ranger) so attack speed, maybe at 40^ give guns +2 shots per second, App's "recoil on full charge" animation becomes halfed(only thing I can think off) squire and monk swing speed gets 20% increase, and monk ranged attack gets an additional shot pe
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