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  1. Chaos Trial need better rotation "if" it even have a map rotation. Sometimes i get the same map like 3-4 times in a row. Especially a map that i dont really like to play on that much and i barely get any chance to play on some other map that i barely get to play because the rotation barely hit that map. Why cant they just make so i can choose which map to play on Trail and go from there or just have the map be played in order as shown on the lobby. First map, goes to second map then third map and so on in order instead of randomizing the map. it sucks when you get to play a map 3-4 times in a row and suck even more if its a map that you hate because you get to play on it so much more then the other map. Yes, i can just quit and replay the chaos trail to see if i get a different map, but i want to keep my win streak.
  2. i wouldn't even mind the roller when its rolling down the stairs and all. its pretty slow and when it is near my defenses blockade my Star Fall in corruption form can 3 hit it. it's powerful and besides my defenses can tank it pretty well. Currently on Chaos 4 and 5. Thats it. Thats as far as i can go for now and if i can kill the roller in just a couple of Star Fall in corruption form then you can too. Star Fall dont really register even if the roller is on flat surface for me because sometimes when i hit it with my star fall in corruption form on flat surface right on the back, it does no damage. Then i have to aim it outside a little so my AOE from my star fall can hit it instead of the Star Fall itself hitting the back.
  3. dont put the hornet right on the lane. Put it out of the lane and within distance of the attack range then you will be fine.
  4. thought they already have a server relief measure. its AFK = kick out of server. can't go afk for long.
  5. I once got stuck on the gear progression just because of one lower tier gear that blends in with the higher tier gear and i just dont know it since the Stats on it doesn't really look so much apart from the higher tier gear. It is best if you equip any higher tier gear with best stats on a mule character and not on your main character you play a lot on so that way you wont get confuse on who still have lower tier gear so that means only have 1 mule and 1 main on your deck. If i remember correctly, they say relic doesn't effect the gear progression.... boy was i wrong for believing in it. I removed all the lower tier relic/orb and my drop got better. Only swap the other character in to build towers and swap them out. I only equip the legendary/epic drop on my main character and the rest goes to my mule. Only equip those with the best stats. i never equip any drop that have lower stat as what im wearing.
  6. The map randomization need to be better. It sucks when you get the same map 3-4 times in a row. Especially on a map that you dont really like.
  7. yes, they can name a ability into something else but if the effect is the same as the other character then its the same no matter what...
  8. I believe the game went free to play in October 2015. The Abyss Lord came out in April 2016, and Series EV2, Gun Witch, Mystic, Lavamancer, and Dryad all came out after that. So none of the heroes listed by Fozzie were in the game when you had to pay for it. At least on Steam. I don't know when it went free on PS4. when i bought it on the Ps4 it already have EV2, Gun Witch, Mystic, Lavamancer, and Dryad.
  9. your fault for not playing private. Playing by yourself is way easier then playing with other people because the more people you have the harder it gets and im sure that the loot drop will not be affect by how many people play and the difficulty of the enemy in scale of how many players. if those other people have campaign gear on or C1 then your done if you're on C3.
  10. shield blockade are nice since they aggro, but to me their HP just dont sustain it that well. Maw of the earth drake can replace 2 blockade plus the upgrade too and can hit flying target plus the chances of petrified the one that they hit in term of "stunning" without shards that also include the assassin.
  11. They can. And they have. See Fozzie's reply, and add Series EV2 to it. She is called Countess and there's a good chance she's coming up pretty soon. Maybe not next maybe not even in the next 2, but she should be coming out at some point. This is where you're wrong. You can speak for yourself but you do not speak for all of us. There are people who want these heroes. BTW after seeing that the Adept has a new Hailstorm tower instead of the Frostbite tower, I'm really hoping that this means they can finally implement the Bouncer Blockade and give it to her as a replacement for the Spike Blockade. No, it's not hard. And they already have 2 new heroes designed. The Barbarian and the Man & Machine. Oh, and that's just the new heroes that they have already told us about. Who knows how many other new heroes they're kicking around that we don't even know about yet. It just takes time to implement them and they've been focusing on other things. WIth the gender swapped heroes much of the work to implement them is already done. Most of the remaining work is just art assets. So while new features are gameplay are being coded, the artists are making the models and effects for the gender swaps and it is comparatively very little effort to implement versus a who entire brand new hero. when a game become Free 2 Play they lack in development. All the other character that fozzie posted was when we have to buy the game to play. Hopefully the new character will not have 1-2 of the same skill and tower as EV2 or the squire.
  12. why is the Defense Blockade HP different from character to character even with the same relic and all ascension is put into Defense Health? Relic use = Totem with max upgrade 6,899 HP with max Fortification shard add 34% HP. Lavamancer: Maw of the Earth Drake = 2.8M HP and with 50 upgrade = 3.6M HP and with Max upgrade = 6.2M HP Abyss Lord: Orc Blockade = 1.9M HP and with 50 upgrade = 2.5M HP and with Max upgrade = 4.3M HP Squire: Spike Blockade = 1.6M HP and with 50 upgrade = 2.1M HP and with Max upgrade = 3.7M HP Apprentice : Arcane Barrier = 1.6M HP and with 50 upgrade = 2.1M HP and with Max upgrade = 3.7M HP Once i realize that Maw of the Earth drake have way more HP then all of the other classes blockade, it became my main choice of blockade to use due to the HP and can withstand a lot of damage besides from the other blockade with low HP and cant sustain that much damage. I cant use the other blockade in higher chaos tier because they will get destroy like nothing. they just dont have the sustainability like Maw of the Earth drake does with its massive HP.
  13. Hornet Nest is the new Weapon Manufacture. Weapon Manufacture got nerf so bad i dont even bother with it no more. just 3 nest can kill all the mob in the lane no problem and it is indestructible (not sure if its a bug/glitch after the latest patch) unlike other of her tower where i have to constantly repair it over and over and get kind of dumb and stupid. Tried the apprentice new and improve Earth Shatter and got its DPS to around 300k but it suck even with 300K DPS and cost way to much the Hornet Nest can easily kill faster with only around 100K DPS. Any boss that is not the steam roller can be kill by the hornet faster then myself can and with the Dryad in corruption form its just a walk in the park.
  14. You will have to sacrifice your build just to advance. you just have to equip the new gear drop and repeat until you max out the gear drop value on that chaos level then move to the next chaos level and do the same thing over again. thats how you advance in gear. You cant just pimp up your character and hoping for better gear to drop because it will not if you do not equip the new gear drop on that level even if its a nooby non epic/legendary drop.
  15. Why cant they come up with a New Character that is not just a gender swap. Let me guess whats the next next new character, the female version of the squire? We want something different not a gender swap with 1-2 new skill/tower. Is it really that hard to come up with a brand new character with brand new skill and tower. How about give us an animal like character or a dual wield character or something along the line that is not just a gender swap with 1-2 new skill/tower.
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